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Keiko's Fantasy
by Keiko

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

This morning my girlfriend and I were having coffee at a local coffee shop. After we had finished our second cup, I noticed someone in the booth across from us drawing. He is probably a art student I thought and perhaps sketching his homework. But, then I notice he is always looking up at me every few minutes as if he was drawing me?? Could he be interested in me?? I whispered to my friend and asked what she thought. She says that she had to go anyway and as she left she would look at what the art student is drawing.

So, my girlfriend said goodbye and stood up. She walked towards the art student and as she passed looked at the drawing. She passed him and when she got to the door she motioned to me "yes" he is drawing you!!! She smiled and left.

I was flattered that anyone would want to draw me. But, I loved to be looked at and this was a perfect opportunity I thought. He was sitting directly across from and from where he was sitting he could see right under my table. I was wearing a white blouse and a short black skirt, the type I used to wear in high school in Japan.

I leaned back into the booth and looked directly at him. He seems very shy or embarrassed as he turns his eyes away and pretending he is not looking my way. I think this is very cute. I then reached down under the table and pretended to pull my sock that had gone down. As I brought my hand up, I make sure that lift my skirt up at the same time. I was glad that I had worn my favorite black g-string panties. The one with the sheer flower lace design. I leaned back more and slowly spread my knees apart.

My friend was no longer being shy about looking at me. From where I was sitting, I could also see under his table. He now had his hand under his table and rubbing the front of his pants. I am sure he now had an erection. Yes!! I could see the bulge on the front of his pants. I was wondering if he would be daring enough to take his penis out of his pants?? Perhaps if I gave him some encouragement??

I slowly lowered my hands under the table and pulled my short skirt almost all the way up to my waist. He was now clearly view my g-string panties and perhaps my hairless pussy through the sheer material. I spread my knees apart even further and ran my fingers down to the front of my panties. I realized that my friend and I were now in similar positions within our booths :)

I started to rub the front of my panties even more passion then before. But, suddenly I realized where we were. In one of my favorite coffee shops and I did not want to make a scene here. So, I smiled at my friend and lowered my skirt and brush my hair. I see that he also tries to resume his drawing as he looks away from me. Then I had an idea! I took a piece of paper and wrote a short note. It said "Tonight 9:30pm @ Ritzy".

I gathered my things and stood up. I looked over to my shy friend and he again was pretending to be busy drawing. I walked over to his direction and dropped the note on his table. He never even looked at me. I wondered if he would show up at the nightclub???

That night, at home I was looking through my closet trying to decide what to wear??? I could wear the new black short, backless dress. Perhaps the black leather top with the short leather skirt. Or perhaps ... the new black slip I purchased in Europe this past summer. It is a sheer negligee type that is meant to be worn with outer clothing. It had tiny straps that made the slip hang dangerously low in front as well as the back. Do I dare?? It is short, very sheer, especially in the light. Do I wear underwear?? Of course I will wear heels with this.

I finally decide to wear the sheer negligee slip to the club tonight. It is a very daring piece of clothing for me to wear outdoors, but during the evenings it can be mistaken be for a sexy evening dress. The soft, black slip is very low cut in the front, with a deep "V" to below my breasts. Which is very dangerous to wear outdoors because I am not able to make any sudden movements otherwise my breasts will easily be exposed. "Hmmm" I thought to myself, I will have to be careful as to how I walk tonight. I slip into my black 3" heels which seems to make up for my height by creating the illusion of me being taller than I really am. The negligee is so soft and light that I almost feel naked as I walk, it is wonderful. Of course I had forgotten to wear any panties *smile*.

The doorman at the club has become a good friend. He knows that I am not yet 21 years of age, but allows me to enter. He is aware of my "exhibitionist" passion and he says it is good for the club to have pretty girls there. He enjoys to look down my dress at times and I let him. He also watches out for me and makes sure that I do not get into trouble. He tells me that I look exceptionally sexy tonight. I say "thank you" and enter the club. It is very crowded tonight and no seats anywhere. I notice that it is darker then usual tonight. Perhaps they are having trouble with the lighting. This disappoints me as the sheer negligee does not have the full effect without some lighting. I see that the only area with a very lighted area is in front of the bar. So I walk to the bar and order a glass of wine.

As I stand in front of the bar sipping my drink, I see that many men are now paying much more attention to what I am wearing. Several men tell me "hello" and I respond with a polite reply. I love the attention I am receiving from the men as they stare at me and wonder if I am wearing anything under this black slip. I sip my wine as I listen to the music being played. The wine makes me very warm inside.

I wonder if my new friend would make an appearance tonight? Then I see him enter the club. "Hmmmm ... what should I do now?" I decide to leave it up to him. He walks in my direction and I wonder if he sees me? He looks older than when I first saw him today. Perhaps he is not an art student as I had suspected? He is dressed very well and looks very handsome tonight. He walks up to the end of the bar an orders a drink.

He does not seem to recognize me?? Perhaps it is because of my type of dress? I was wearing "school girl" type of clothing earlier? Or maybe it is because I have my hair up? I also look older when I do this ... hmmmm, perhaps it was a mistake to do this? Or maybe I can have fun with this :)

I casually walk through the crowd to his side of the bar. He is standing at the very end of the very crowded bar. I say "excuse me" as I squeeze between him and another person to get to the bar. I pick up a napkin from the bar and put it around my drink. I keep my position next to my friend as I turn to face the stage as the band starts to play one of my favorite songs. I slowly start to move my body to the beat of the music. The rhythm of the music becomes faster and I also follow the increasing rhythm of the music with sort of a private dance. I accidentally "bump" my friend who is standing directly in the back of me only inches away. I turn and say "excuse me" and I smile. He smiles back at me and I think he may have recognized me now as I resume my private dancing.

I "accidentally" bump him again, but this time I do not turn around. I just continue my dancing. My movements causes one of my straps of my negligee to slip off my shoulder. This causes that side of my negligee to reveal more of my breasts. I do not correct this as I am enjoying for this to happen. I can almost feel his hot breath on my bare shoulder. The song ends and I clap and jump and down in appreciation for the song. My movements in my excitement cause the other strap on my dress to slip off my shoulder. The sheer black slip is now only resting on my soft breasts.

With one hand I return one of the two straps that had fallen off my shoulder. If I did not do this my sheer negligee could slip right off of my breasts and down to the floor. And it was much to early for this to happen :)

Suddenly, I feel a tap on my bare shoulder, I look and it is my friend. Shyly, he motions to the dance floor as if asking if I would like to dance. He looked so cute ... I think he was blushing. I turned around to face him and I think this is the first time he is able to get a good look at me. The bright lights from the bar went right through my sheer, black slip. He instantly noticed that he was able to see my breasts and nipples through the sheer material. He eyes then went further down to my pussy and he realized that I was also not wearing any panties. I wondered if he was able to see that I also did not have any pubic hair. He was speechless for a few seconds and I said to him "are you asking me to dance?". Still speechless, he nodded his head "yes". I smiled and said "thank you ... but, sorry I do not slow dance". His face saddened at this, but I quickly said "but, you may buy me a drink, if you like". His face brightened up with a huge smile as he ordered me another glass of white wine.

He introduces himself as "Perry" and he is a computer graphic artist. Well, I was almost right. I tell him that my name is "Keiko" and I thank him for the drink. Just then, the person on the other side of me says that he is leaving and that I may have his seat at the bar. Perry and I were standing at the end of the bar with no stools. I say thank you and hop onto the stool as Perry also moves over one position. The problem with these stool is that they are not made for Asian women that are only five feet tall. I had trouble jumping onto the tall stool and during all the movement one of my breasts fell out of my very low cut negligee. I quickly regain my balance and adjusted my dress. I looked up and my new friend "Perry" was staring in disbelief. He could not believe that he had just seen my bare breasts. I said "excuse me, but this dress is very hard to wear sometimes".

Then he noticed that when I had hopped onto the stool ... my "dress" had gone almost all the way up to my waist. If it was not for the fact that I had my legs together he would be able to see my hairless pussy ... oops.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Keiko.

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