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My Secret Love Ch. 5
by Deann Laws

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
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I looked at Lauri and gave her a pout. "Okay, I guess it's only fair." I turned around lifted up my shirt and removed my bra, then pulled my shirt back down and sat down throwing my B cup size into Lauri's lap. She smiled at me and thanked me for her nice item of clothing.

"Alright, you want to play nasty huh Lauri." I said jokingly. "Well I'm going to kick your butt here at poker, no more nice guy."

"Oh, really, Samantha. You think so huh? Well, we'll see about that now won't we. Let's just see who's the one still dressed at the end of the night shall we." She just looked at me raising her eyebrows at me with a smirky expression that made me want to just take her right there. It was turning out to be a playful evening I would say anyway.

I saw Lauri finish off her drink and asked me if I wanted another. I was still working on the same one so I had said no, so she went into the kitchen and poured herself another and came and sat back down.

So we played another hand, but this time I won. "I think a full house will do it." I said smiling at Lauri. "So who's winning now?" I said mockingly.

Lauri gave me a snarl. "Okay, so what's next Samantha, give it to me." Lauri picked up her drink and took a few more sips while awaiting my next move.

"Well since we seem to be on the clothing topic I think I would definitely like to remain in that category for a bit anyway, so now how about your underwear this time, though you can still wear your shorts if you want." I said seductively and smiled at her.

"Your so cruel Samantha," Lauri said all the while smiling at me.

"Come on, give it up."

Lauri turned around and went behind the couch so I couldn't see her. She came back around holding her underwear in her hands and threw them at me. I started to laugh at her pouty expression as she sat back down and drank some more of her drink. I was wondering how much she was going to drink considering she did have to go into work the next day, but I wasnt complaining, if she wanted to drink, than that was fine with me.

I noticed a little wet spot in her underwear, and smiled to myself. I wonder where that came from I thought. I found my thoughts wandering to images of me tasting her wetness between her legs, and found myself getting all wet in thought. My center was definitely getting a bit warmer now and the vodka wasn't helping either, the combination of the two was making me pretty horny, especially seeing Lauri sitting over there so sexy and beautiful.

"Come on Samantha, what are you waiting for?"

"What...what did you say Lauri?"

"I said your move. Do you need any more cards?"

"Oh," I looked down at the cards before me and hadn't realized we had started another hand. I guess my thoughts were elsewhere. "Okay, yep give me, give me three more cards...okay, your turn, what do you have?"

"A flush"

"Damn!" I yelled out as I threw my cards down feigning that I had lost. "So I guess four of a kind doesn't beat that, does it?" I said laughing.

Lauri looked at me all pissed. "Okay, Samantha, this is the last time I'm letting you win, so give me your best shot then?"

"Oh really, okay, well this time I want you to remove your shirt"

There was a few seconds of silence and I was going to back down and tell Lauri that it was alright that she didn't have to do it, but she got up and right in front of me she lifted her shirt off so slowly and seductively exposing her breasts to me.

I just about gasped in shock. She was so beautiful, I hadn't imagined how beautiful she was underneath that clothing. I couldn't stop staring, I was just too much in awe of her beauty, and so turned on in the process that by this time my underwear was soaked. I didn't dare to think if she won and then got my underwear looking all wet like this. I think I would be a bit embarrassed to tell you the truth.

Lauri smiled at me and sat back down. I couldn't stop staring. We played another hand. I couldn't pay attention to the game anymore, not with her sitting across from me so beautiful like that. I couldn't believe how at ease she was, well maybe it was the alcohol that was making her feel that way. I wasn't paying attention and lost that hand.

"Finally," Lauri sighed. "Payback time Samantha," She said smiling at me. I suddenly got a bit nervous. "Okay, hand me over your underwear Samantha, but you can keep your shorts on as well though."

I pulled myself up and grabbed my crutches and did as Lauri had done earlier. I walked around the couch and slipped off my underwear and pulled my shorts back up. I looked at my underwear, and they were soaked through. Oh shit, I thought. I nervously walked back. "Well, Samantha where is it?"

I took a gulp of air and slowly brought forth my underwear into view. "There you go," I said and sat back down hiding the underwear behind my back.

"I don't think so, Samantha, hand them over." "You really don't want them do you?"

"You betcha I do, give them to me" She said leaning over playfully and snatching them from behind my back. Her breasts dangling right in front of my face as she did that. Lauri looked at me staring at her breasts and she quickly stole a quick kiss from me and sat back down before I even had a chance to respond to her kiss.

She was being such a tease tonight, and definitely not her usual self being so openly seductive with me and sexy and all of that. It must be the alcohol, since she was already on her third drink or was it more now, I had stopped counting after she took her shirt off. My mind had been elsewhere the rest of the night after that, and it definitely wasn't on the game anymore.

I pouted a bit as she sat back and viewed my underwear. I held my breath waiting for her response. But she didnt make any comment. She stared at my underwear for a bit, and I saw her run her fingers over the wet spot and then put them down behind her not saying a word to me. I was wondering how her shorts were at this time, whether she had any wet spots in there.

I was so out of it by that time that I couldn't get my focus back to winning at the game anymore. We started another hand, at this point I was ready for quits but I figured a few more hands and then maybe we would quit cause I was getting a bit nervous and uncomfortable now. Sure I wanted to be with her, but I didn't want her drunk though, and I wanted to know it was her and not the alcohol making her act this way.

I was getting a bit flustered. I lost the next hand. "You know Lauri, maybe we should play it quits for tonight."

"No, you don't Samantha. Your not getting out of it that easily. I won this hand so we have to play it out. Only fair you know."

I gave her a smirk, "Okay...okay, what do I have to do now?"

"Getting a bit frustrated Samantha...oh poor baby. Your not winning anymore and your not having fun now huh?" She said jokingly. "Okay, this time Samantha it's your turn to take your top off."

Oh God, I thought to myself. I wasn't sure I could do it, but Lauri was egging me on and she had did it when I told her too, so I figured that it was only fair. I reached for my drink and shot the rest of it down and sucked in a gulp of air and nervously pulled my shirt off. I pulled my shirt over my breasts hiding them. At that moment Lauri reached over and snatched it out of my hand exposing my breasts to her. I felt so inadequate to her. She was bigger and so beautiful, and I felt so small.

But Lauri didn't say a word. She sat back staring at me as well in shock, awe..I wasn't sure. I hung my head a little.

Lauri spoke up. "Samantha, your beautiful. Look at me Samantha, please." I looked up at her slowly. She moved closer to me and reached up and cupped my face, "I hope you know how beautiful you are Samantha, you take my breath away." And with that she leaned closer to me and pressed her lips into mine.

I pressed myself into her even more as our kiss grew deeper. I felt my passion building up within me. I felt her tongue enter my mouth as our bodies became on fire. Her hands pulled me into her even more forcing my tongue to go harder and deeper as our passion took control. Her hands held my face as she kissed me so deeply, searching and probing her tongue deeper and further into my mouth driving my body so on fire for her. I felt my wetness between my legs increasing as our built up passion from the past month or so was finally released between us. We had waited so long for this moment that it was hard to have any control over our situation.

I felt her breasts pressed into mine and my nipples hardened at contact. I couldn't help but reach my hand up and squeeze her breast. I grabbed a handful of her breast and squeezed harder as our kiss grew harder. Our moans and grunts were all that were heard as we hardly gave each other time to get a breath between our kisses. For the first time I felt her hand around my breast squeezing and pulling on my nipple. She moaned even more as she felt my breast in her hand.

We laid back on the couch continuing to kiss as our bodies pressed into each other. Lauri was careful not to put her whole weight on me and was careful since I wasn't totally recovered yet, but at this point I didn't care if I was in pain, I just wanted her body pressed into me and her close to me. I didn't want her to stop. I encouraged her to continue and not to worry. She had pulled back and asked if I was fine, and I just pulled her into me even more as I kissed her again. My center was so hot and wet at this point that my shorts felt soaked completely through. As we continued to kiss I pushed my hips up into her, pressing my center into hers as I felt her grind her hips into mine as well. We both moaned into our kiss as we felt our center pressed into each other.

She moved down my body to my breasts. I felt her tongue licking and sucking at my nipple as her hand squeezed and caressed at my breast pulling my nipple deeper into her mouth. I arched my back up, pressing my breasts into her more and I gasped each time she sucked harder pulling me into her even more. She pulled up and kissed me deeply again. I reached my hand down and slipped my fingers into her shorts. I heard her gasp and let out a moan as she felt my fingers enter her. She was so wet and so hot that it turned me on so much. She arched her back, and pushed up on her arms as I began to thrust deeper into her. She thrust her hips in rhythm as my fingers entered her. I let my fingers stroke her clit, each time hearing her moan even louder. I felt her nearing climax, and wanted to go down on her and taste her so bad, to taste her wonderful cum. Then suddenly with no warning she pulled away and pushed my hand out of her.

"What's wrong, why did you stop?" I said all flustered from the heat of the moment and concerned that maybe I had done something wrong or that I had hurt her.

Lauri got up found her shirt and put it on and zipped up her shorts. "I'm sorry Samantha, I can't do this. It's not right. I'm so sorry for getting you all worked up like this. But I just can't do this."

I was totally shocked. Did I miss something here, wasn't it her the one who started this dare game and started to seduce me?

"What the hell is wrong, why can't you do this? Did I do something wrong? Weren't you the one who started this? And wasn't it you who kissed me last night and told me you loved me, and now again this tonight?"

"It's not you Samantha. Oh God, don't think that. Your so beautiful and so attractive, and I do want to be with you so bad, but I can't. I am attracted to you, but I can't do this to my husband. I'm sorry. I feel like I would be cheating on him, and despite him and I being separated and me being hurt by him, I still can't do it. I do love you Samantha, please do know that but this just confuses me too much right now and I just can't do this, I'm sorry."

I sat there in total shock. I was at a loss for words. I wanted to lash out at her for doing this to me, getting me to feel so much for her to only pull away again.

"Can you hand me my shirt please" I said rather cooly to her.

I put my shirt on and stood up and redid my pants and grabbed the crutches as the silence and tension built up between us.

I looked back at Lauri as I headed up the stairs.

"I guess I'm the one who is confused Lauri. One minute you kiss me and then push me away like you did before the accident, and then after all that we have gone through you finally are honest with me about your feelings and that day. You kiss me again and tell me you love me, and then tonight, leading me to believe that you want this and then, this happens? You run hot and cold Lauri, and I can't be put through this again. I love you too much to be pulled around and to be hurt like this. I can't go on either like this. I should have never come here Lauri to stay with you, but I'm here now, so as soon as I'm well enough I'll be out of your hands. I'm sorry for ever putting you in this position, I guess I should have never expected anything of you since you do love your husband and are trying to work things out with him, and I'm sorry for that." I said saddly, and with that I turned my back and went up the stairs.

I entered the room and slowly changed clothes. I was exhausted emotionally and didn't know how I was going to stay on much longer with things like this. I just wanted to get out of her house as soon as possible, forget about my earlier seducing thoughts, it was over with, and I wasn't about to force or push anything on her anymore. I'm just so tired of these emotional games with her, and how it affects me. She has this hold or pull over me that I can't seem to break free off. It almost destroyed me a few weeks ago with the accident and I can't allow myself to let it do that to me again. As much as I love her and want to be a part of her life, I just can't be on her rollercoaster anymore. My thoughts were drowning me. I sat on the edge of the bed feeling that my heart had been destroyed once again by this woman as I felt the old so familiar tears run down my face. I took a deep inhale after a few minutes and climbed in under the covers and shut the lights off.

Lauri stayed down stairs after she saw Samantha go up the stairs. She wanted to say she was sorry, that she didn't know what to do, that she was scared but the words just wouldn't come out right. "Why do you always fuck things up Lauri?" she screamed at herself as she flung her glass against the wall. Broken glass shattered everywhere, but Lauri didn't care. She had hurt the best thing ever to have come into her life, and for the life of her she couldn't let her know that or let herself allow to feel anything for this girl. Why was she so scared to feel anything for Samantha? Why was she afraid to love her? Her own fears was destroying them both.

Samantha woke up with a jolt as she heard something shatter down stairs. She wanted to call out to see if Lauri was okay but she really at that point wasn't in the mood to really bother, so she just laid their in her somber thoughts again.

She heard Lauri come up soon after. Samantha's back was turned and the lights were off so Lauri didn't know that she was still awake or not. Samantha heard Lauri crying near the edge of the bed. She wanted to reach out to her but knew that she couldn't. "Samantha are you still awake?" Lauri called out to her.

"yes, Lauri I am"

"Can we talk?"

"Lauri at this point what is really left to talk about, haven't we've talked enough already anyway. It seems that is all that we do is about why this or that. I can't talk anymore Lauri. I'm too tired...I'm too tired emotionally with all of this."

Lauri was quiet for awhile not sure of what to say. She changed clothes and got under the covers and rolled over nearer to Samantha to talk to her.

"Samantha, can you turn towards me please?"

Samantha rolled over and looked at Lauri in the dim light. "Samantha, there is no excuse for what I did down stairs or the way I have treated you the past few weeks with my fickleness going back and forth with my behavior towards you and my emotions. But I do want you to know one thing, everything I have said to you is the truth. When I told you the other night that I love you and when we kissed that all meant so much to me,and tonight did as well. I can't explain it to you, why I'm so scared to go any further with you or why I'm having such a hard time resolving this, when I don't know myself. But I am sorry for everything, for hurting you and for putting you through so much. I wish so much this was easier for me. I want to love you and make love to you but I don't know how to get beyond my fears, I don't know what I want. And...I just..I.."

Lauri began to cry and couldn't continue on. She didn't know whatelse to say to Samantha, or how she could ever make it up to her. I didn't know how to respond to her crying. I was upset with her and angry with her, but no matter what I couldn't stay that angry despite everything that had happened I still loved her, so I reached up and wiped away her tears and hugged her.

I pulled her into me and just held her and comforted her. I didn't know how I was going to handle this damn situation with her and her husband, but I guess I was in over my head now. She was so confused with everything that she didn't know what she wanted, and unfortunately I was the one stuck in the middle, the one getting pushed and pulled around and hurt in this. But for the life of me I kept getting sucked back in. I couldn't turn my back on her no matter how hard I had wanted to, nor how much she had hurt me I would still be there for her through all of this whether that would be only in friendship or not.

At this point I just had hoped to get through the next few weeks with some sanity left within me. I held Lauri close to me that night as we both drifted off to sleep in each other's arms as I tried to hang onto what was left of my sanity that night as well and just wished for a better tomorrow.

To be continued...

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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