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Memoirs of a Porn Actor Part I
by Pat McCarthy

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Then she shocked Annette: "Annette, you said you needed a job. Why don't you give this a try? Few hours, good pay, and I know you'll enjoy it! With your figure, they'll go crazy for you". Annette spent the rest of the night trying to explain why she felt it could not be done for money. I also pitched in, because I felt Annette's security would be threatened. Angela brushed that off, saying that environment had better security than the Ministry of Defense. All the same, I sided with my Annette. Angela gave up: "It's up to you to know what you want. But don't tell me you wouldn't have fun if you were watching! I'll give you guys free tickets to come and watch me. At the theater, not at that crummy sex shop".

We spent most of the following week looking for work, with no result. I must say that a good part of the day we stayed in the apartment, when Matt was at work, and made love. We were all sleeping in the same bed, and by early morning were aroused to the highest pitch because we continued to fondle each other all night, discretely enough to avoid being noticed by Matt. One day she finally explained why she was so shy before Matt, even though she had no problem in letting him hear her orgasming in another room, or see her in the nude. They used to have the sexual games I believe are usual in most families until she was twelve and he fourteen, when he made her try a sixty-nine and came in her mouth. She had liked it and wanted to do it again, while he developed a very strong sense of guilt and never really went over it. As a result, she never knew for sure how far she could go in his presence.

Angela kept her word. At the end of the week, she brought us three free tickets for the next evening. Matt gave his ticket back, saying he didn't feel like going to anything like that so soon after his wife had left him. We went -of course. We knew the neighborhood, the old Halles, fairly well. Annette and I used to hang out in the bistros of that area with our friends. Time and again we'd also walk there together, just to enjoy being propositioned by the hookers (their clientele is not exclusively male). We didn't go into the sex shops or live theaters, though, and this time we were not a little excited. Annette had made me wear baggy lightweight pants with no underwear, and she was exceptionally wearing a skirt herself, a dress with shoulder straps, buttoned in front, and nothing underneath. She first had thought of wearing no socks or stockings despite the cold, then looked outside again and put on stockings, holding them with common stationery elastic bands at mid-hip. She had bummed the dress from Effie, as well as the high-heeled shoes. Unused to heels, she was walking slowly, carefully.

We had three hours to spend before the live show time. She said: "Today is the day to visit a sex shop too". I agreed and we went in one. The customers weren't all male, there were some couples visiting. Annette felt at ease. We looked at the magazines, then walked to the back where there were two circles of private booths. A completely naked, beautiful girl came out from one of the booth circles and walked to the other. Those were the peep show booths. Annette walked to one of them, and I followed her. We locked the door, dropped coins into the slot and the curtain came up. The naked blonde we had seen was caressing herself to the music. She didn't look as if she was enjoying herself. She did a short number lying on her belly, then on her back, on a revolving round podium. Then she opened her legs, spread her cunt lips and started masturbating without enthusiasm. The curtain dropped shut then. I didn't feel I wanted more of this and told Annette. She agreed. When we came out Annette went to look at the movie posters. A customer, an old man, started talking to her and was whisked away by a human gorilla before ten seconds had elapsed. What Angela had said about security didn't seem to be a lie. Another girl came out from the back, wearing only a black bra. On her way to the booth circle, she brushed playfully against Annette. Annette now dragged me to another booth. Now we could see this new girl, rather smallish and not particularly well built. She didn't do any dancing. She went to work on her breasts, her flanks, caressed her crack tenderly, and masturbated in earnest for quite a long time. Annette continued dropping coins to keep the curtain open. She told me to touch her under her skirt. She was wet. She said: "Look at her face. She's not pretending!" True, either the girl was having a shaking orgasm, or she put a damn good act. Annette and I worked on each other until she said: "Don't make me come, I want it to linger". We went out and into a crowded café. She had her mischievous look again. She pulled me to her when we were in the center and gave me a passionate kiss. Between two kisses she whispered: "But hey, this is Paris and nobody is really watching a kiss. Pity. I'd like them to, now". I said, "You watch it, now!", inserted my leg between hers and lifted my knee all the way to her crotch. We had left our coats at the door and she was wearing nothing under her dress. I inserted a hand between us and unbuttoned the front of her skirt almost all the way to the hip. She pulled me to her, hands on my buttocks, and we kissed long and hard. When we came apart, two women at a nearby table clapped hands in jest. Annette was blushing and happy. Once on the barstool, she crossed her legs, leaving it unbuttoned. She said: "Now we're in the mood, I want to make you look like a pimp. Not that I know what a pimp looks like, but I'll try". She slowly unbuttoned the top three buttons of my shirt. An afterthought, and the fourth followed. The strange thing is that I didn't feel ridiculous at all. We kissed again, long and hard, seated on our barstools, her legs slightly open. "Lucky guy" said a man seated next to me. Annette answered: "We're not stingy!" She stepped down, walked to him and kissed him until he had to beg for breath. Then we went to the theater.

When we presented our free tickets we were led to seats next to the central aisle in the first row, scarcely three feet from the podium. Music was playing, and a soft porn movie showing on the screen back of the podium, to keep the public happy. The people there were mostly men, of course, but there were several couples, mostly well dressed and in the front rows. Annette's breathing was heavy. She said: "They better really turn me on. Honey, I'll do anything to work myself up to a white glow today, and then I'll fuck you to death. As never before, promised. I'm impatient now".

A middle-aged couple, the woman truly gorgeous, were sitting across the aisle from Annette. Two middle-aged men sat next to me. Annette gave me a signal with her eyes and we switched seats, me across the aisle from the lady, Annette next to the men.

The movie stopped, spotlights went on, and a whiskered guy in his late thirties appeared on the podium. He welcomed the public and said that being a trained professional actor himself he lacked spontaneity. That's why he was inviting his friend Angela to explain today's performance.

Angela appeared very elegant in a classic business jacket and skirt. She saw us and gave us a warm smile. She said she always had stage fever and asked the public to be indulgent. Today they were not giving a play, but just exposing themselves. She explained that the public's participation was invited, with the following rules: Anyone or any group was welcome to expose themselves, doing anything they fancied, at any time. However, the actors could not be touched except on their own express invitation, no exceptions. She also explained that this theater was by far the most expensive because Dominique, the owner (she pointed at the whiskered guy) didn't like fakes. Even if they did what is called "numbers" to keep the public's attention, even if no person is always and invariably in the mood, all actors thoroughly enjoyed what they were doing. Then she asked if anybody in the public felt like starting before the actors. Obtaining no response, she pointed at a huge, beautifully built young man in the middle rows: "You for instance, sir! I'm sure you are nice to watch. Don't you feel like doing a number?" "D.. d.. doing what?" "Masturbating, of course!" "I'm here to watch only." "Very well, we the actors will start then. First is Melissa, who'll tell you her fantasies."

Melissa, black-haired with an intense expression and a broken nose, and a very shapely body, was wearing a blouse and skirt. She said that what turned her on most was to be undressed by many hands, and that's what was so good in her work. She slowly came down from the podium, walked up the side, then came back slowly down the central aisle. She stopped at almost every row. "I'm choosing", she said. At about middle height, she walked into one of the rows, which obliged the men to stand up and let her pass. She brushed against them walking slowly and looking into their eyes, until she said to one, a man in his mid-fifties in overalls: "Sir, I think I'd like you to open my blouse". He stretched his hands, but she held them: "Very slowly, please, let me enjoy it". She rested a hand on his head, lightly, while he undid her front buttons. When he then started sliding the shirt off her, she held his hands: "Only so far. Thank you. I'll call you later to put the blouse back on me!" Her bra was pushing into his chest and he was obviously flushed. She stepped over the backrest of the lower row, hiding a guy's head under her skirt for a split second. She continued the searching routine, this time with open front and bare shoulders, until she asked another man to please untuck her shirt from the skirt. "You're touching my skin!" He stopped. "But you have to, and I like it". In another row, she turned her back on a very young guy and asked him to remove the shirt, then to keep it until she'd call him back. In another row, her skirt was unbuttoned. She walked down the aisle, with the skirt sliding slowly down and being finally removed by another man. She was shivering every time the fingers touched her skin. Then she turned her back to another man, pushing her bottom into his crotch, and asked him to undo the bra and slide only one strap down her shoulder.

She was in front of a couple now, in the second row. She bent down in front of the woman: "Please take my bra! No honey, not like that, I want to feel your hands. I'd like you to touch me a lot." The other woman froze. After a while Melissa proceeded to the first row, and again offered her bra, to the woman across the aisle from me. She wasn't shy. She slid her hands under the cups and slowly, tenderly caressed the skin, the nipples, then she reluctantly slipped the bra away. "Would you like to kiss me, dear?" asked Melissa. The woman whispered something into her ear. Melissa, bent, while the woman touched her skin again, and deliberately lifted the lady's skirt a couple of inches. Then she took the husband's hand and placed it on the woman's thigh, arranged his fingers on the inside of the leg, then proceeded to kiss the woman, tongues mixing. "Umm. Very tasty. Thanks, dear. I'll call you back".

She continued the same routine, nipples brushing against spectators, until she reached the shy but beautiful guy and convinced him to follow her down to the podium, to remove one stocking, slowly. Then she walked to the first row and invited another woman to work on the other stocking. They were both standing and it took a long time. Melissa again asked for a kiss. The woman blushed. "All right", she said. "Why don't you kiss your husband then?". The said husband was ready, and the couple went into a long kiss. Back to the podium, she invited two men to come help with her panties, and they gladly obliged.

She told the public that she was quite aroused now, and ready. She fondled herself for a while, slowly descending to her crotch, exposed her vulva, and masturbated softly, working herself up, slowly, until her breathing became disordered. One more person was called to the podium, and instructed to pass her the dildo on the nightstand and hold her hand while she finished herself, which she eventually did. If she didn't really come, she must have been a first-class actress (Annette said she was sure it wasn't faked, and I believe her). After tasting her own juice from the dildo, she called back all those that had pieces of her clothing to bring them back and dress her.

The second number was by a slightly plump blonde who appeared completely naked. She explained that she enjoyed being naked and vulnerable among dressed people. She also liked being touched, but this being a theatre, the touching would have to be very discreet and tender. She said she would just walk around, and that's what she did, without neglecting a single row. The touching was discreet indeed at the start, then somewhat more courageous, and people started stroking her breasts. She did not let anybody touch her nipples, though, or her cunt. She seemed to swoon every time her buttocks were caressed. She stopped in two or three places to mount a man's leg, slowly masturbating on his thigh. At the front row, she stopped in front of us. She straddled my thigh, on Annette's side and presented her her nipples. Annette went for the nipples and the woman moaned. Annette surprised her by giving her a French kiss. The woman took my hand and placed it in her crotch. When I started moving my finger she said "So far only". She went to the podium, showed the inside of her cunt, then brought herself off with three, then four fingers inside her.

Applause, and the next to appear was our Angela. She simply announced that her fantasy had already come true and she'd do it as often as she could. All she wanted was to fuck in public. And, she added, she simply loved doing it with Dominique. She called him to the podium and they undressed each other. When she placed herself behind him she proceeded to undress him so sensuously, with all her hand sliding lightly over the skin, that I think I would have come at her first touch if I had been in his shoes. Naked, Dominique was nice to look at, he had a statuesque muscular body, his cock half-erect. She had only a white bra on by then. She was simply fantastic with a slightly full figure, so obviously a real, warm person as opposed to a model. She took Dominique by the hand and they walked up the aisle, he completely naked, Angela still wearing her bra. Then through the rows, again unseating people and brushing against them. She announced: "Nobody is to touch me, please, if I don't invite him. You can try touching Dominique!" Only a couple of timid hands dared. They stopped in front of each couple and Angela, holding Dominique by the balls, presented the now completely hard cock in front of each of the women, only an inch or so from their face. Only one hand came out, timidly -from my neighbor across the divide- but went back without touching. Finally they were in front of us. Angela bent to kiss Annette. Her tongue went out immediately, and the two girls were lost in a long, passionate embrace. Angela, meanwhile, suddenly placed her hand flat against my hard-on and started massaging me. When Angela resurfaced from the kiss she whispered: "Annette, I've been wanting to eat your little cunt for a long time, you know?" She continued: "I'm holding your man's balls. Why don't you caress Dominique? Just don't bring him off yet." "Sure" said Annette, and her one hand cupped the balls while the other stroked the penis lightly, lovingly. Dominique was very hard now. Annette felt everybody's eyes on her. She looked around, and instead of being intimidated she became the most self-confident woman on earth. Slowly, deliberately, she opened my fly with one hand, took my dick out and stroked it at the same rhythm as Dominique's. Having everybody's eyes on us had had the same effect on me. I unbuttoned Annette's skirt to her navel, completely exposed her cunt and caressed it openly, without using my left hand so as to let everybody see clearly what she was doing in my lap. Then she looked around again, gave a beautiful smile to the assistance and asked Angela: "So do you want me to do something else?" "Sure, baby. Would you suck Dominique?" "Yeah, he's nice!" Annette started by little kisses on the head and licks on the underside. However, when she sensed the impatient twitching she swallowed him, slowly but firmly. Angela sat in my lap, her crack touching directly my exposed peter. She kissed me, then lay on her back across my thighs, her head in Annette's lap.

She pulled Dominique away from Annette's mouth with her hands. Dominique came over to my side, crouched and entered Angela with one deep movement. The woman across the aisle, who had an anatomist's view of the fucking, seemed to be suffocating, her eyes about to leave their sockets. Her husband's hand was under her skirt, certainly fingerfucking her, to judge by the movements. In my lap, Dominique kept moving in and out of Angela's cunt, the head coming almost completely out at every thrust. She talked to Annette between her moans: "Why don't we tell Dominique to fuck you? He'll do it if I ask him". She gave me her usual mischievous smile. We never needed words to understand each other Seeing that everybody behind her was trying to see and hear, Annette repeated Angela's request aloud. Then she told the panting Angela: "Sure, baby. He'll fuck me if he's still hard after my number!" Dominique stopped a little later, lifted Angela holding her by the hips and shoulders and carried her to the podium, without separating their bodies. Then he let her down on the slowly revolving round mattress, four feet from me at eye level, spread her cunt lips, lay down and proceeded to lick her, while the next number started: The two other girls joined them and sucked Dominique. When he felt ready and the two girls went to the sides of the scene, Angela rose and said: "Not yet, Dominique. Your number, Annette!" She and Dominique went to sit with the girls, stroking each other. Annette and I jumped from our seats. We started kissing. Angela ordered us to come up to the podium. Annette was behind me now, opening my shirt, then unbuckling my belt. She made me turn around, and undressed me completely, letting them look at my back and buttocks. Then she made me turn around again. I could tell she was very tense now, I could almost hear her heartbeat. Mine was pounding so hard I thought it had moved to my throat. She was still dressed. She pushed me toward the steps, down from the podium. We walked slowly up the aisle, then down, then along the sides. I was enjoying it immensely. Suddenly, to get a better handle to direct me, I felt her middle finger enter my ass. Looking back, I saw that she held some spectators' hands and guided them under her skirt. She stopped in front of a black man in a business suit and told him to undress her. When he finished sliding down her shoulder straps, she let the dress fall and stepped out of it. She walked further down, where we could see an old guy, probably in his late sixties, masturbating furiously, his pants down on his knees, the only man in the room with his dick out. She straddled his thighs, kicked off her shoes and lifted a leg, the naked skin over her stocking rubbing against the guy's cock, and told him to take off her stockings. He broke the rubber band trying to roll it down, then pulled the stocking off, using both hands. She told him to take off the other stocking too and, while he rolled it down, masturbated him with her other, now naked foot. The guy was going out of his mind. She turned to me, kissed me, and we somehow got back to the podium, her tongue in my mouth. I slid to the floor, spread her legs slightly and started to eat her. She said: "No. They want to see!" and lay down on the round mattress, two fingers spreading her cunt. We were eating each other now, in a passionate sixty-nine and forgot all about the public. When I later lifted my head, I saw all these eyes and didn't feel even a bit embarrassed. I just turned sidewise on the mattress, so everybody could see her swallowing my dick. When, later still, she said "now, please", she also thought of the public, and made me sit down so that she could ride me facing them, offering the best view to all. But we couldn't hold it much longer. When Dominique started fucking Angela next to us we both almost lost our mind. I went on top of her, spread her legs, which she laced behind my head, and let her have it. I never heard her yell so loud. She came, then again, and the next one, with us both, was approaching, when I felt Angela's hand sliding between our bodies. She pulled me away, saying: "Don't come inside her. The guys want to see!" She pulled me to my feet, masturbated and sucked me, approaching her face, sometimes rolling my penis between her warm breasts and sucking it again. When she felt me coming she made me fuck her breasts and I spurted on to her face, so the public got its due.

We turned to watch Annette go crazy, with Dominique eating her pussy. He positioned her on all fours, so the public could see his tongue on her clit, two fingers in her pussy and another one stroking her asshole. She worked with him, stretching her crack as wide as she could with her hands. When Dominique and Annette finally started fucking, Angela and I went to kiss her and hold her head. I was still completely hard. Annette immediately swallowed my cock, moving to Dominique's thrusts which quickly became faster and faster. Annette moaned when he pulled out to have Angela jerk him off. This time Annette and me were decided to have our pleasure complete. She made me come in her mouth and didn't let go before drinking it all.

The loud applause was exhilarating -even though we both sincerely hate the noise of clapping hands. After the curtain fell, we thought of getting dressed only when told to do so by Dominique and Angela.

It didn't take them long to convince us that, if we enjoyed this night, and we did, there was nothing wrong in getting paid for it. It would only enhance the pleasure. They let me understand, though, that male actors were not in high request. Dominique would make an exception because Annette, who was a real prize, refused to be separated from me. Also, being very young I stayed hard and recuperated very easily. Also, Dominique didn't insist on Annette's performing alone in the sex shop if she didn't feel like it. All he asked was, he said, that we two go to his "couple booths" whenever we felt horny. "I'm sure that happens often enough", he said.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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