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Meg and I
by Wayne

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

"STOP, stop, stoooooopppppp....."

She grabbed my head all the tighter and tried to stop the source of the waves of passion pounding her. I kept at it. Her breath was becoming terribly ragged. Her back arched. Only her head and heals were on the bed. I continued on. Then, Alice collapsed. I couldn't hear her breath and got nervous. Then, in great gasps, her lungs started working again. I was still at it between her legs. Sucking and licking without mercy. Her eyes were glazed and her color was awful pale. Finally, I gave pause to my ministrations. She continued attempting to push me away until finally, all movement ended.

"So, even you can have periods where there is no blood above the waist"

Alice still wasn't breathing very well. Her only response was "FUCK YOU".

With that, she reached out and pulled me to her breast. Her arms went around me and she pulled us together. Then, nose to nose, she said "tweety face!" and snuggled closer. She began giving me a slow, soft kiss. It was one that hinted of more, wasn't sexual, yet promised of the things to come. Cautiously, I began returning her little kisses. Ever so slowly, they turned deeper and deeper. Hands began wandering. It looked as if we were going to go for it again. I moved to her breasts, those two full, well shaped boobs that are firm and pert. Her nipples were demanding my attention. I licked around each one, making the areolas wet. Then I began alternating, first licking - a wet lick, then blowing, chilling her slightly from the breeze of my breath. Her nipples stood up tall. Very gently and slowly I moved to the nipples, sucking them as far into my mouth as I could. I could feel her tit fill with blood from the anticipated passion to come. Her hands were stroking the back of my head and neck. I kissed my way down the underside of her breasts, moving ever lower. Alice began arching against me in fervency. Now I reached her mound, and I worked my way around it to her legs. Her hands were becoming more demanding with each passing moment.

Ultimately, I teased all the more. Alice was becoming more flustered and said, "You can be a real bastard, damn you." Then, I plunged my tongue into the folds of her wet pussy. Her legs gripped me with abandon. Her clit was engorged with passion. Her hands began grabbing my hair and pulling, trying to get me yet closer to her. Her orgasm was rapidly approaching. I placed a finger in her folds and started stroking. She lifted her hips, straining. My middle finger was pressing against her sphincter. She was moaning loudly. I pressed with my hand. Both fingers entered her body, searching for the buttons that would ignite the sky rockets within her, straining for release. Her heals hammered into the bed. Her body was covered in perspiration. My hand was cramping from the clenching of her thighs. My tongue strained at finishing its work. Alice was at the pinnacle of another intense orgasm. I thrust my fingers deeper within her as she went to the clouds and the rain. Slowly she settled back down onto the bed. Then, she pulled me back up to her waiting mouth. Another slow kiss was begun. My dick was hard enough to pound a 8" railroad spike into an oak log. I wasn't going to last long. Alice stroked my dick and kissed me deeply. I could feel the climax building. I was excited from her orgasm. Sensing my excitement, she pulled me from the bed, giving me a quick lick and swallowed me oh so briefly, then pulled away and bent over the bed. I hurried behind her and rudely grasped her hips. Alice thrust back, impaling herself on me maleness. With one plunge, she took me to the hilt. I had to pause briefly. So close to finishing, I needed to wait for a few moments. Alice pressed back and established the frantic rhythm. I could feel my balls straining. Then, with one great lunge, I shot a small geyser into her hungry cunt. Both finally drained, we fell into the bed and again into one another's arms and drifted off to that world of sleep. Finally, a sleep uninterrupted by sex. Blissful, sound sleep dropped upon us with a vengeance. We were still in each others arms. Her breasts against my chest, our legs intertwined and our arms wrapped tightly around the other. We couldn't have moved, because we woke in the same position.

Alice, for once, only wanted food. She said every part of her sex was sore and she needed a break. I wasn't going to complain, for I found that my response was -- ME TOO.

Our time together was flying by. I would never had believed I could have enjoyed life so much without Meg. We had spent so much time together by now and knew each other very well. There comes a time in a relationship when an expression, a wink or a brief sound can transmit so much to your partner. I believe that either of us could turn the other on with just such a display. Alice was more raw in her sex - yet had a way of making up for it with great quantities of vigor. Alice was getting tired and walking rather bow-legged by the end of the three weeks (and my dick was crying out for a break). Alice had called to tell us when to be at the airport. My heart was racing and "willie" was standing tall.

Alice drove. She figured it would be better than trying to get Meg and her luggage into my two-seater. As luck would have it the flight was late arriving. I was having trouble standing and walking. I had a wedding dick and it wouldn't go away. Meg was in for a long, rough night.

Finally, the bird landed and the passengers began exiting. I was bouncing up and down in an effort to get a peak above the flood of people. A missed voice announced behind me "looking for someone?" It was Meg and she got by me. We embraced in a lock that wild horses couldn't break apart. Our kiss was deep and filled with the passion of missed lovers. Life was looking good.

"How about dinner? There is a nice restaurant on the way home..."

Meg responded that she just wanted to go home. My heart sank a bit. Perhaps the night would not be as intimate as I was hoping. Yet, the evening was still young and it was a Friday night. Things could be worse. We made the trip home in short order and nearly in silence. Meg was not in a good mood.

To Be Continued...?


This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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