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My First Lovers, Mother, Daughter
by Tawny T.

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

Hi Shirley,

I'm glad to hear you are doing OK. I really enjoyed your long letter, emphasis on 'really'. You got my female sex drive in high gear. Hearing about your very first time sex was lots of fun and very exciting. You are a good writer, and I loved all the of the spicy, intimate, descriptive, juicy details. Did I miss any? I had to read it with one hand part of the time, the other was very busy. You can guess where!

That Tommy must have been a real lover, and sounds like he was very good at gently busting your cherry. I loved your description of his cock. I might have tried to lure him away if I'd known what a good lover he was - just kidding. He was a very nice boy. Too bad he moved away.

Speaking of that, I wish we still lived close. I miss our double dates and seeing you often. When you get a full scholarship, like you did, you have to take advantage of it. Seeing you only once or twice a year isn't so hot. I miss you, Kid. Glad your grades are way up there, you always were the smart one, intellectually, that is. AND you have always had a good sense of humor!

OK, OK, if you insist, I'll tell you about my first time with sex! I hope you aren't too shocked, because it wasn't with a boy, but a girl. It was before you moved here. I was young and innocent. As you know, my parents are still strict with me about boys, and particularly sex. You never knew Jean, she was a doll. She moved away just before you moved here. You would have liked her too.

Jean and I had known each other for probably three or four years. She lived down the street, and had become good friends. We palled around together and she'd sleep over here, and I'd sleep over at her house.

We were young and both budding out. My breasts were getting big, and very sensitive. Hers were budding too, but weren't as large as mine. We were over at her house one night in her upstairs bedroom. Her parents bedroom was at the other end of the house and we had the door locked, something my mother never let me do.

I'll finish this in narrative style, just like it happened. Makes it more interesting too. I remember it almost as if it happened yesterday. Every juicy, spicy, delicious, wonderful detail. Here goes!! -------!

"Your breasts sure have grown lately." Jean said. We were sitting on the bed looking at fashion magazines. "I wish mine were as big as yours."

"Mine kind of just got big all of a sudden. I went from an A cup to a C cup in four months. They get in the way sometimes. Yours will probably grow soon. You'll probably inherit your mom's breasts. You have nice tits anyway. You're an A cup aren't you?" I asked.

"Yeah. All the boys go for big breasts on girls. Are yours sensitive?

"Mine feel very sensitive sometimes." She said.

"Do, they? My nipples are so sensitive, sometimes they get real hard and poke out. Do yours get hard?" I said rubbing my hand over one breast.

"Let me see yours. Take your top off." Jean said.

I slipped my PJ top off. We'd seen each together naked lots of times. My breasts stood out firm and proud. The nipple I had brushed jutted out. My aureoles were rather large, cone shaped and pale pink.

"God, they are beautiful." Jean said, then hesitated a moment. "Can I touch them?"

"Sure." I said. She reached over and cupped them and ran her hands over them. She lifted them gently and weighed them in her hands. It felt good. I closed my eyes. "Mnnn, that feels good. Sometimes I play with them. I rub them and run my finger around and around the nipples."

"Can I?" Jean asked softly. "Please?" I just nodded. She stroked them and it felt so good. Her fingers teased my nipples to hard erect points. I didn't want her to stop. My pussy felt all tingly, and I almost melted inside.

"Take your top off too, let me see your breasts." I said my voice hoarse with what I didn't know, but was desire. She pulled her top off.

She is a lovely girl, with short blonde hair and a beautiful face and slender body. Her breasts were smaller, but beautiful, like champagne glass sized. Her aureoles were small and pink, her nipples small points. "Your breasts are beautiful too. They'll get larger. Are they sensitive too?" I asked.

She thrust them out. I reached out and cupped them. Her skin was hot and her small breasts firm. She actually trembled when I stroked them.

"Oh, that feels good. Your hands are so soft, and warm." She said reaching out to fondle mine again. We sat close, each fondling and caressing the others breasts. It felt so good.

"God, that feels wonderful. Does it make you feel good some place else." I asked.

"Does it make my pussy tingle? It sure does. Do you play with your pussy? Masturbate?" She asked looking me in the eye.

"Oh, God, yes. My mother would kill me if she knew. She caught me when I was little and spanked me and told me my hand would rot off if I touched myself 'down there'. I just do it when I'm sure she wouldn't catch me. Yeah, I masturbate lots. Do you?" I asked warming to the conversation.

"Some, but it just doesn't do much for me. Do you really enjoy it?" She asked frowning slightly. Our hands continued to stroke. I rolled her small nipples gently. I could feel my pussy getting wet.

"When I 'cum' I have to put a pillow over my face sometimes, or I'd moan so loud Mom would be in the room in an instant. It almost turns me wrong side out, it seems, it feels so good. You feeling my tits has made it tingle, and I get all wet. Do you feel that way?"

"Yes, my pussy gets tingly, but when I rub it, it doesn't feel all that good. I wish it did." She said in a disappointed tone. "Mom caught me masturbating one day, but she didn't object. She just walked out. Later she hugged me and told me that it was OK to masturbate."

"Really? My mom raised Holy Hell. Sex is wrong according to her. I wonder sometimes, how I got here. " I said. My breasts ached as she fondled them. My slit felt all tingly.

"She said she masturbated when she was young and it was perfectly natural, that girls and boys both do it." Jean went on. "She said to just do it in private, because some people thought it was a big sin. She cautioned me about putting things in my pussy, that might cut it, or give me an infection. She said she still masturbates now that she is married. That really gave me a start. You don't think of your folks masturbating, You know they have sex, but masturbating? Mom hugged me, and kissed me, and left. That really gave me a lift. Made me feel better about doing it. I still don't get much out of it though."

"Maybe you aren't doing it right. How does your pussy feel now?"

"It feels excited! Can I kiss your breasts? I'd like to try that."

"Go ahead, I always wondered what it would feel like. I'll kiss yours too." I answered huskily.

She bent forward and kissed my breasts. It felt wonderful. She sucked my nipples while her hands kneaded my aching breasts. My pussy got wetter. Her lips felt so good sucking my nipples.

She pulled back and I leaned over and kissed her small lovely breast. Her skin tasted so good. I sucked on her small nipple and she sighed and stroked my head. I opened my mouth and took as much of her breast in my mouth as I could, and ran my tongue over and over her nipple. I kneaded her other breast and pulled gently at her nipple with my fingers. Her nipples became hard and jutted out.

"My pussy is tingling lots now. Lets get naked." Jean said.

We slipped off our PJ bottoms. I slid a finger down to my pussy and it was wet. I showed it to Jean. She giggled.

She slid a finger down to her own pussy. "I'm not wet like you are. Let me see your pussy. I've looked at mine in the mirror, but I've never seen another girls pussy up close."

I was more than happy to oblige. I spread my thighs and she scooted down, and her face was inches from my pussy. That itself was a turn on!

"Spread it open for me. I want to see what it looks like." She said her voice hoarse now. I spread my pussy lips apart. Out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a shadowy figure outside the door leading to the balcony. When I turned there was no one there.

"Here's my clit." I said as I pulled upward on my pussy. My clit which was swollen and aching slid out. "Oh, It feels like it will burst."

"Play with it, like you like to do. Let me watch." She said softly, her face inches from my pussy. I slipped my finger down to my slit and wet it with my slippery pussy juice, then slid my finger up and lightly stoked it. I almost came. I looked down and her mouth was open wide, her eyes wide and glued to my pussy. I rolled my finger around and around. My pussy was wide open to her gaze. Her watching made it feel so much more intense. I fondled my breasts for a while, pulling at the nipples till they were taut and swollen.

I went back to rolling my clit around and around. I slid a finger up inside my pussy and pumped it in and out. With Jean watching I quickly brought myself to a gut wrenching climax. I bit my tongue to keep from crying out. My hips bucked off the bed. I couldn't stifle my sobs of ecstasy. When I came down from the climax, Jean's face was almost buried in my pussy she was so close.

"God, Sara, I wish it made me 'cum' like that. It got so wet I saw a little juice run down out of your slit." She said in awe.

"Why don't you try it. Let me watch. Maybe you're not hitting the right spot." Still breathing hard, I rolled over and lay on my side. I propped up on one elbow and watched. She spread her thighs and then pulled her pussy lips apart. Her pussy was beautiful. Her core was a lovely deep pink, the center like a lovely rose.

At my instructions, she pulled her pussy upward to bring her clit out. I didn't see it at all. I reached over and put a finger on each side. I had just touched my first pussy not my own. We both caught our breaths. When I pulled up a little harder, her small clit peeped out. It was very small and pink. I held the upward pressure and told her to put her finger on it and roll it around. She did and said it felt OK. I had her wet her finger in her pussy juice and then roll it around. She said that felt better.

I took my fingers from her pussy, and had her hold her own pussy and play with her clit. I watched from the side. She rolled her finger over and over her clit. I had her slip her finger back down to her pussy lips to wet it from time to time. She said it was beginning to feel better. Then she gave a gasp and her face went red. Her body gave a little jump and that was all. She said it felt good, but wasn't earth shattering. I was tempted to help her out but hesitated.

There was a knock at the door. We both jumped. Jean got up and went over and unlocked the door. She was so flustered she didn't put on her PJ's. I pulled the sheet up covering my body. What was she thinking?

Her mother, Lori was at the door. She didn't seem disturbed to see her daughter completely nude. Both our PJ's were on the floor in plain sight. Lori wore a lovely long black negligee that was almost transparent. I could see her body almost as if she was nude. She had a box wrapped in colorful paper in her hands.

I had always been in awe of Lori. She was the exact opposite of my Mom, in body and personality. She's very vivacious, easy going and totally cool, always dressing in sexy outfits. She is a tall blonde with shoulder length hair that always shines, framing a stunningly beautiful face. She moved into the room, her large breasts jiggling, a totally gorgeous, sexual woman. Her nipples jutted out tenting the thin material Her long legs were lovely, and at the apex I could clearly see her pussy hair. It was trimmed in a bikini cut. She was smiling as she came over to the bed.

"Hello Sara. Sorry to barge in. How are you two doing? I happened by the window and saw you. Didn't mean to spy." She leaned down and gave me a light kiss on my lips. Her low cut top fell away and I could see her gorgeous breasts down to the erect nipples. The kiss and the sight of her shapely breasts made me weak. My God! I was startled. She had seen us!

"Honey", she said to Jean "I got this present for you for your birthday, but I'll give it to you now. Consider it an early present." She winked at us then turned and left. The light in the hall was bright and she was silhouetted for an instant. From behind, I could see the slit of her pussy between her thighs but no pussy hair. God, she was beautiful! Jean closed the door and locked it. She went to the balcony door and pulled the curtains.

"Jeze, she saw us. I forgot to close the curtains. I never thought she would be out on the balcony. I wonder what she saw?" Jean said. " Must not have been much, or she would have raised hell."

"I caught a glimpse of her while you were down between my thighs watching. God, you were so close, it must have looked like you were kissing my pussy. When I turned my head to look she was gone. I thought I had imagined it. I wonder why she didn't raise hell?"

"I don't know. Why did she give me a birthday present now? It's a month away. Doesn't make sense." Jean said puzzled. She began to unwrap the box. It was rather large, but flat. She pulled the paper off to reveal a ornate box with a velvet cover, obviously expensive. It had a key hole in the front, and two keys were in a small envelope with the package. Jean took a key and opened the box.

We were stunned. Inside was an assortment of vibrators with a lot of attachments. They were all in fitted spaces.

"My God, they are for masturbating. Look at the attachments." Jean laughed. "Good old Mom. She's really something! What a present. I can't believe this though!"

"But she saw you between my thighs. It must have looked like you were kissing my pussy. " I said still rather shocked.

"Well obviously she doesn't object or she would have said something. She's not the shy one if she had thought we shouldn't have done it." Jean said looking at me. "She's pretty much a sexual liberal, or so Dad says. By this, she's sure telling us that it OK to masturbate. Maybe she doesn't think it will hurt us to make love together, or maybe she did it with a girl when she was young."

"Maybe. I don't know your mom that well. Lets' look at the vibrators." I said thinking what my Mom would have done. I couldn't get the image of Lori's fantastic body out of my mind. We pulled the vibrators out. We slipped the batteries in them. There were three different sized vibrators plus an assortment of accessories for each. The accessories slipped onto the ends and were obviously to give different sensations. Some were pretty silly looking. There was an instruction book that showed in graphic detail how to use them. Jean turned the pages slowly. We giggled together.


This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Tawny T.

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