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Kim & Stephanie
by Doc38

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After my years in the armed forces, I have found a relentless passion for computers and everything there was to know about them. Not that I am even close to the geek down the street, with a body standing 6 feet tall and not an ounce of fat, even at this ripe age of 39. It is in my nature to almost never sit quietly, thus keeping my body in shape at a 90% fitness average.

My greatest passion in life however has always been the female body, I just absolutely have a fascination with those gentle softness and of course, those sensual curves. Breasts have always been my favorite interest, be it softly caressing them, sucking the nipples or just laying my cock between them for a good tit fuck. Speaking of my cock, I guess I m one of those lucky guys with a good, solid 9" and 2" in diameter. It may be that I just have an over imaginative desire for sex, but I have never had trouble getting it up again after a normally exhausting banging.

This may sound kinky to some, but my greatest fantasy has always been to tie a lady up, and tease her right up to the brink of explosion before fucking the living hell out of her. And so, one day this fantasy all came true, but I got a fairly good tease myself.

It is all in a days work to do an average of 20 site visits a day, working for a company that has a well established customer base in both the corporate and domestic market. That particular day, I think it was about my sixth call for the day, I pick up the job-card and head to the home of one of our new domestic customers. I had just returned from another domestic customer, also a lady, and was pretty horny after leaving there. She was cooing around me all the time while I was doing my work, dressed only in a very thin see-through nightgown, no bra and some skimpy panties. I got quite a few glimpses of her firm b-cup sized breasts and couldn't help imagining those hard, erect nipples being sucked into my mouth. Come to think of it, I still cannot understand why I didn't just throw her to the floor and give her a good taste of my cock, since it was obviously what she wanted. Anyway, let bygones by bygones, I was now finding myself in front of this beautiful house in one of the better suburbs.

When I knocked on the door, I was greeted with a sight I never believed to exists. She was about 5'6, auburn red hair and a pair of the bluest eyes I ever saw. My eyes immediately caught that she was dressed in something resembling a bikini top (although I think it is really worn as a very casual "top") and she had a very tight mini-skirt on. Her legs seemed to go on forever, and I recall thinking by myself that wherever those legs met, must be heaven. When she spoke, I noticed a pair of full, sensual lips and the whiteness of her teeth was really striking.

"Hi, you must be the here to see what's wrong with my puter ..", she said in a brilliant, sexy voice. I couldn't get a word out, and just nodded as she invited my into the house. These people are obviously not poor, with thick carpets everywhere the eye could see, a lot of dark wood finishes and crystal chandeliers. It was then when I noticed a movement at the staircase, but couldn't quite make out what it was, since it disappeared to quickly.

She walked in front of me, up the stairs and the fragrance of her perfume reminded me of a bouquet of flowers. The skirt spun so tight around her body, that I couldn't help noticing that she was not showing any panty linings underneath. I found it extremely difficult to contain my arousal as she moved that beautiful ass right in front of me as we walked up the stairs. I might even have shown'tiny drops of sweat on my forehead, which I am sure are not the result of me getting to much exercise.

She led me into what must be the master bedroom. It was huge with a Victorian style king sized bed, complete with four posts and draped silk. A heavy, red-wood desk with a high-back leather chair and leather inset. There was also a divan in the opposite corner.

I sat down, and forced myself to concentrate on fixing the problem with the computer, but I kept feeling her eyes burning on me as she moved around behind he. At first I thought I was imagining it, but every now and then she would lean over my shoulder to show me something on the monitor, but I could clearly feel her hard, erect nipples pressing against my shoulder. Needles to say, but for someone with an obvious hormonal imbalance like I have, I soon found my erection grow to it s full capacity, screaming to be released from the tight confines of my pants. Not long thereafter my balls were so full, it hurt.

It would be difficult to describe what happened next, because the next moment I felt my chair being swung around 90 degrees towards where she was standing, and when I looked down, I found her kneeling between my legs, fiddling with my belt buckle. It couldn't have been more than two seconds before she had both my buckle and my zipper undone, frantically grabbing my huge erection with both hands. "Oooohhh my Goddd .. Ohhhh ohhhhhh", I moaned. It was a relief to feel some freedom from my pants, a shiver running through my whole body as she swallowed almost my whole length in one deep suck.

I looked down, and saw her luscious lips engulfing my monstrous cock, feeling the release of some pre-cum into her mouth, which she wicketly licked up with her swirling tongue. I felt her hand fondling my full balls, and she released her sucking and commenced on a luscious journey with her tongue. She hesitated at my cock s glistening head, licking in circles around it s swollen, purple head, then lodging the tip of her tongue into it s little hole. "Oooooooo my Goddddd ... ooooooo GOSH..." I couldn't help moaning loudly, as she licked down my throbbing hardness, taking each of my balls into her mouth, gently sucking on them. I grabbed her hair, and she frantically started sucking me again, this time taking all into her mouth, as I felt her throat relaxing.

I started bucking my hips, pulling her head towards me, holding her by her shoulder-long hair. "Ooooooh yeah baby, suck me .. Suck me deep !! .. Ohhhhh yeah !!". As I continued to mouth-fuck her, she fondled my balls until I felt like I wanted to explode. It wasn't long thereafter that I shot my first load of cum like a canon into her throat. "Oh fuck .. Oooooooooo .. Fuck fuck .... OOOOOOOOOO!!!!" White, creamy cum was drizzling from her mouth as she continued sucking, although I released my grip on her hair. It felt like she wanted to suck my balls dry.

She gave me another surprise, when suddenly she got up and passionately started kissing me. It was the first time I ever tasted my own cum, and I must say, it tasted kind of sweet, mixed with her saliva. I was now so over excited about what had happened to me, that my cock soon found itself in another massive erection, pressing against her supple body. Without much effort I picked her up and carried her to the bed. For some reason I felt like I wanted to punish her, like as if I felt she had just raped me.

I roughly threw her on the bed, and pinned her down with her hands stretched over her head, while I straddled her. She smiled at me me, naughtily, and I started kissing her deep and passionate, thrusting my tongue deep into her warm mouth and sucking her tongue in mine. It was like she already gave in to my assault on her body, which I was not content on accepting like that. I got up from her, and walked over to the walk-in closet, searching for some pantyhose. I grabbed a bunch and returned to where she was still laying stretched out on the bed. "Oooohhh yes .. Tie me up .. Yesssss", she hissed.

My cock sprang at full attention when I ripped of her bikini-like top to expose her silky, perky tits. They were so firm and her erect nipples were just too inviting to resist. "Ohhh myyy Godddd ...", she cried. I leaned down and suckled each one hard, when I shifted my concentration back to what I intended doing. I removed her mini-skirt in record time, when I noticed she was only wearing a black g-string panty. Her pussy bloated against her panty, and I thought that I have never seen such an oversized pussy, especially not on such a skinny lady.

I ripped my eyes away, and started tying her hands and both feet to each of the four bedposts, leaving her spread and totally exposed. What a sexy sight. I got back onto her, barely touching her body with my now naked ass, cupping her breasts with my hands, slowly starting to caress them, while I feast my eyes on those hard nipples. They felt so soft, almost like satin cushions, and I slowly started licking each nipple in a circular motion. "Ooooh babyyy .. YESSS .. YESSSS.. ", she moaned with pleasure and I continued teasing her nipples, hardly ever touching her tips, wanting to make her as hot as I possibly could.

After torturing her breasts for a while, I continued my onslaught down the valley between her breasts towards her navel, softly kissing, licking and sometimes sucking her soft naked flesh. Her body was trembling with excitement as I neared her panty-line, but I didn't go any lower. "Oooooh babyyy .. Yessss .. Fuck me now .. Fuck meeee .. I need you to fuck me ... NOW!!!! .. Oooooooo", she begged. Instead I started my ascent towards her breasts, kissing, licking and sucking.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Doc38.

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