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Literotica Reunion Chapter V
by Shintani

Shintani absentmindedly let his hands run over the keyboard. Truth be know, his dark brown eyes were open, but he was barely comprehending the screen before him. The distance of the day's drive had seen to that. Alyssa's driving skill had taken care of the rest. He loved the girl dearly, but she personified every stereotype of Asian women drivers.

At about the time she let her 3000GT reach 100, her normally stoic lover had a deathgrip on his seat. While he was no stranger to death, being splattered all over the landscape was not the way he would choose to go. And he couldn't complain about her driving either, after all, he was the one who had that accident involving the traffic cop. In his fatigue-induced haze, he wandered through websites, oblivious to the party going on outside the office. Laurel and Manu had everyone over; their beach house was becoming quite lively. He smiled to himself as he scanned the latest baseball scores, hoping that Laurel didn't mind him using her office this way. Or the way before his brief nap, when Alyssa had physically removed him from the common room outside.

After their arrival, Southernhelle had directed them to the hall closet, where they received their golden robes. After donning them, they had made a genuine effort to mingle. It was neat, meeting and greeting all the authors and chat room friends that they had made. Conversation had run the gamut from the inane, superficial chatter of a party to writing style and technique, along with updates on their latest projects. It was during this time, when Shintani was raiding the buffet, that he and Alyssa had gotten separated. Upon returning to the main room, he struck up a conversation with Eve. She was a striking beauty, quite tall and well proportioned. In a slick move that he thought no one had noticed, Shintani managed to indulge in a quick feel of her firm ass. Nice. Very nice.

As they spoke of their mutual love for writing, they found themselves drifting away from the main group, into a darkened corner of the library. Here's where things had gotten interesting. Eve's robe had been steadily loosening; in fact, it was all but undone. Their bodies grew closer together, in nervous anticipation of what was surely to come. The noises of the party continuing without them still carried, from the wheezing and the groans, it was apparent that a good time was had by all. Their turn must be next. Shintani finally finished mentally undressing Eve, when Alyssa burst into the room. Her robe was completely undone, her magnificent breasts swayed seductively. A quick, reflexive glance towards her lower body revealed her shaved pussy as well.

Three others following her, Fallen, Manu, and Crystal, were apparently enjoying the view of her ass as it wiggled beneath the thin material. A fiery look enveloped her deep brown eyes as the tanned beauty took him firmly by the wrist. "Gentlemen, ladies," she announced. "My darling Shintani needs to help me with something. Please excuse us." With that, she stormed out of the room, Shintani in tow.

"What got over her?" wondered Eve.

"Don't know, don't care. Let's enjoy ourselves, shall we?" replied Manu as he feasted his eyes on the feminine forms before him.

Alyssa led Shintani into the nearest unoccupied room, which happened to be Laurel's office. Shutting the door behind them, she didn't even wait for him to attempt and explanation. Wordlessly, she launched herself at him, surprising him with a passionate kiss and embrace. His arms wrapped around her as he guided her slowly to the desk. Quickly, they pushed Laurel's chair, and other items of furniture out of their way. Shedding their robes, Shintani and Alyssa never broke their embrace as he sat her gently down on the computer desk. Alyssa eased her tongue out of his mouth.

"Darling," she said. "I know we came here to have fun, but I'll be damned if I don't get the first fucking from you." With that, the two lovers threw themselves together again, their kisses growing hotter and hotter. Alyssa gasped and grabbed his head as he made his way down her neck to her breasts. If there was one asset she could always count on, they were it. Alyssa was massively well endowed for an Asian woman, and Shintani loved all of it. He buried his face in her breasts, vigorously exploring them with his mouth, fingers and tongue. He squeezed her breasts tight, ran her firm nipples between his fingers. As he continued on her, she nearly screamed as he caught her nipple between his teeth, biting her lightly.

His loving touches were growing more and more aggressive, and she loved it. Shintani's kisses traveled further downward, over the smooth skin of her stomach. Alyssa scooched up further on the desk, spreading her shapely legs and exposing her glistening pussy to him. Needing no further invitation, Shintani let his kisses trace the outline of her pussy. Gentle pecks teased her clit, barely brushed her moist, inviting pussy lips. He kissed and sucked on her inner thighs, even as she attempted to force the issue. Once Alyssa had her hands in his thick, black hair, she slammed his head down into her cunt. Shintani greeted her with parted lips, forcing his tongue as deep inside her as he could manage. His tongue strokes were quick, overpowering her cunt with amazing sensations. He licked the moist outside lips of her pussy, and was still darting his tongue inside her spread pussy.

Light licks danced across her clit, before he bore down hard on her, sucking her hardening clit up into his mouth. The sensations for Alyssa were amazing. His oral lovemaking had driven her to the edge, and as he slid his fingers inside her tight cunt, she screamed as the orgasm overcame her. As her cries and moans subsided, the cock-loving slut pounced on him. Throwing herself onto him, she knocked him down onto the floor. Before he could react, Alyssa had positioned herself just right...and with one quick motion, she was impaled on his rigid cock. Shintani's hands reached up to caress her, tracing up her sides and finally coming to a rest on her breasts. She clasped her hands over top of his as she started to ride him. Her motions were slow and easy at first, his cock slid inside her cunt so deeply, so easily. The sensation of her tight lips constricting around his cock was amazing. She slid up and down on him; slow and easy, nearly releasing his cock from her cunt with each stroke, then easing back down until every inch of him was buried inside her. Alyssa loved these deliberate strokes; she positively enjoyed the feeling of his cock filling her up slowly. Her juices flowed over him, lubricating his way into her even deeper and deeper. Then, as her passions rose, she began fucking him furiously. Her hips pounded up and down against him, driving his shaft deep inside her soaking wet pussy.

Alyssa ground her hips against him, forcing his cock deep inside her. She grasped his hands to her chest even tighter, and could feel him bucking underneath her, meeting her thrusts with his. She arched her back and closed her eyes as her drenched pussy took in his magnificent cock. She wanted all of him, and was getting it. Their cries of passion echoed through the room, Alyssa begged Shintani to fuck her hard, to come for her. His muscles contracted involuntarily as her slammed his cock up into her as hard as he could, and a deep gasp escaped his lips as he shot his sticky load into her waiting cunt. As the final cries of their shared passion died down, she collapsed onto his chest, a spent woman, and the two lovers quietly dozed off. They failed to notice the eyes watching them from the outside window.

Outside of Laurel's office, SpecialK had just happened to walk by and glance in the window; at about the time Shintani was devouring Alyssa's pussy. She stopped to watch, enthralled at the animal passions released inside Laurel's sacred office. As she watched, she couldn't help but to reach her hands down to her own pussy, and slowly finger herself. How good it felt as her slender fingers found their way past her downy patch of pussy hairs. Her cunt was slick and wet from the times she had already had fun that day, and now she found herself extremely aroused at the sight before her. Unashamedly, SpecialK rubbed her pussy lips and clit as Shintani buried his face in Alyssa's crotch.

SpecialK's free hand found her breast, and began to caress it, playing with her nipple slightly as she watched the two lovers within. Her gentle rubbing evolved into a quick finger fucking when she saw Alyssa boldly mount her lover, and drive that thick cock inside her. SpecialK couldn't stand it anymore, when their passions grew hotter and louder, her cunt found itself constricting against first one, then two, then three of her fingers. Without missing a stroke, she vigorously finger fucked herself to orgasm, right outside the office window as she watched Shintani and Alyssa come together. As her own excitement died down, she watched Alyssa slip off of Shintani, and the pair engaged in a sweet embrace. SpecialK licked her own pussy juices off of her fingers, and made her way back into the beach house.

She quietly tiptoed her way into Laurel's office, and found herself face to face with the exotic Alyssa. The chesty brunette greeted the Asian vixen with a sweet kiss, Alyssa returned it passionately. Although the two had never met before, it seemed as if there was a mental bond formed between them from their mutual orgasm of just a few minutes prior. As Alyssa began to slowly reach for SpecialK's breasts, a commotion outside the room captured their attention. Leaving Shintani to recover, the two women ventured outside. A small crowd was gathering out front, where the cars were parked. Thinking that someone had tried to steal one, they joined the crowd. Alyssa bumped into Laurel, and asked her what was the matter.

"Oh, it's funny," she said. "Rodrigo wasn't really invited, but he snuck on over here. I guess that he saw Zeke, Fallen's dog, and let him out of the truck to, um," Laurel looked around nervously. "Have relations with him," she whispered.

"Oh my God, no!" cried Alyssa.

"It's OK, sweetie, really," Laurel reassured her. "Zeke seems to be enjoying himself rather well." With that she pointed to the spectacle before them. Rodrigo had indeed attempted to force himself on what appeared to be a helpless, small animal. Instead, Zeke had turned the tables on him, biting his ankle, forcing him to his knees, and, well, sodomizing his attacker. Zeke seemed to be having a grand old time as he made Rodrigo his bitch, snapping at all those who attempted to help the interloper. Even Fallen couldn't manage to call him off, he suspected Deborah's encouragement of Zeke had a lot to do with it. Oh, well, thought Fallen. Some days, you fuck the dog, and some days, the dog fucks you.

Returning her attention to the new arrivals, Laurel inquired as to Shintani's whereabouts. "Oh, he's in your office, sleeping," answered SpecialK. "I was just about to show Alyssa the lovely beach. Would you mind telling Shintani where we've gone?" "Sure," was Laurel's reply, and she watched them disappear down the path to the beach. Seeing that Zeke was just about finished, she went inside to find Shintani.

She found him, half-asleep in her chair, stark naked. She could tell, as she looked him over that Alyssa and or SpecialK had been visiting, his cock still glistened from somebody's wet pussy. And her desk was a mess! What had they been doing, fucking on it? "Hey, Shintani, how are you?" she asked as she let herself into what had once been her private sanctuary.

"Tired," was all the reply he could muster. "Your girlfriend and SpecialK went down to the beach, they wanted you to join them," said Laurel as she walked over to him. She placed a delicate hand on his shoulder, and knelt down. "Aren't you going?" she asked. "Maybe after I rest a bit," he replied.

"Hey, no being anti-social!" protested Laurel. Her eyes took him in. Medium height, medium build, but his long black hair was somehow enticing, and the tattoos on his arms made him seem more...dangerous. Absentmindedly, she traced her hand over the one on his right shoulder. "Interesting dragon," she offered.

"Ghost Dragon," he corrected, and felt her hand wandering down his side. His deep brown eyes opened a bit wider, something about this gorgeous woman was attracting his attention. Laurel coyly traced a finger over his other tattoo. "The panda that was for Alyssa" he explained. "Lots of everything is for Alyssa."

"I see," said Laurel, as she knelt between his knees. "But right now, you're for me." With that, she took his cock inside her mouth. Shintani sat bolt upright at the wondrous sensation of Laurel sucking on his spent cock. She moaned a bit as he took the back of her head in his hands, guiding her up and down on his shaft. She was quite a beauty; he rather enjoyed the sight of her strawberry blonde hair as she bobbed up and down on him. Laurel sucked his cock like an expert, taking all of his shaft down her throat. Her fingers wrapped around his cock as she sucked, stroking him into her mouth. Already, she could taste his pre-come on her tongue, as well as the slick pussy of whoever he had been fucking in her office. She let her eyes meet his.

"Good, you're awake. Let's go down to the beach and find SpecialK and Alyssa." Before Shintani could protest, she took him by the hand and dragged him outside. It was a short walk down to the beach, but for Shintani, it seemed to take forever. Laurel only hinted that she would continue what she had just started, teasing him with a few short strokes of his cock, then running ahead. The running bit, he didn't mind, her breasts jiggled nicely, and she had a great looking ass. They darted their way through the sand, and it wasn't long before they saw Alyssa and SpecialK. Or heard them, at least. Alyssa's familiar cries of passion carried well over the deserted beach. Shintani and Laurel race to the sound. And what a sight they were greeted with.

Alyssa, always the beach bunny, was lying in the sand, her legs spread wide. Between them, SpecialK was obviously enjoying herself as she sucked on Alyssa's well-fucked pussy. Her fingers were jammed inside that shaved cunt; Alyssa's juices flowed out over them. Closer inspection revealed that Shintani's come was mixed in, but SpecialK certainly didn't mind. Her mouth was aggressively taking as much of Alyssa as she could. Alyssa's hands caressed her own breasts as the brunette feasted on her dripping cunt. "Oh, my God, Oh my God!" was all that she could cry out as SpecialK's fingers slid in and out of her pink pussy, and her clit found itself between her teeth.

SpecialK drove her tongue deep inside that wet pussy as Alyssa screamed her way through another body shaking orgasm. Her cries grew louder and louder as SpecialK licked and sucked her harder and faster. She squealed with surprise and delight as a finger slid inside her inviting ass and SpecialK vibrated her tongue over her engorged clit. "Yes, Yes, YES!" cried Alyssa as she came hard, drenching SpecialK's face with her pussy juices. As Shintani and Laurel raced over to them, the two women switched positions. Soon, it was Alyssa who had her face buried in another woman's cunt, and SpecialK who was screaming out with pleasure. Alyssa ate pussy with the same vigor that she sucked cock, and she added her fingers to SpecialK's cunt to heighten her pleasure. Her three fingers probed deep into her cunt exploring that wet fuck hole as she sucked greedily on her hard clit. Alyssa's experience with her own body told her just where to do it, and she viciously rubbed against SpecialK's g-spot as she sucked the other woman's cunt. Now it was SpecialK's turn to cry out as Alyssa reciprocated. The taste of the other woman's pussy was strangely arousing; it made her want it more and more. She slipped her tongue into SpecialK's cunt, probing deep inside.

So preoccupied was Alyssa at eating out the vamp before her, that she didn't notice Shintani and Laurel's arrival. Shintani changed all of that, as he positioned himself behind Alyssa, and with one swift stroke, buried his cock inside her pussy once more. Alyssa's eyes opened wide at the sensation of being taken from behind, she glanced back to find the familiar, comforting sight of Shintani preparing to fuck her tight cunt from behind. It only made her eat SpecialK out even harder. The moans of the two women coming together echoed over the beach, it drowned out the crashing of the waves to shore. Shintani was fucking Alyssa now; all pretense of lovemaking was gone. He was taking her, hard and fast, fucking her from behind. His cock pounded into her, he slammed up against her ass as she screamed and begged for more and more.

"Do it to me baby, take me!" she cried. "Do it to me, I'm your cock-loving slut!" She screamed and moaned louder and louder, even as SpecialK slid out from beneath her, giving Laurel a chance. As Alyssa lowered her mouth onto Laurel's hot pussy, she felt the unique sensation of the webmistress' tongue teasing her own swollen clit. Shintani felt it too, as Laurel alternately licked Alyssa's pussy and the shaft of his cock while he fucked her. His strong hands took the soft curves of her ass as he slammed himself into her, harder and harder. Her pussy was so wet, so inviting, and the feelings of pleasure were only magnified by Laurel's tongue on the two of them. Even now, she was moaning as Alyssa stroked her clit with her tongue. The cries of the two women were building in unison as Shintani increased his pace. He was fucking Alyssa harder, more intense as he built up to his own climax. Tightening his grip on her ass, he slammed his thick, sexy cock into her soaking wet pussy one more time, letting his cum shoot out into her. Her cries intensified as she felt his cum filling her pussy, she ground down hard on Laurel's waiting mouth, giving their hostess a taste of Shintani's cum as well.

Even as they collapsed onto the sand, catching their breath, Laurel looked over and asked, "Where did SpecialK go?"

Chapter Five by SpecialK
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