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Mom Visits Ashley
by Ashley

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Casey reached her hands out and traced her fingers down the front of the silk nightie, grazing over Ashley's breasts. Ashley took a step back and screamed, "Don't fucking touch me!" Her mother simply laughed like an evil witch, then slapped her hard across the face, then grabbed her firmly by the throat. Ashley's hands instinctively shot up to her mothers to try to loosen her grip. "That's no way to talk to your mother you ungrateful bitch," scorned Casey. "Now you listen and you listen good. You'll do exactly what I say or I swear to God I'm going to beat the shit out of you. Understand?" Ashley nodded quickly.. anything to get some air. Casey released her throat, then gave her daughter time to inhale in some oxygen.

Casey walked around Ashley, taking in every inch of her beauty, then settled in behind her. She slipped the left strap of her nightie off of Ashley's shoulder, then the right, allowing it to fall to the ground in a small silky pile. How sexy her daughter was dressed in that teddy and body stocking seemed to turn Casey on even more, if that was even humanly possible. "Mmmmmmmmm, baby. I love nylon." As she slowly slid her hand up her daughter's thigh, she continued, "The feel, the look, mmmmmmmmmmmmm, sooooooo sexy."

She snuggled in tight against her daughter, pressing against Ashley's ass, and slid her hands around to her stomach, then slowly up her body. The higher her hands got, the quicker Ashley's breathing got. Casey licked up Ashley's neck until her mouth was right next to her daughter's ear, as her hands slid up higher. "Baby, your heart is pounding," she whispered as her hands slid up over her daughter's firm young breasts. To the soft music, she slowly started grinding against Ashley, molding herself to her daughter's figure. Ashley was trying desperately to block out the sound and feel of her mother sliding back and forth against her ass. "Mmmmmmm, you get me so hot," she moaned, as her hands firmly massaged Ashley's breasts. She pinched her nipples with her thumbs and index fingers while her palms cupped the bottom of her heaving tits. Ashley couldn't block everything out any longer, and tears began to flow. Through her sobbing, she pleaded, "Please, mom. Please just let me go." She then slowly turned in her mother's arms so she was facing her, their tits pressed together. She begged again, "Please mom?" Casey released her hands from behind Ashley's back, and that gave her the opportunity she needed. She punched her mom as hard as she could, which knocked her back onto the couch, then she ran upstairs to her room where she searched for anything to keep that lockless door shut.

The punch didn't even seem to effect Casey, and soon she found her way up the stairs. Just before Ashley could slide her oak desk in front of the door, Casey kicked it open. "You little bitch, you're gonna to pay for that," she growled. Ashley had fear written all over her face. She was always the aggressor when it came to sex, and now, she felt totally helpless. Besides that, the thought of being with a woman repulsed her, which only added to her fear. She was crying, and apologizing as her mother grabbed her by the hair and forced her to her knees. She pulled back on her hair, arching her head back. "Now, eat my pussy you little slut," her mom demanded. Casey lowered her dripping wet pussy to her daughter's face, sliding her sex up and down across her lips. Ashley kept her lips locked together, so her mother yanked back on her hair again which made Ashley yell out in pain. With her mouth open, Casey pulled her daughter's face into her, and moaned when she felt the inadvertent tongue on her sensitive lips. "Do it you little bitch! Eat me!" Ashley again clenched her lips shut, which intensified her mother's anger. She pulled her up to her feet, then kneed her daughter in the stomach. She fell to the floor, coughing and crying, trying to catch her breath.

"Are you going to be a good girl now?" her mom asked in a childish voice. "Fuck you!" Ashley coughed out. Casey pulled her to her feet by the hair, still holding onto a fist full of it. "FUCK ME!? Trust me, bitch, you DON'T want to get on my bad side!" She then delivered a fierce punch that would have floored her if Casey wouldn't have been holding her up by her hair. Two more hard shots to the mouth, then she let go, letting her daughter collapse to the floor crying, her lip split open. Ashley has been in a few cat fights in her day with jealous girls, but those fights were always short, and always in her favor. She never has been so overmatched by anyone, especially someone smaller than she was, so needless to say, being on the other end of a struggle was horrifying for her.

"Baby, if you'll be a good girl for mommy, I'll be the best fuck of your life," Casey said in a calm voice. Hearing those words from her own mother just made Ashley cry even more. She stood over her sobbing daughter without a hint of remorse. "Now come on, baby. Please me." Ashley knew she couldn't fight anymore, and doing so could end up getting her severely injured, so she got to her knees in front of her mother, and slowly licked up the folds of her pussy. "Mmmmmm, that's a good girl," her mom purred. Ashley continued to half-heatedly eat her mother's pussy until she stopped her. "Honey, that's not good enough," said Casey. She then laid down on the bed and spread her legs, then looked at the clock.

"It's 9:05. You have until 9:10 to make me cum or you're going to have to be disciplined." Ashley was use to giving an order like that, but not at all use to taking it. She tried to argue, "But mom, I've never done anything like this before... I don't know how to..." but Casey interrupted. "9:06... 4 minutes."

Fearing that she'd receiver another beating, Ashley crawled onto the bed between her mother's thighs and took long tongue strokes up her cunt, faster and faster. "Ohhhhhhhh yea, honey.. That's it, baby. Mmmmmmmm eat me yesssssss." She interlocked her ankles around her daughter's neck to give her easier access, and Ashley was working on her good. When the clock his 9:09, Ash started plunging her tongue into her mother, and flicking it out over her clit. Casey started breathing heavily, and moaning uncontrollably, so Ashley picked up the pace. She wrapped her arms around her mother's thighs and hungrily ate her out. "OHHHHHH OHHHHHHHH YESSSSS YESSSSS." Ashley tried to tongue her mother deeper, but as she started to, Casey pulled her face away. "Baby, that felt so good, but......" Ashley's eyes locked on the 9:10 shining in red digits on the clock. "But mom, I was doing what you wanted. I was trying... I really was trying. You have to believe.." But Casey interrupted, "Shhhhhhhhhhh. You disappoint me, so I'm going to treat you like the slut you are. Now, take that teddy off."

Casey sat back on her elbows, watching Ashley untie the bow, then undo the laces, loop by loop until it was open in the front. She unsnapped the bottom, and slid the teddy off, sitting on the bed with only her black body stocking on. Casey slid off the bed, "Now lay on the bed, on your stomach." Ashley stood staring at her mother, but Casey pushed her onto the bed angrily saying, "I said, get on the fucking bed and lay on your fucking stomach!" Ashley started crying again as she felt her mother's hands sliding up the back of her thighs, and over her ass. Casey climbed up her daughter, straddling her and sitting down on the small of her back. She then slid a silk scarf up Ashley's left arm while guiding her hand up to the bed post. Ashley struggled, but couldn't prevent her mother from tying her hand to the bed post. Her mother was just too strong. Then Ashley's right hand was quickly restrained as well.

Casey got off her daughter and began fastening the strap-on dildo that Ashley had laid out mush earlier. Through her tears, Ashley made out the silhouette of a cock on her mother being cast on the wall, and just buried her face in the pillow. Casey climbed back up on the bed and proceeded to rip a large hole in the crotch of Ashley's body stocking. She then took the bottle of oil, and pored ounces of it all over her daughter's ass as she whimpered into the pillow. What didn't channel down her crack, Casey rubbed into her cheeks. "I bet you love it up the ass, don't you darling?" Ashley raised her face from the pool of tears on her pillow, "Nooooo mommy.. please don't.. I'll be a good girl.. I'll do whatever you say... just please don't." She kept pleading with her mother as she felt the dildo sliding up and down her ass like a hotdog in a bun, coating the dildo with oil. She reached down and pushed the tip into her daughter's ass. "Ask for it, baby. Tell me you want it." Ashley was crying too hard to say anything. Casey pulled back hard on her hair, "Tell me to fuck you!" Ashley composed herself enough to whisper, "Fffff... fuck me." Casey pulled back harder, nearly pulling a handful of hair right out of her head, "SCREAM IT YOU WHORE!" Ashley wanted it over, "FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" Casey pushed her head away, then slid the cock deep into her daughter's virgin ass. Slowly she pumped into her, then a little faster, and a little faster. Ashley's head was buried in the pillow, so her cries of pain were muffled. Casey fucked her daughter hard, driving down deep into her with so much force and passion that they sank into the soft bed with each thrust. For 5 endlessly long minutes, Casey fucked her daughter's ass until she finally showed some mercy by pulling out. After taking the strap-on off, she slid up her daughter and untied her hands, "You keep me happy and you won't be punished again, baby. Now, make me cum with your tongue." Ashley's fighting was over. She got between her mother's thighs and ate her out with a passion, as if she got a little turned on with the way her mom treated her ass. Casey immediately started moaning, and even Ashley let a soft moan escape. Within moments, she felt her mother tense up around her slithering tongue, exploding in an incredible orgasm all over her daughter's hot face.

She glanced down between her thighs at her daughter, her hair all messed up and breathing heavily. She motioned Ashley to come up, so she slithered up her mom's body. Once face to face, Casey kissed her deeply. Ashley wouldn't part her lips, or even return the kiss, but Casey kept kissing her. She slid her hands over Ashley's back and down to her ass, squeezing her cheeks, then sliding her finger firmly down her ass crack, sliding it into her ass to the first knuckle. Ashley let out a moan, and with that opening, Casey slid her tongue into her daughter's mouth. The longer she worked on Ashley's ass, the more passionate her kissing got. For the first time, Ashley was starting to get heated up, and showed it by the sensuous way she was rolling her tongue over her mother's.

Casey broke the kiss and told her daughter, "For being a good little slut you're going to get rewarded. Baby, I'm going to fuck you so hard. I'm going to make you cum like a river."

Once off the bed, she ordered her daughter to lean over her desk, and after fastening the dildo back on, she stood behind her, then dropped to her knees. Casey licked up the back of her daughter's nylon-encased thighs, and over her ass. As she licked, she moaned as Ashley's breathing got shallow. She rolled her tongue right down between Ashley's ass cheeks to her wettening pussy, which made her daughter moan out, "Ohhhhh my God." "Mmmmmmm, you like that huh?" her mom asked rhetorically. She then proceeded to give her daughter's pussy the longest, slowest, wettest, most sensual French-kiss she's ever performed. Ashley's knees started to tremble when her mom's tongue snaked into her, "Ohhhhhh fuck, mom. Yesssssssssss mmmmmmmmmmm" Ashley's pussy was soaking wet.

Casey got back to her feet and slid the tip into her hot pussy, teasing her again. "Beg for it, slut. Beg me to fuck you. Beg!" Ashley was so horny she could barley speak. She tried rocking back against the dildo, but her mother mimicked her movement and the dildo went nowhere. "Come on my little whore. I want to hear you beg for this cock.. Moan for me to fuck you."

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhh fuck me, mom," Ashley moaned. "How do you want it, slut, nice and hard?" her mother asked. "Yesssssss.. fuck me hard, mom. Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!!!" Casey pulled back on her daughter's hips and drove that dildo in to the hilt as Ashley screamed on in sheer pleasure. Faster and faster and faster her mother fucked her. Ash was leaning down with her tits mashed against the desk and her ass high in the air as her mother pounded into her. Harder and harder. You could hear slap, slap, slap, slap as Casey's hips crashed against her daughter's ass, her cheeks rippling with each forceful thrust. "OHHHHH FUCKKKK .... FUCKKKK MEEEEEEE OHHHHH" Casey was fucking her daughter so hard that the desk creaked it's way along the floor to the wall. The room was filled with the sounds of both women moaning their asses off, skin slapping, and the intermittent banging of the desk against the wall.

Much to Ashley's dislike, Casey slid the cock out, then walked over and sat down in a chair. Breathlessly she said, "Come ... here..... ride this cock until you cum, and ...... don't stop until you do." Ashley walked over on her weak knees and straddled her mother's legs facing her, then sat down in her lap as the dildo slid all the way in. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" She wrapped her hands around her mom's neck and started riding her cock. Their large tits rubbed against each others as she rode her. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh mom." "Yesssssss, that's it Ashley... fuck me... fuck me..." They both leaned their faces together and kissed deeply as she took that cock in, moaning in each other's mouths. "Mmmmmmhmmmmm ohhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk" Ashley rode that cock hard as she shuttered out a tremendous orgasm.

Their bodies were practically stuck together from all the sweat, but they had enough strength to climb back onto the bed. Both were exhausted, as Casey quickly fell asleep. Ashley helped her to her mother's bed, then cleaned up whatever she could before she collapsed in her own bed. In the morning, she found her mother laying on the couch drinking coffee. "Are you okay mom?" asked Ashley. "I have a splitting headache, Ash" She looked up and saw the marks left on Ashley's throat and face from the previous night. "Oh my God, what happened to you!?" Ashley was a bit confused. "You mean you don't remember?" Her mother shook her head, "If you told me last night, I'm sorry. All I remember was sitting in the chair out here and having a bad headache. The next thing I remember was waking up this morning in bed. I must have had a violent dream because I'm so sore." Ashley smiled a little and replied, "Well, I don't know what else it could have been, mom."


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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