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Literotica Reunion Chapter 1
by Crystal

As she gazed over the shimmering waves, watching the sunlight flicker on and off each small ripple, Laurel pondered on the next day's events. The reunion had taken the organisational skills of an air traffic controller and had certainly dominated her days over the past few weeks. But now with just one day to go she felt strangely calm about the whole affair. Manu had had his reservations about meeting Literotica members but had been gently persuaded by Laurel who had explained that at worst it would be a wasted weekend and at best the greatest orgy of all time!

Laurel turned from the sunset view and gazed from the veranda into the small office where she could see Manu patiently downloading a new chat software program. The blue flicker of the computer screens created a translucent and almost alien light that both of them and grown accustomed to over the years. Running an erotic fiction website had been a fun idea to start with but as it grew increasingly popular the work involved escalated into a full time job. It was worth it though, she and Manu had had a lot of fun and had conversed with a lot of interesting people over the years and there was also, of course, a lot of sex. Whether it was the next installment from DCL or the most recent pictures from Kara, the office was a constant hive of sexual activity. As Laurel ploughed through her emails she was confronted with images of pounding cocks, heaving breasts, engorged pussies and cum, oh yes, there was cum absolutely everywhere. It was quite understandable therefore that she would need satisfying on a regular basis and fortunately Manu, as well as being a dab hand at modem repairs, was just the man to see to Laurel's increasingly large sexual appetite.

After one last look at the disappearing sun Laurel took a last drag on her cigarette, filling her lungs deep with smoke before expelling in a long drawn out sigh. She turned once more and made her way through the hall and into the small office. As she manoevered herself around the swaying stacks of paper and discs she noticed, to her discontent, that Manu was now slumped over his keyboard quite obviously asleep. With a grunt she sat at her own terminal and proceeded to connect to the internet and logon to Literotica Chat. It wasn't long before she was in PM land with someone called CherryGirl. Laurel never used her administrative name in Chat as she enjoyed anonymity on the web. On this occasion she had decided to name herself 2big4u and had assumed the role of a 30 year old black male on the look out for a pussy big enough to shelter his enormous 10" cock. It obviously wasn't long before an accomodating female decided that she was up to the challenge.

As CherryGirl PMed her with promises of licking and sucking liked she'd never seen or felt, Laurel automatically drew her hand to her shorts and slowly started to caress her silky mound, feeling her moisture almost immediately. CherryGirl was explaining how she would lick and pump on 2big4u's monster of a cock almost till climax but that just before, she would draw herself over him and make him eat her pussy so hard that she would almost drown him. Then gently, she would poise her succulent pussy lips over his swollen member and tease him allowing his cock to enter her only slightly before withdrawing. This repeated process would drive him wild and just as he was to cum she would drive her body straight down his entire cock with a gut wrenching thud. Then together they would climax and he would fill her pussy with so much cum that it would come oozing down his penis and on to his balls. As Laurel read this description she removed her shorts and sat, legs wide apart with her right hand ferociously fingering herself.

As she rubbed on her G-spot her left hand would caress her breasts and slowly make itself down to her clit until both hands were concentrating on her streaming pussy. As laurel writhed in front of her terminal she heard a murmur and realised that Manu had awoken and on seeing her had quietly started to do the same. He was standing behind her with his shiny erect cock in his hands gently tugging on it whilst enjoying the delights that Laurel was offering him. Laurel turned on her chair and beckoned Manu to come closer. Gently she held his fully erect cock and ran her fingers along his shaft from his balls to the tip. Manu winced with pleasure and urged her to take him in her mouth. Slowly she licked the tip of his cock feeling his precum on her tongue. She then progressed to lick his long shaft in long salivating movements intent on covering his entire cock with her saliva.

As she continued, Manu reached down and lifted her thighs towards him so that her pussy was in full view. As Laurel started to suck hungrily on his cock, he inserted first two and then three fingers into her and started to pump on her G-spot causing her to moan and groan as she tugged and lapped on his member. Not before long, the pair were sprawled on the office floor tipping over piles of papers and overflowing wastebaskets. Laurel was on her knees facing away from Manu has he knelt behind her with his cock fully inserted in her pussy. As his strong penis glided in and out of her, Laurel again began to think of the next days events. They were expecting at least 15 people to come and some from as far as Europe. She wondered what they would all look at. Would XXplorer have greying hairs, would Deborah be as intimidating as she appeared on the Bulletin Board and would Hullo_nurse bring her uniform (she certainly hoped so!) With a groan, she felt herself cum and soon could feel her lover's cum soaking the insides of her vagina. With a sigh they fell into an embrace and gently stroked and held each other while the computers continued to hum and flicker as the emails arrived.

The next morning, Laurel woke with a feeling of great anticipation and excitement in her stomach. The sky was blue and the sun was already casting a comforting warmth on the house and garden. Laurel propped herself on one elbow and peered through the bedroom to see Manu outside watering the garden. He wore only a pair of shorts cut from jeans and as he stood hosing the plants, Laurel couldn't help thinking how incredibly sexy he was. He had a well toned body and an even golden brown tan. The muscles in his thighs and arms rippled slightly with each movement and the splash from the hose made droplets of water roll down his back and his chest glistening in the sun. Laurel excitedly jumped up from bed and went to the shower. She simply couldn't wait for people to arrive. It was really going to be amazing - days at the beach and out on the boat, evenings in the garden drinking cocktails and of course sex. Lots of it if she was to have her way. As she showered she imagined human chains of writhing naked bodies - arms, legs, breasts, cocks, fingers all forming one uniform mass of sexual frenzy. As she dreamt of double penetration, sweet tasting pussy and multi orgasms she quickly found herself in a state of arousal. Not content on working alone, she quickly exited the shower and made her way to the garden with a towel wrapped loosely around her waist.

When Manu saw her, he understood immediately what was on her mind and grinned wideley to her. He lessened the speed of the hose and slowly directed it towards the still wet Laurel. She felt the warm pulse of water on her skin and enjoyed its massaging qualities as it moved slowly from her shoulders to her breasts to her stomach. She quickly discarded her towel and moved to Manu, through the spray, and started to unbutton his shorts. Manu carefully held the gentle spray against Laurel and started to aim it at the insides of her thighs. As she removed his shorts, his glistening cock sprung out and called for her. Laurel, was close to coming now as the spray was directly on her clitoris massaging it like an expertly wielded tongue. Manu held the hose to her pussy as she started yet again to lick his long shaft. Soon the hose was discarded and Manu pounded into her flesh as she stood propped up at the side of the house. She drew her thighs around him and allowed him to enter her as deeply as possible. With a gasp he sprayed his load and together they shared their climax. Just as he was about to withdraw, they heard a voice. Someone had obviously decided to try the back of the house as no one was answering the front.

"I see you've started without me! Well, I can see that this is going to be quite a weekend!"

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