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Jules' Secrets
by BluesmanII

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

The canopy of the shop overhead and the remote location down the street shielded them from errant eyes. She felt magnificently free as he directed this engagement and was not surprised to feel him pulling her from the top of the bonnet to the fender. His cock was dark and erect and his jeans open at the fly but not down. Just his cock was exposed and although Jules now hungered to taste him, she was spun onto the fender of the car and forced, face down, onto it. Her dress hem above her waist, her tits pressed against the metal, she anticipated his rock hard erection and was not disappointed as he shoved it roughly beneath her ass and entered her warm cunt. He reached out and grasped her arms pinning them to the bonnet while his hips shoved man-meat deep into her! He grunted and she could scarce believe that she had actually allowed herself to be used so coarsely! But she was thrilling to the abandon and her conscience soon yielded any last shred of restraint. His cock fucked her brutally and she actually was being lifted up with each slam, yet he never fell out of her. She was crying now...gently sobbing to suppress the screams that would emanate if she lost all control. He was grunting fiercely and she sensed that she and he would cum simultaneously. As much as she wished for that, the sudden letdown would ruin the fun and she wanted this animal sex to continue.

"Please...." she gasped. "Please...."

He stopped momentarily. "Your friends.... I want your friends also!" She looked over her shoulder. His fucking had stopped but his cock was still rigid within her. He seemed puzzled, but the sense of what she was requesting sunk in slowly and his face broke into a gradual grin.

"So...English women want more Turk?!!!" He spoke English haltingly but enough to convey his surprise at this development. "English men bad" he laughed.

"Please...." Jules continued. "Take me to them. You may all have me tonight!" His sardonic smirk enlarged and he zipped himself up.

Pulling a cell phone from his jeans he dialed a number. After a moment she heard him speak in Turkic to the receiver of the call. By his measured tones she knew he was explaining patiently the unusual turn of events. "Yah..." "Yah..." she heard him confirm an obvious statement of interest at the other end. He barked into the phone and she surmised that he had told them where to gather. "Get into car!" he stated simply as he folded the cell phone terminating the call.

He released the emergency brake, put the BMW into gear and started off. She noted that her own dress was still open in the front and her tits spilled forth. His cock was still semi erect and he motioned that she should come closer. She agreed because internally, she knew, that if she let herself think about things, she would be sorry she had allowed them to go this far. Better to stay in a healthy state of lust. Her hand closed on his dark meat as he drove. He stiffened from his semi-erect state and she managed, somehow, to wrap herself around the gear-shift and place her mouth on his cock. He moaned as she sucked the shaft all of the way down her throat. She felt the car skid a bit as he momentarily lost control. She pulled up and began a slow, undulating motion that first swallowed his shaft nearly to the root, then let it escape inch by inch.

His dick, not exceptionally large, but above average, felt thrilling to her because it was a stranger's. Here she was, headed to a gang-bang with men she had never laid eyes upon and this mid-eastern roughneck was driving her god knows where while she fervently sucked his cock. Not the usual behavior for a proper British lady! She concentrated on his shaft and felt the head pressing deeply into her throat. This time she didn't let it out slowly. This time she pressed down harder and only withdrew a bit. Then down again. Then up only a degree or so. She was letting the prickhead fuck her throat and she felt him grunt and squirm. Without a word, he came suddenly!... flooding the back of her mouth and making her gag a bit. He pressed down on the back of her head and she tried hard not to choke on the thick clots of semen. Some spilled from her mouth but she knew that the minute she chose to swallow his cum...which she did... that she was committed to the predations that group sex with a gang of men might visit upon her. The taste of his cum only whet her appetite for more. She was ready! She surely hoped that they were!

They had driven a short distance to a warehouse in the fringe of the city. She straightened her dress as she exited and he popped his cock into his jeans and zipped them. They walked across the expanse to the open door of the warehouse where she could see about six men standing around smoking cigarettes.

The men looked up as the two of them approached. They stubbed out their cigarettes and went inside at a signal from their friend. Jules and her Turk went up to the door and then slipped inside. The men, deciding to offer her no choice at this point, had already dropped their trousers and removed them. Two of them were totally nude, the others wore only shirts. They passed around a bottle of OUZO between themselves. As she entered with her Turk, she watched him command the bottle and take a large draught of the hot licorice spirit. She tugged at his elbow plainly demanding a pull at the bottle and the men watched as she slowly licked around the rim if the bottle opening, lifted it slowly, poured a long draught down her throat and licked her lips afterward. She cast her eyes downward and watched as the men's cocks stiffened in anticipation.

Suddenly, her Turk pushed her roughly toward the four who stood side-by-side against a large pile of cartons. She stumbled forward and one of the men caught her and then pushed her steadily downward till she was kneeling in front of the group. This, apparently, was what she was expected to do. One of the Turks stood directly in front of her, rubbed her face against his cock and balls, and pulled her dress from her shoulders, shoving it down her torso and beneath her breasts! He pulled her face up, looked into her eyes, and placed his hands on either side of her head pushing his cock toward her lips.

"Well've done it NOW" she thought to herself! Her lips opened wide and she felt him shoving his cock back deep into her mouth! She gulped and slid her lips ever further back to accommodate the rather long shaft. This man's prick was tiny and the cock bent decidedly UP. The man next to the first, was stroking a truly massive cock with a large head, a fat shaft and a decent length! His cock dangled with a curve to the left. He got behind her as she sucked, and slid beneath her impaling her cunt from under her dress as he lay on his back. His muscled arms lifted her up and down on the cock as she began to feel the utter submission she had wished for and at that point, her lustful nature took over! She lifted her skirt, grabbed the cock of his shaft beneath her and squeezed causing it to engorge even larger. She spat out the cock in her mouth and told the group of men..."Come on.... you want to fuck me? COME! Fuck ME!!!" With no other invitation necessary, another man walked behind her, and...roughly stuck a lubricated finger into her ass. His digit penetrated deeply and for a moment only, it hurt like hell! But the thick hard-on she was riding, the musky cock now again probing her throat, and the spectacle of three other nude men stroking their cocks awaiting their turn, made her consciously relax her sphincter and allow him to push his thick finger in and out until he was satisfied that she could accommodate him. After a few minutes, she felt hands on her buttocks pulling her asscheeks apart and the cold, slick, lubricated feel of a large male phallus shoving it's way forward....penetrating her ass as she rode on another beneath her!

Ass, cunt, mouth.... all brimming with male genitalia! She sucked savagely at the man in her mouth and in a moment he was groaning loudly! He pulled his cock from her mouth and used his thumb to pull down her chin opening her mouth wide! He stroked his cock fiercely and a gusher of cum shot forth into her waiting mouth! She closed her lips to contain it, but he shot again! and AGAIN!...each stream less powerful but still splashing against her lips. She opened her mouth after swallowing the first stream of cum and felt an overflow leak out of the corners of her lips.

The man was slowly becoming soft and she sucked his cock till he withdrew of his own volition. At that point, a nearly bald man who was standing at the side playing with himself approached and presented his cock. She pulled on the shaft but pressed her face beneath is balls and sucked on the sac holding them. Her hand caressed the shaft in loving strokes as she sucked his balls and her tongue flicked teasingly onto the area between his testicles and his ass. The man pushed her hand away and with a few, hard, economical strokes, frothed a thick clot of semen onto her face as she was engaged at licking him. It surprised her and she opened her mouth reflexively to taste it! But he only oozed semen and it flowed down her face from cheeks to chin.

Watching this scene...yet another Turk came forward. He gave her no chance to suck him off, but he simply held his cock firmly in front of her face as he shot a very large quantity of cum in a series of wet, salty, bursts. "Unnnnnnggggggghhhhhh!" Jules cried! As her open mouth filled and the excess spilled out of her lips and onto her breasts! The torrent seemed never ending and the man stroked until every last drop was squeezed from his prick. He then slapped it up and down on her face, the thudding large head smacking her lips and chin as he shook every drop loose. Without warning, Jules reacted by grasping the shaft and shoving the meat deep into her mouth! He groaned and allowed her to suck until he relaxed into a non-erectile state.

Jules was now covered with cum...her face was sticky with it, her mouth redolent with beads of it all around her lips...her taste corrupted by the sheer volume so far...and there was still more to cum! Her Mr.Hyde Libido now took over entirely and she begged for things that she never would have thought herself capable of requesting.

"Please!" she invoked..."Please...spank me! Spank me and fuck me hard!" The bald man smiled thinly and directed the two that were fucking her ass and her cunt to withdraw. They lifted Jules up and then threw her delicate form over a barrel that was tipped on it's side. The one who pinioned her arms was the one whom she had been sucking and he reassumed control of her as he shoved his hips forward and his erection back inside her mouth.

The bald man lifted a leather belt above his shoulder and brought it down smartly upon Jules' pale bottom! Immediately, a shallow, red welt appeared and he committed the leather to her skin another seven or eight times. Jules wasn't sure, but if she didn't cum merely from the sensation of the belt, she had very nearly been there. She swallowed the cock hungrily and the man pulled her face gently away. His wet cock slipped easily into her from behind and the hard, large prick situated itself so wonderfully within her that she couldn't think of any pleasure so great! But these Turks were inventive, and a new initiative startled and thrilled her!

The bald man lifted her legs and the man fucking her momentarily pulled away. She looked over her shoulder and watched as the man with the skinny cock, now erect again, lay beneath her. But this time, instead of the one under her fucking her cunt and one behind her fucking her ass, BOTH inserted their stiff cocks into her slick pussy!

She had never before felt this sensation but it had a profound effect on her that amused the Turks. She began to wail as both cocks in tandem began to fuck her. She could feel the shafts rubbing against her clit and also against each other! She wondered what this felt like for the men! Her eyes were closed and she was sensing an intense orgasm just building, when one of the men who had stood aside thus far, poured a liberal draught of Ouzo into her mouth then inserted his cock. She swallowed the Ouzo just ahead of the cock and, with a free hand, cupped his balls from beneath. She concentrated on her cock-sucking and let the twin shafts impaling her recede slightly from her consciousness so that she could prolong this ecstasy!

She felt the cock in her lips begin to twitch and she anticipated the taste of semen. Suddenly, a fat finger was inserted into her ass by the man fucking her cunt from behind! It nearly drove her mad with the incredible rush that she experienced! She came violently and coughed as she spat out the cock to scream in exclamation of pure joy!

The men continued their rough ramming and slamming and she crested again and again! Two men appeared before her face and each demanded her attention! She sucked one cock and then shifted her face in the direction of the other. Thus...both men alternated and she sucked each in turn. She was just getting into a rhythm when she was completely disengaged by all parties and picked up and deposited on a divan in the office within the warehouse. The two men stood at her head, one leg on the floor and the other on the divan...each at opposite sides of her. Her original Turk now knelt before her and slowly shoved his prick deep inside her cunt. His hands cupped her breasts and he smiled at her and nodded so that she'd look to the sides of her. There...two men pulled at their own organs and stroked themselves fiercely! They moaned and each stepped forward to discharge their loads in her direction. She opened her mouth, but they instead took aim at her breasts which the Turk had let go of only moments before. Thick clots of white semen stuck to the white skin and their dark cocks contrasted interestingly with her milky skin. The cum oozed over each tit and she used both of her hands to smooth the warm offerings over her nipples and onto her belly. She was just luxuriating in the warm, sticky feel of the stuff when her Turk moaned loudly and pulled his cock from her! He grasped the shaft and directed it toward her chest as he stood! She pulled him forward and grabbed his cock and pumped it several times. The effect was a splashing of cum that washed over her open mouth and dribbled down her breasts. She spread this over each tit as well and was surprised as the men, now expended, all stood nude before her and bowed!

It seemed so uncharacteristic and almost civil. She smiled and they all clapped loudly! She hid her face in temporary embarrassment.

They laughed and began to talk to themselves in their own language. From the staccato remarks that were immediately met with the same, she guessed that they were all bragging as to who fucked best, made her cum more, or individually came the most. She stretched and then accepted an offering of a warm towel. She washed off the semen, threw on her dress and pulled it up as best she could. Her Turk put someone's raincoat over her and called a cab for her.

She let their voices drone in the warehouse as she waited patiently for the taxi. When the cab arrived, a look of recognition flashed between her Turk and the driver. A handful of bills were pressed at the driver and Jules was motioned to climb in. She hopped in back and ignored the strange smile in the mirror when the driver asked her for her destination. She gave him an address several blocks from the one where she actually lived. She'd walk the rest to assure her anonymity and safety.

In the ensuing ride she let the cool night air reawaken her senses which were a dull mixture of carnal satiation, alcohol, and the smell of cigarettes and male sweat. She was certain that she would reflect on this night many times in the future when she was alone. Had she now exorcised this dark demon? Or was there more to experience? Only time would tell she mused!

-The end?

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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