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My Secret Love Ch. 7
by Deann Laws

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Warning: This does contain material involving same sex relations, if you are offended by this in any way then don't read it. This is only for fun, and not meant for anything else.

The ritual of the 5am alarm awoke us both. I slightly grumbled knowing what the day would bring. Lauri got up and told me to go back to sleep but this morning I laid there watching her get ready as to imprint this last image of her in my memory.

Lauri looked over at me and smiled. "Why aren't you going back to sleep Samantha? It's early yet."

"I'm just admiring the view," I said jokingly.

"Well go back to sleep, and I'll see you at lunch, okay?"

"Okay, Lauri. I'll see you later."

I didn't know whether I would make it back before lunch myself but I just led her to believe that this monday would be the same as any other day that her and I had spent previous with our usual routines, but today I knew would be different.

After Lauri left for work I got up and went into the bathroom to get ready for my appointment with Dr. Sou. I went downstairs and had a cup of coffee relaxing and trying to figure how I would tell Lauri. Maybe over lunch today I will tell her, I thought to myself.

I called myself a cab and waited for it to arrive while I sipped at my coffee at the kitchen table. I started to write Lauri a note and decided against it. I heard a horn beeping in the background and looked out the window, the cab was parked in the driveway. I put my cup in the sink and headed out the door.

I climbed in the cab, the cab driver looked back at me. "Where your heading sweetheart?" He said all gruffly.

"To the hospital please" I said as I looked in the rearview mirror at the cab driver.

He pulled out of the driveway and we headed to the hospital which wasn't far of a drive at all. He pulled up to the front entrance. I handed him a $20 bill and thanked him as I climbed out of the cab with my crutches. Damn, I thought to myself, it sure is expensive to take a cab.

I walked to the front desk and checked in with the nurse for my appointment with Dr. Sou. I sat there in the waiting room trying to read, but my thoughts kept wandering to Lauri, and how I would miss her. "Oh Lauri, I wish so much things could have been different with us." I sat there in my heavy thoughts when I heard the nurse call my name.

"Samantha, Dr. Sou will see you now." the nurse said as she led me to the examination room.

I sat in the examination room as the nurse took my vitals, and wrote them down in my chart. She got up to leave the room, "Dr. Sou will be in a few moments Samantha, put this examination gown on." She handed me the gown. "You can leave your underwear and bra on though."

"Okay, thanks" I said to the nurse as she left.

After the nurse left I undressed and put my gown on. I sat there twiddling my thumbs a bit nervous as I waited for Dr. Sou to enter. A few moments went by before Dr. Sou. entered.

"Morning, Samantha," Dr. Sou said as he entered the room picking up my chart from outside the door. "How are you feeling this morning?"

"I'm feeling fine Dr. Sou. I will be anxious to get this thing off." I said pointing to my cast.

"Well, we'll take a look at that then." He said smiling at me as he walked over to me and directed me to sit on the examination chair.

He helped me climb up and looked at my cast, and then directed me to lay back as he lifted the gown and examined my stomach where my stiches were and my ribs as well. He palpated the areas for any tenderness or softness and commented on how nicely I had recovered so quickly considering the injuries I had sustained with the accident.

"Your looking really good Samantha. You have recovered very nicely. I wouldn't say you are 100% yet but your getting there, so I still don't want you to be over doing too much though, but you probably can start to be a bit more active now and try to build some of your strength and muscles back up. As far as your cast, if you feel up to it we'll remove it today but I would like you to wear a knee brace to just support your leg a little why you regain strength back again. During the night you can take it off though. So how does that sound?"

"That sounds great Dr. Sou. It will be nice to finally have a shower." I said smiling.

"Well let's get this cast off then so you can get home and have that shower." He smiled and patted me on the arm as he called the nurse in for assistance.

The nurse entered and after a few minutes assisting the doctor my cast was removed. It felt refreshing finally to feel air to my leg. The nurse cleaned up my leg. The muscles did look a little weak from no use, but either way I was glad the cast was finally off. The doctor showed me how to put my leg brace on to help stabilize my leg. He told me that I no longer needed to wear any constriction around my ribs as they looked healed up enough.

"Samantha, well your set to go here. I'm really glad that everything turned out really well for you. Try to take it easy for a little while longer, but everything looks really good. You've done a great job in recovering and allowing your body to heal." Dr. Sou finished writing in my chart as he spoke to me.

"Thanks Dr. Sou for helping me here. I owe alot of my recovery to you as well...well actually I owe you my life." I said smiling. "But Lauri was so great to have let me stay at her place to heal. I think that really made such an significance to my recovery. Anyway, thanks for all your time and effort that you did for me."

"I'm just glad Samantha that things turned out the way they did. Goodluck with school. I hope all that works out for you."

"Thanks, I appreciate that."

Dr. Sou said goodbye and left the room as I changed back into my clothing. It felt weird not having the cast on anymore, but it felt good to have that freedom back. The leg brace helped a lot with stablizing my weight. I was a bit nervous at first to take my first step without the crutches but after a few steps my body adjusted to my weight and I was walking with no problems.

I left the examination room and checked out at the front desk and called for a taxi to take me to the auto shop. I waited by the front entrance as I saw the taxi pull up. I climbed in and we were off to get my car.

I felt great to finally have my freedom and independence back again, now only if Lauri could be a part of all of that with me I thought. The cab driver pulled up to the auto shop and I paid him and climbed out. I walked into the office of the shop and a man was standing there.

"Hi, my name is Samantha Pearson, I called someone last week about picking up my car today."

"Yes, Samantha. I have your paperwork right here. If you can sign the release forms and then I can get your car for you."

"Okay, thanks." I said as I grabbed a nearby pen and signed the papers.

"I'll be right back. I'll go get you your car, it's parked out back." the man said as he ran off somewhere.

I stood there waiting for him as I saw him a few moments later driving my car up front. I walked outside to meet him as he hopped out of my car and handed me my keys.

"Wow, finally have my car back, and it looks better I must say then it was before." I said laughing.

"Yes, your brother had us do a complete make over on it."

"Well, I think it looks great." I turned and looked at the guy. "So is there anything else I need to do, or sign, anything to pay?"

"Nope, everything is set for to go"

"Okay, thanks." I said as I climbed into the front seat. It felt great to finally be sitting in my car again. I rubbed my hands over the steering wheel, and smiled in amusement. I took a deep breath and started the car. "Well, here goes," I said to myself as I slowly pulled out of the parking lot of the auto shop. I felt a little nervous driving again but I wanted to take it very slow till I got use to being behind the wheel again. So where do I go, I thought...hmmm...there's one place I should go, I said to myself as I steered the car in the direction of the clinic.

It was almost noon so the clinic would be getting out for lunch soon. I was hoping I would catch Lauri before she headed home to an empty house. I pulled into the parking lot of the clinic, this time using the visitor's parking space. I didnt really consider myself a student there anymore and didn't feel I should park where the students do, so I headed around to the front entrance parking lot. Heck, it was shorter walking distance anyway for me and I didn't want to walk too far with just getting my cast off and getting use to bearing weight on my leg again.

I parked the car and nervously made my way to the front doors. I didn't know what I would say but I'm sure Lauri would be quite surprised to see me none the less. I took a deep inhale, hesistated for a few seconds and took the leap and walked through the doors.

I saw our secretary sitting up front and she was quite surprised to see me. I chatted with her for a few minutes, just telling her I wanted to stop by and see how everyone was. They didn't know I was staying at Lauri's, so I just made some story up. Just then Shirley walked around the corner and spotted me.

"Samantha, is that you!" she screamed and came at me and gave me a great big hug.

"Yes, Shirley it's me." I said laughing as I returned the hug.

Shirley looked me up and down and saw my leg brace and asked me a million questions and what I've been doing and how things were. I could hardly keep up with her in answering one question at a time. I told her a brief summary of my accident and recovery, though leaving out certain parts of where I recovered and who I was with.

"Wow, Samantha. I'm so sorry that this all happened. You know, I knew you were upset that day, and I shouldn't have let you drive off upset like that. I could just kick myself when I look back."

"Please, Shirley, don't think that way. You had nothing to do with this and believe me, neither you or I had any idea that this would happen. You know Shirley, I just think somethings are just meant to happen for a reason sometimes. Now why this happened to me, well I don't know that one yet." I laughed when I said that. "But anyway it happened, and I think I have learned something from all of this." I paused for a few minutes. "Anyway, I still get to graduate with the class, and then who knows? " I said shrugging my shoulders. "I'll figure something out and where I might finish my clinical requirements. So you see, everything always works out in some way or another." I said smiling.

"Well still I just wish I could have done something."

"Well, Shirley we all wish for a lot of things and wish we could change our past mistakes, but maybe in a way this whole ordeal taught me something about life, about me, and just how we really can't take anything for granted for we just don't know when it can be taken from us at any moment. In any event, I think I appreciate life and things so much more now, and I just hope I always remember how I got here."

"Wow, it seems like you have done some growing there as well Samantha. Well I'm just glad that your still here with us. I heard that it was touch and go at the beginning, and I'm so happy that things turned out this way," Shirley smiled and squeezed my hand. "And I'm so glad you'll be graduating with us in a few weeks!" Shirley squeeled.

"Wow, graduation. Scary thought!" I grimaced but then smiled at Shirley. We both cracked up and started to laugh out loud and hugged each other in excitement over graduation being so close and the excitement of me being back in the game again.

Shirley pulled away. "So Samantha, I'm heading to go to lunch in a few minutes, do you want to go grab some lunch with me?"

"Thanks for the offer Shirley, but I have plans to meet someone already for lunch. But thanks though. I hope you don't mind. Maybe we can meet up sometime before graduation."

"Yeah, that would be great Samantha. Well, you have a good lunch and give me a call when you want to meet up. I better get moving here cause I have to be back in an hour for clinic."

"Okay, Shirley. I'll talk to you soon."


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Deann Laws.

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