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No Regrets Part X
by AnonSky

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"Dammit it," muttered Cathy to herself. "I should have stayed at aunt Esther's with mother. I can't see a damn thing through this snow." Cathy strained to see the road through the snow hitting the windshield. She hadn't expected the weather to be this bad. When her mother decided to stay over, she had decided to come back home even though it was snowing. The problem was that earlier it had been freezing rain and now the snow had a layer of ice underneath.

"Oh Shit!" yelled Cathy as the car tried to fishtail on her. She let up on the gas pedal and got it back under control. She was only moving about 15 mph on the country road. "Okay, just calm down," she said to herself. "You're almost home. Just another five or six miles."

At that moment a deer dashed out from the side of the road, pausing a second in the middle of the road, looking directly at Cathy. Cathy's reaction was the worst thing she could have done -- slam on the brakes.

"Oh DAMN," cried Cathy as the car spun around on the road and slid toward the shoulder. She felt the car hang on the shoulder a moment and then slowly slide sideways down the bank into the drainage ditch about four feet lower than the roadway. "Oh shit, this is great," muttered Cathy. "I'm not going to get this out of here. I should have hit the damn deer."

The passenger door was wedged against the other side of the ditch so she had to try to get out her door. The angle of the car was such that she had to push the door upward to open it. Cathy struggled with the heavy door, finally having to wedge a foot in the steering wheel to get enough leverage to push it up and open enough to scramble out into the cold. The snow was so thick and the light so dim that she could only see a short distance.

Jumping down, Cathy looked up and down the road, but didn't see any traffic. "I haven't seen anyone for the last ten miles," thought Cathy. "They've got better sense than get out in this weather." She could already feel the cold through her light jacket, "Well, I can't stay here, that's for sure. It might be morning before anyone comes by." She looked back toward the way she had come, nothing there for over six miles. "I should be close to Allan's home, probably only a couple of miles. Allan's out with Susan, but his father ought to be home." Her mind made up; Cathy set out walking, head bent down against the wind driven snow.

The snow was stinging Cathy's face and she was shivering from the cold as she plodded on. "Jesus, how long does it take to walk a mile, or two," thought Cathy. "I could freeze out here." With her head bent down and the snow stinging her face, she didn't notice the curve in the road as she stumbled along the edge of the road. When her foot went off the edge of the road onto the snow covered ice on the shoulder, Cathy cried out as her feet flew out from under her and she fell, sliding down the small embankment into the ditch. Her body broke the thin film of ice covering the eight inches of water standing in the ditch.

"Dammit....dammit to hell," cursed Cathy. "God, I'm soaked...soaking wet." She struggled back up the slippery bank and started walking faster; she could already feel the chill from the ice cold water as she shivered even harder. After about twenty minutes of stumbling about on the slick road, trying to walk as fast as she could and trying to fight off the numbing cold, she saw the mailbox beside the road with the Campbell name on it. "Thank God," thought Cathy, "I'm freezing out here." She could see a light on in the Campbell home, "If Sean isn't home, I'll have to break in....I can't stay out in this, not wet," she thought to herself, as she hurried up the drive.

When Sean opened the door in response to her ring, her teeth were chattering so badly that she could hardly talk. "Sea...Sea...Sean, I..."

Sean grabbed her by the arm and pulled her in the house, obviously surprised to see her. "My God, Cathy, what happened? You're soaking wet and shaking like a leaf," he said.

"I...I went in a...a..a ditch, about a cou...couple of mi..mi..miles back. I...I..I," stuttered Cathy, shivering violently.

"Lord, your hands are like ice. The wind chill out there has got to be well below zero. You've got to get out of those wet clothes and into a warm shower," he exclaimed as he pulled her by hand down the hall and into the bedroom. When Cathy tried to explain, he said, "Later. You can tell me about it after you get warmed up and in some dry clothes." Sean turned on the water in the shower-stall and adjusted the temperature of the water. "Now get out of those things and get in there and warm up. I'll get a robe or something for you to wear."

Cathy's hands were shivering so bad and her fingers so numb that she was still struggling with the buttons to her shirt when Sean came back in with a clothing box. "Here, let me," said Sean softly, as he unbuttoned the blouse for her and slipped it off her. Cathy tried to cover her breasts as he unsnapped her bra. "Cathy, it's okay, we've got to get you in that shower." Sean unbuttoned the side of her slacks and quickly stripped them down to her ankles and held them while she stepped out of them. She was shaking so hard she had to put her hands on his shoulders to steady herself. His head was on a level with her hips and he could see the dark triangle of her hair beneath her bikini panties, the wisps of hair sticking out her panty legs. He reached up and quickly stripped her panties down, trying to avoid looking at her pussy just inches from his face.

"Leave the water where it's set," he said as he helped her into the shower. "The water is just lukewarm...don't turn it up until you've warmed up some." Sean closed the door to the shower stall. "Call me if you need anything."

When Cathy came out of the shower, she found a beautiful bathrobe on the corner of the bathroom dresser, new, still in its box and tissue paper. "This must have been his wife's, one she never got wear," she thought to herself when she saw it. Her wet things were gone; Sean must have taken them to wash them. She had stayed in the shower for some time, gradually increasing the heat of the water, enjoying the feeling of the hot water on her body. "Lord, this feels good," she thought as she dried herself. The memory of how cold she had been made it feel just that much better.

Cathy walked into the living/den room where Sean was sitting on the couch before the fireplace. He glanced up as she came in, "Now, that's better," he said. "You don't look like an icicle any more."

Cathy laughed, "Even better, I don't feel like one anymore." Standing before the fireplace she explained what had happened, how she got wet, and how she was getting ready to break in his home if no one had been there.

Sean chuckled, "You're welcome to break in any time you need to. Now that you are over the shivers, I think you need a drink and you should be all okay. What would you like?"

"What's that you're having?"

"A martini."

"Great, I'd love one...a big dry one," said Cathy as she sat down on the couch.

"Coming right up," said Sean. As he mixed the drink for her he said, "Allan called while you were in the shower. He and Brent are at your place with Susan and Tracey. I told him you were here, and for them to just stay there, not try to come home. It should be okay since your mother will be there."

Cathy laughed, "Mother isn't there, she's in Springdale. Her sister is being operated on tomorrow."

Sean handed her the drink and sat down. "That rascal, he didn't say a thing about them being there alone, just the four of them."

Cathy put her hand on Sean's arm and laughed, "I would rather have them there, even alone, than out on that road tonight." She patted his arm, "Remember what it was like to be that young. To them, it's probably a big adventure, the storm and everything."

Sean laughed, "You're right, but it was the 'everything' I was worried about."

Cathy sighed, "I know, I know what you mean, but they're grown now. They're going to do their own thing. I like Allan, and I like Brent. I'm not going to worry about them. At least we know they are safe and warm."

"You're right, I..." At that moment the lights flickered once and then failed, leaving them in darkness except for the light from the fireplace. "I expected that was going to happen," said Sean. "It usually does in a heavy snow like this, and I never bothered to get a new generator." Sean looked at Cathy, "Don't worry there is plenty of firewood and that fireplace can keep this place pretty cosy."

Cathy sipped her drink while she watched Sean put more wood on the fire. "He is really a nice guy," she thought. They had not really dated but the two of them had been out to dinner a couple of times with Susan and Allan, and Sean had been over to dinner on Thanksgiving and Christmas. "Those are pseudo dates," thought Cathy smiling to herself. "I wonder if we ought to do our own thing, I'm sure the kids will." Cathy was suddenly very aware of the fact that she was naked under the bathrobe she wore. She remembered how Sean had undressed her, how tender with her he had been. She could feel her cunt growing moist and warm as she thought about it.

Sean had gotten the portable radio and tuned it to one the local stations, and they both listened to the weather bulletin. The major state highways had been closed due to ice and snow.

"If the major roads are closed it may be a day or two before they get ours opened again," said Sean. "The local roads don't get much priority when things are this bad."

"You may be stuck with me for a couple of days, Sean," said Cathy as she sipped her drink.

"Not stuck....I enjoy your company. If you had to run into a ditch, I'm glad it was near here." Sean chuckled, "I wonder what the kids think about us being here together in this storm."

Cathy laughed, "Let them wonder. God, I feel so much better now, so warm and relaxed. You're a good host, Sean." Cathy cocked her head listening to the radio; it was tuned to a station playing Golden Oldies. "Oh, I used to love to dance to that song. I haven't heard it in years."

Sean stood up and held out his hand, "Come on, if you don't mind some one who is pretty rusty in the dancing department."


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another quality story brought to you by AnonSky.

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