The Best Erotic Stories.

Jan Pt. IV
by The Glove

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

We woke up Saturday morning about nine. Jan went into the kitchen to make coffee while I took a shower. I put on a pair of boxer shorts and went to join Jan. She went to take shower. I was sitting drinking a cup of coffee when she came back. She is dressed, leaned over kissed me and said "I have to go, I'll call you later, bye." With that she was gone.

It was no longer then five minutes when there was a knock on my door. I opened it and there was Belinda. She was wearing a long blue terry cloth robe.

"May I come in, I could use a cup of coffee."

"Sure glad to have your company."

We went to the kitchen. She sat down at the table and I got her a cup of coffee.

"You know I really enjoyed last night."

"Yea, me too!"

She reached across the table looked me in the eye and said; "the only thing wrong was that I never got to fuck you."

"I know I really wanted to do that also."

"Well do you see anything wrong with doing it now" she asked.

"What about your husband?"

"He knows that I'm here and he says its ok if we have sex. Don't worry Jan will never find out. Jim nor I will ever tell her."

"Jan and I have a very open relationship, we both can do what we want."

As soon as that came out of my mouth Belinda got up and walked over to me.

"Push your chair back from the table."

I scoot the chair about three feet from the table. Belinda stands in front of me. Her hand goes to the belt of her robe. She undoes the belt and opens her robe. She is nude underneath it. She shrugged her shoulders and the robe falls to the floor.

Belinda straddles me and lowers herself on to my lap. She puts her arms around my neck and pulls my lips to hers. Our mouths met and her tongue probes my mouth. I move my tongue into her mouth and we play tongue tag with each other. I move my hands down to those fabulous ass cheeks. Running my fingers all over her ass, I feel every inch it. I spread her ass apart and run my fingers up and down her crack. Each time a finger comes close to her asshole she lifts herself up a bid. All I do is tease her hole, never pushing my finger in.

As my dick was starts to grow, I can feel her hips moving to adjust her pussy against it. With all that wiggling around she somehow manages to get my cock out of my shorts. She is sliding her cunt lips up and down the length of it. This is getting my cock harder and slicker from her cunt juices.

"Do you feel how wet I am?"

I did not say anything just moaned my pleasure.

She stands up, reaches down, grasps my cock and positions it above her pussy. Her cunt lips engulf the head as she lowers herself ever so slightly. She moves her hips in a circular motion causing her cunt to go around the head. I had never felt anything like this before. The lips of her pussy are gripping and then releasing my dick. She has such control over her pussy that it is holding on to the underside of my dick head.

I reach up and massage her tits. I roll her nipples between my finger and thumb. I hold each nipple in-between my fingers and lick them with my tongue. Her nipples react by puffing up. I continue to pinch her nipples and start to kiss and suck her neck. When I stick my tongue in her ear she dropped her ass down to engulf my dick.

I sit in that chair as she bounces her cunt up and down my dick. She goes slow then fast. My dick is getting larger and I know it will not be long before I shot a load of cum into her. She has her head thrown back, mouth wide open, using her hands on my shoulders to propel her cunt up and down my cock. She is moving so fast and hard that a few times my cock comes completely out. She then repositions her ass and sucks it in again. I feel her cunt quiver around my cock.

"I'm cummming, I'm cumming."

She pushes herself down against me as far as possible. I squeeze my ass together and thrust my hips up against her. My dick is in her cunt as far as it can go. As her cunt quivers again I shot a load of cum into her.

"Fill me up, shot more cum into me, oh fuck I'm cumming again."

Her complete body starts to shake as I shot another load of juice into her. She collapses into me. My dick is now submerged in warm cum. I can feel it start to drip out around my cock. Belinda has her head buried in my shoulder moaning.

I reach under her ass, pick her up, and walk with her to the bedroom. My cock never left that warm juicy cunt. I laid her on the bed with me on top still buried inside her. As I laid her down she spreads her knees wide; she crosses her legs behind my back. I commence to rock back and forth, sliding in and out of her pussy.

"Oh shit, fuck me, fuck me," she yells.

I drive my cock in to her, as deep as it can go. I corkscrewed my cock within her.

"Yes, Yes, again."

I continue to drive my cock into her as hard as I can. My cock goes from a semi hard to a rock hard as I continue to fuck her deep and hard. Her pussy is filled up with a mix of hers and mine cum. As I drove in it makes a loud squishy sound. She is so wet that I have a hard time keeping my dick in her pussy. As I pull up my cock slips out. As I drive back down it slips into her asshole.

"Yes, fuck my ass."

She reaches up grabs her angles, pulls her legs apart and up to her head. This opens her asshole to my cocks assault. I drive my cock into her ass.

She yells "harder, harder."

Each time I drive into her ass, her cunt opens, and the mix of our old cum would ooze out. It drips down on to my cock and into her asshole making for a well lubricated fucking. I am relentless in driving my cock up her ass. The harder I slam it in the more she wants. I am so close to shooting a load of cum up her ass that the head of my dick is purple.

"I'm cumming."

I thrust as hard as I can. Squeezing my ass together I shot a hot slimy load of cum into her shit-hole, then another and another. Belinda pulls her legs even higher.

"Fill me up, give it to me."

I collapse on top of her. She let her legs back down. My cock stays in her ass, slowly it deflates and with a small pop it comes out. I roll off her and we lay next to each other attempting to get our breathing back to normal.

After a few minutes Belinda sat up, she looks at me.

"That's the best sex I have had in a long time, thanks."

"Your welcome, and you are right it was good."

"I think I had better go. I need to clean up. I want you to know that anytime you want me just let me know and I'll be there for you."

I surprised myself by saying "anytime you need some let me know, I will make time for it."

She looked at me with a smile "you mean this won't be the last time?"

"Definitely not."

With that she leaned down kissed me and left.

Early Sunday afternoon Jan called me and said she needed to talk to me and that she would be here in about an hour. I asked her what was wrong but all she said was she would tell me when she got here. When she arrived we sat at the kitchen table. She started to tell me about the night before.

"Me and Dianne decided to go shopping about six. I told Jeff that we would be gone for about four hours. He said ok and that he was planning to stay home anyway. We left for the Mall. Dianne found a dress that she really liked. When we got to the register to pay for it I found that I had left my charge card at home. I told Dianne to stay and that I would drive home real fast and would be back in about twenty minutes. I used the garage entry to the house. I went straight to my bedroom to get my charge card from the other purse. I heard some funny noises coming from the family room. I grabbed my card and went to the family room to see what the noise was. I almost shit when I saw Jeff sitting naked on the couch jacking off. His eyes were concentrated on the Television. I could not believe what he was watching."

As she was telling me this I saw that she was getting excited.

"The TV was showing a woman in bed using a dildo on herself. I was not paying attention to the TV. My eyes went back to Jeff. I could not take my eyes away from him jacking off. His hand was working his dick up and down. I was fascinated that my son was jacking off. When I heard him "I sure would like to fuck you". I looked back at the TV. I realized that the woman on the screen was me. Jeff was jerking off while watching me using a dildo. My first reaction was anger. How dare he? But as I watched him being turned on watching me, my pussy started to juice up. I went quickly out the way I got in and drove back to the Mall."

"How did he get that movie of you," I asked.

"That bugged me all of last night, I could not sleep thinking that he may have set up a camera in my room some how. This morning he and Dianne left to go out for breakfast. As soon as they had left I went to his room. I checked his VCR and found a cable going into the attic. I climbed into the attic and found that he had made small holes and wired up three cameras to them. One in my bedroom, one in Dianne's bedroom, and one to the bathroom. He has been taping his sister and me. I then went back to his room. Searching his room I found two VCR tapes in a drawer. I played them and they were of me and Dianne in various situations, getting dressed, showering, using the bathroom, masturbating, and about a hour of Dianne and her boyfriend having sex."

"So what are you going to do about it," I asked?

"I don't know, my feelings are all jumbled. In one way I want to yell at him and in the other I'm kind of turned on by it."

"Are you saying that you would like to maybe have sex with him."

"I don't know, but watching him playing with himself got me hot."

We talked about her feelings and what she was going to do. When she left nothing was decided.

Over the next few days Jan said very little to me. On Thursday she asked me if I would come to her house Friday evening. She wanted her children to meet me. She also told me to go along with everything that she did that night. I figured she had worked out some sort of plan so I said "no problem."

"Dress casual, no coat and tie, OK."

Friday came; I was a little apprehensive for I did not know what was going to happen. I got to her house at six in the evening. A very young version of Jan opened the door.

"Hi, I'm Diane, you are Johann?"

"Yes, nice to meet you."

"Come in, my mother and brother are waiting in the family room."

Diane leads me into the house I took a good look at her. She is about five feet tall, around 120 pounds, small breasted, nice round ass, and great looking legs. She is wearing a very short summer dress with sandals. As she walked her ass swished.

As I got to the family room Jan was waiting for me, she hugged me and introduced me to Jeff. Jeff got up and shook my hand.

"Nice to meet you."

If first impressions count, mine was that Jeff is very shy and somewhat of a nerd. Jeff had jeans and shirt on that I would not be caught dead in, retro 1980. Jan has a tight button down gray dress on with the bottom four buttons undone. Her legs were exposed above her knees. It is obvious, mother and daughter like to display their legs.

"I told the Diane and Jeff all about you. They knew that we are sleeping together. They both agree that if that makes me happy its OK with them."
"I wanted you all to meet so that there would be no secrets between any of us."

For the next hour we all sat around talking. I like both Jeff and Diane. Diane is more outgoing then Jeff. Jeff is more of a thinker then his sister. As Diane was sitting across from me I could not help but notice that she crossed her legs allot. In fact, she showed allot of leg, including glimpses of her white panties.

"Would you all like some wine?" Jan asked.

"I told Jeff and Diane it was OK to drink tonight as long as they were not going out."

Jan brought out glasses and a bottle of wine. For the next two hours we talked and drank wine. I noticed that Jan was refilling her sons and daughters glasses more then ours. In those two hours we drank three bottles of wine. I know for a fact, neither Jeff nor Diane was feeling any pain. I could tell that they both had lost some of their inhibitions.

"Anybody want to play cards" Jan asked.

We agreed to play. We played poker for about an hour when Jan said, "lets make this game more exiting."

"How" asked Jeff?"

"I know that you guys always play truth or dare during your parties, lets play that" Jan said.

We all agreed to play.

"I will deal each of us one card, high card wins and can ask anybody truth or dare" Jan said.

"Agreed" all of us, said.

The first hand Diane had high card. She asked me truth or dare. I choose truth.

"Is my mother very sexual?"

"Yes, very."

Next hand I had high card.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by The Glove.

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