The Best Erotic Stories.

Massage Pt. V
by db01

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Note: This is a collaboration between two authors.
I have split it into two pages for clarity.

(and then I do)

...I love the look in your eyes right now, not scared at being held, but wide open in surprise at the feelings that are beginning to build inside of you. The feeling of surrendering to me, allowing me to play your body like an instrument, strumming, stroking, never at the same tempo for more than a few seconds is almost maddening. Your hips push up against me with every stroke trying to draw me in deeper. Your moans louder as you feel me sliding out, sometimes just an inch, sometimes so just the head of my cock remains inside.

I release your hands and without words, just a look between us, tell you to leave them over your head and in order to do this you clutch hard at the edge of the headboard. Your eyes shut suddenly, your back arches, your breasts pushing hard against my chest as the first waves of this climax start to pound against you. You cry out, not words, just sounds, as the feelings grow stronger.

I stop stroking and push hard against your hips, rolling mine from side to side, rubbing against your clit, the head of my cock buried inside of you, feeling the walls pulsing in contractions along the shaft. Your moaning is louder because the waves are racking you with uncontrollable spasms and feelings. Tingles, sparks, muscles tensing, the orgasms follow each other every few seconds as I keep grinding against you.

"Stop, it's too much" you cry out. In response I move my hips just an inch away from yours, no longer stimulating your clit and at the same time bend my head down and take a nipple in my lips and suck hard on it, sending another wave of sensation through your body. I clench the muscles in my ass and that in turn flexes my cock and I match the timing of the contractions while I continue to suck on your nipple. The orgasms continue though not as often and not as intense, softer, less jolting to you.

Your hands let go of the headboard, moving to the sides of my head, lifting it from your breast and to my surprise moving it to the other. My lips attack your nipple, sucking it harder than the other one. I feel your legs wrap around the back of my thighs and your hips push up hard against me, drawing my cock back all the way inside of you.

My hands move under your back and I roll sideways, pulling you on top of me. My lips fall away from your nipple only to be replaced with my hands as I lift them both, tugging at the nipples. I watch as you shake your head, moving the hair off of your face and the expression revealed to me is priceless. I have never seen such driving passion in your expression before, never felt such purpose in your movements as you start rocking your hips on top of me.

What is going on in your head right now? I can feel your pussy tightening around my shaft as you continue your movements. Is it better for you if you control the contact, the depth? "Keep reaching for the next one lover, push yourself over that next edge." I watch as your head snaps back, then forward, losing yourself in this moment. Your body and its desires have taken control of you and you have finally released the hold on yourself that you normally exert.

"Keep pushing lover, drink it all in, every drop of passion." My hips rock beneath you, my vision filled with the sight of you, memorizing every detail, every nuance of expression, knowing I may not ever see this again, savoring it. You continue to move on top of me, leading our dance, my body knowing instinctively how to follow you, driving us both towards a final climax, my hands desperately clutching at your hips now, also wanting the same release.

We reach a point of no return, does it matter who came first? I remember you falling onto my chest, hands on both sides of my face, devouring me with your mouth as the waves took us both to another place, where time doesn't matter, only the sensations, the warmth, the sounds of our muffled cries, hearts pounding in our chests, once again suspended in time.

"Shhhhh, don't move" I say as my hands move to stroke your hair, our hips still rocking from side to side, still spasming inside and around each other. I feel your body start to soften, melting into my arms, your head turning sideways on my shoulder. "Rest and dream darling" are the last things you hear as you drift off, spent and still glowing. I can almost see the gentle smile on your lips. I'll be here when you wake.

To Be Continued...?


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This is a collaboration between two authors.
I have split it into two pages for clarity.

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