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Open House
by Muse

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

He took my glass and placed it on the end table. We started kissing. Open and hungering his mouth kept mine busy while his hands roamed my body. He started at the waist, one hand crept down to cup my ass, and the other wandered upwards to squeeze my breast. As he shifted down in the couch he pulled me on top of him, and his hands wandered up my skirt to pull me hard against his impressive hard-on. I continued kissing his mouth, jaw line and anywhere else I could lick and taste. His hands shifted and I felt the air become noticeably cooler as I heard the zipper make its distinctive purr during its decent. His hand shifted to my back and I felt the other hand work my dress over my head.

As my fingers eagerly worked the buttons on his shirt, I ran my hands over his chest and slowly ran circles around his nipples. I felt them harden as I lightly flicked over them with my tongue. James hadn't become sidetracked by my attention. His hands worked the straps of my bra down my arms and he had freed both breasts from their lacy confines.

"Although this is an attractive garment, it just has to go" he said as he undid the clasp at the back of my bra and pulled it from me. Here I lay slowly kissing my way down James' torso, topless, with my hands at his zipper when I heard the door open and a voice coolly comment, "Well, well, and just what is going on?"

I turned to grab my dress when James grabbed my hands and hold them to his chest. I couldn't roll from on top of him, nor could I roll out of sight. I was embarrassed beyond belief. And my passion, which was just on the edge of blazing into a bonfire, was now doused beyond belief.

"Beth, I don't think you have had the pleasure of meeting Alex." James coolly noted. "Alex, this is Beth. Beth, Alex." Before me was the exquisite brunette that was Eric's dinner companion, sipping the glass of wine that James had poured not ten minutes previously.

"So, what are you two up to?" She said as she walked over to the coffee table directly in front of the sofa. I dropped my eyes and proceeded to study what few hairs appeared on James chest. I heard Alex shift and realized that she was sitting in front of us on the table. Her head was no higher than six inches above ours and she had a keen view of us. It was then that I realized that James did not put on the safety lock on the door and that he was completely relaxed beneath me. Of course, he wasn't as bare as I was, but he seemed to be enjoying the conversation. And I knew that I had been sandbagged.

"Well, we were getting ready to do the nasty, you know," he answered. As I stole a glimpse of her, she seemed relaxed as she sipped her glass of wine.

"I guess this is the woman you told me about earlier," she commented.

At that point in time, I was wishing that I could just drop off the face of the earth and was trying to figure out just how to extricate myself from his hold so I could slink out of the room and die of embarrassment. I looked up to face James, my eyes pleading with him to let me go. He smiled down at me and leaned to drop a quick kiss on my nose. My eyes must have bugged out of my head, because he laughed.

"You are right on time, Alex," he replied.

"You did say ten minutes, more or less" she replied.

"Are you going to let me go so I can leave?" I sputtered.

"Oh no, Beth, you aren't leaving. The only change is that Alex is joining us." James answered.

At that point, Alex leaned over and placed a cool kiss at the nape of my neck and ran her hand down the length of my torso. My body responded even though my mind screamed that wanting and doing are two separate things.

"I think that you found a virgin," Alex commented.

"If she is, she is the hottest little virgin I've ever met!" James said. "I wish you could have seen the way she was staring at you."

"Since she was staring, let's give her something to look at." Alex laughingly commented as she stood up, reached behind her back, and undid her zipper. She let the silk slither to the ground and she stood there in her panties and shoes. And I couldn't help but look.

As James loosened his grip on my wrists, I turned slightly to look at her well-shaped breasts and her slender hips. Yes, she was maybe 25 in life years, but in life experiences she was way older than that.

She leaned over and placed her next kiss on James' lips. As she curved her arm around my back, she broke the kiss long enough to lick my collarbone and whispered, "The couch may have been big enough for two, but the bed would be so much more comfortable for three."

She eased a kiss on my shoulder and whispered, "Won't you play with us, because we sure want to play with you." I couldn't help myself. She was as sexually charged as her partner who was stroking my ass as she proceeded to describe in depth what we would do. Her imagination had no limits, and I licked my lips and nodded my agreement to what they were suggesting. It almost seemed like sleepwalking as I allowed myself to roll off our companion to link arms with this vision of loveliness and walk into the bedroom where a wonderful king sized bed was waiting.

As I noticed before, the bed had been turned down for the evening, mints on the pillow and everything. Before I could move, Alex had shifted position and was now behind me. Her hands eased around my waist to tease their way up to my full breasts. I looked down to see a beautiful, feminine, manicured set of hands testing the weight of my breasts and teasing the length of my nipples. I leaned my head back. Alex and I were perfectly matched in height. My head hit her shoulder and I relaxed until her hands worked their way down my hips to catch the sides of my panties. I lifted my head long enough for her to ease my lacy undies down my legs and helped me step out of them. She then gently undid my shoes. When she finished, she turned me around to face her. Now, three inches shorter than her, I felt at a disadvantage, but she ran her fingers, catching my hair and gently tugging my head back so my face was tipped up towards her. I could see her eyes glitter with desire as she wet her lips with her tongue and then immediately drop her head to devour my mouth with hers. I was expecting tenderness; instead I got a full dose of passion. Her kisses were insistent and exacting. It was then I realized that my fantasy was being fulfilled and I returned her kiss with all the zealousness of the newly converted.

As our tongues collided and I reeled from the intensity of desire, she gently pushed me back. My legs were at the edge of the bed. I fell back into the depths of the mattress. The mints bounced slightly the bed reverberated under my weight. I lay back, watching Alex, for some subtle clue as to what I should do next. As quickly as she divested me of my unmentionables, she discarded her own, slipped out of her pumps, and peeled out of her thigh-high stockings. Before joining me on the bed, she gave me the opportunity gaze on the beauty of her form. She was perfect in almost every way, small firm breasts, and a nice long flank, with all the curves of the feminine form. The freckles dusted her shoulders and the top of her breasts. The perfect globes of her breasts were wonderfully creamy tipped out with a small dusty pink nipple on each. I licked my lips as I stared at her.

"I see that you like what you see," she said, her eyes dropping to my pussy. I knew that it was swollen and full. Within its fullness, she could see the moisture seep down to wet the bed beneath me. She crawled onto the bed until her head was even with mine. The room was partially lit by the bathroom light. The room was not dark; in fact I could see every nuance of expression that crossed her face. She slowly started to kiss me, and I began to stroke and return her kisses, when she broke the connection and glanced over her shoulder. I tilted my head to see James standing there, shirt undone and pulled from his pants. His slacks were rumpled and he had a bemused grin on his face as he slowly sipped the rest of Alex's wine.

"Aren't you joining us?" she queried.

"In a few, right now I'm just enjoying the show" he returned.

Alex just shrugged and looked at me. I saw her smile curve across her lips and she bent her head down towards me to capture my mouth beneath hers. I closed my eyes and concentrated on all the wonderful feelings running through my body. Her softness was different than a man's, her curves more yielding and generous. I giggled and proceeded to roll so that she lay beneath me rather than me trapped under her. We continued to kiss and I opened my eyes to see that she was as excited to be with me as I was to be with her. My hands started to stroke every curve, every nuance of her body. When my hand it her breast and gently squeezed, she let out a moan. Her excitement just egged me on. I licked a path down to her erect tips and gently tongued and licked them. Her skin was warm and glistening. I hit a spot where she had sprayed either perfume or dusted with powder. The bitterness was distracting, but the aroma intoxicating. As I continued to pay an inordinate amount of attention to her tits, my hand wandered down her belly to rest on her brown thatch of hair and the V between her legs. Alex slowly parted them and my hand proceeded to slowly stroke her labia with a light, caressing touch. As she proceeded to squirm, I gently pinched her labia together, measuring her fullness. She started and ground her pubis into my hand. I ran my middle index finger between the lips and gently flicked her distended little clit. I took the creamy liquid from her vagina to slowly rub her clitoris in little circles. She widened her legs more and guided my head back to her mouth as her pelvis started to mimic the motions of intercourse. I lifted my hand from her swollen sex, and lifted my fingers to my mouth. Before I could help myself, I popped my fingers into my mouth and sucked her juices from them. It was the wonderful warm musk of a woman and I realized that my hand shouldn't be enjoying all the fun. My mouth traced its way down to her center. The first lick was tentative. The second was deliberately delving into her warm core. I tasted her sweetness and could smell her intoxicating scent and I was lost. I lapped ever so gently at her distended clit, lovingly licked her sweet little box hearing her groans. She didn't hold back at I felt her push up against my mouth, requesting more. I was more than willing to oblige. Of all the times that a man had paid me this intimate homage, I now understood the pleasure of the giving. In some ways it was similar to blowing a man, it implied a level of trust and understanding of your lover. For every stroke and every lick my mind poured over the delights of her flesh and strove to remember every great lover that had performed oral on me. For every taste of her, I could taste me. For every whimper and cry, I whispered and groaned. Her legs froze and her hands reached to tangle my hair. As the sweetness poured from her, I felt the orgasm seize her body and then slowly ebb away. Now was the time to truly explore. I tentatively licked the tip of her clit. She jumped at the gentle touch. For a few minutes I stroked her thighs, reached up and caressed her breasts, all the while slowly, tenderly licking her moistness. At that point, I couldn't help myself; my hand reached between my legs and slowly began to massage my own sexual core to relieve my tension.

Alex wasn't so spent by the orgasm to miss what I was doing. She rolled out of my reach and moved so that her face was in proximity to mine.

"No way are you going to masturbate that sweet pussy to climax, that would be MY job," she whispered.

She slowly began to kiss me. I writhed beneath her, my passion almost to the breaking point. She giggled and started massaging my breasts. Her touch was tender, but sure. I knew that she was no novice to a woman's desires.

She murmured in my ear, "Just lay back and enjoy the ride. You have pleased me greatly and I wish nothing more than to please you in return." For every sensation of touching her, tasting her, loving her, she returned. She licked down to my breasts. Her caresses weren't as tender or gentle as I would have expected. Instead her hands were softer, her mouth more insistent, and her breath ragged. She was working up another orgasm while she was getting me off; enjoying me spend was foremost in her thoughts.

I could see as she worked her way down my belly. I tried to avoid the obvious comparison of our bodies. As I relaxed under her touch, I reminded myself that she wanted me. My eyes looked up. I don't know how long we had been making love, but I had almost forgotten that James was still in the room. As Alex blew ever so gently on my tight nether curls, I stared at James. Instead of drinking, he was propped at the doorframe, his shirt still on, but his pants were unzipped. As Alex took her first taste, I watched James stroke his erect member that he had released from its confinement.

I leaned up to see Alex, crouched over my sex, staring intently up at me to see if she was getting the reaction that she expected. The intimate kiss was more than unbearable. It felt so damn good. From my point I could see that Alex's lovely backside was in major vantage viewing area for James. I threw James my best inviting smile, and leaned my head back to give myself up to the orgasm. It had been burning hotter, deeper and when I went over the brink, I yelled, groaned and Alex kept on. I felt her hands steady my hips, and she widened my legs. She dropped her shoulders and ran her finger from my vaginal opening up to my clit. She proceeded to gently open my flower with her fingers, my inner lips moist and inviting in their rosiness. As she bent her head to gently suck there, I felt the additional weight when James joined us.

It wasn't that James actually got on the bed. As Alex stabilized her weight over my hips, James slipped in to take her from behind. I opened my eyes to make eye contact with him. He smiled and proceeded to slowly move in and out of her wet pussy. I could hear the wet, seductive sounds of good old-fashioned fucking and Alex began to lick me in rhythm to his thrusts. As I rolled my hips to increase the sensations, she ran a long index finger down the sensitive ridge from my clit to my vagina. At one of James' thrusts, she inserted her finger into my core. As I felt the next orgasm come, I knew that my pussy sucked her fingers into me, wanting more and more. She obliged with a second, then a third. The intensity was so acute and the pleasure so strong that I gave into the exploding orgasm which violently contracted my vaginal walls. It was with a groan I heard James lose his load and Alex collapse on my pelvis and enjoy her own special moment. As James leaned over onto her shoulder, she relaxed her way up to me. James was kind and spared her his full weight. As he detached, I noticed that his penis was relaxing after his exertions. And it felt kind of funny that to my left lay the beautiful woman that I had fantasized about; and to the right was the man that called me on the attraction

The telephone rang. Alex rolled to her side and picked up the receiver.

"No, I just had to get something from my room. I'll change and meet you downstairs in say twenty minutes." She remarked. "Yes, I'm looking forward to getting to know you better, too!" she cooed. She hung up the telephone and rolled back into my arms. "Yep, that is where I was," she commented.

James seemed nonplussed. "And who was that?" he asked.

"Just Eric," she replied. "He wants to go for a little ride and he asked me to accompany him, and as you heard I am meeting him." Alex stated.

"And what is your devious mind planning?" James leaned up and looked over my boobs to ask.

"I wonder if he has ever had a blow job while driving down a quiet country road," she pondered.

I replied, "Well, since he has a convertible Jag, if I were you I would settle for a fuck on the hood of the car."

James and Alex burst into laughter. "It seems we have a convert to the hedonistic side" James smirked.

"Why, thank you very much," I replied "And are you still going to fuck my brains out?"

"I guess that since Alex is going to be a party pooper, that we will have to carry on, the best that we can," James commented.

Alex rolled off the bed and strolled towards the shower. James eased us under the covers and said, "You do know that I will need a little recovery time."

"Not a problem. I'm willing to give you several recovery times if it means we continue this form of pleasurable entertainment." I answered.

Alex giggled and said, "And to think that I was worried that James would be bored."

James retorted, "A person that would be bored has no imagination and birds of a feather flock together!"

"Now, Now James," Alex commented "Don't mix your metaphors!"

The rest I didn't hear. I just gave into the seduction of sleep and the promise of further education at the hands of James and perhaps even Alex.

Somehow Open House has become one of my favorite times of the year. I always look forward to a visit from the White Rabbit Bookstore owners with their own special Magical trips through the looking glass.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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