The Best Erotic Stories.

by Zimmy

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More pre-come had oozed out, and Val used it to lubricate the dick as it slid through her hands. After a couple of minutes she could stand it no longer and leaned forward to take the cock head in her mouth. She loved the feel of a smooth prick sliding in her mouth, and she loved the salty taste of the man's secretion. She sucked on the cock, and moved her mouth up and down over the ridge of the head as she continued to pump the cock with her hand. She raised her other hand up and began caressing the mans balls, fondling them like precious jewels.

The man began to pump her mouth with great urgency, and Val knew he would come soon. She leaned into the man, rubbing her titties against his balls and shaft as she bobbed her mouth up and down on the cock, desperately wanting to taste the man's come. She felt his balls contract first, then the spasms of semen shooting up the shaft. The first squirt she took in the mouth, but remembering Jean's orders she quickly pulled her mouth away. She stroked the squirting cock, and rubbed it with her tits. The following streams of come splashed against her chest, and the rich musky smell filled her nose.

The man pumped about a dozen streams of come before Val felt his cock start to shrink. She backed away, and observed that plenty of the come had gotten on her titties. She let go of the cock, and started to pick her blouse up when she became aware than somebody was standing inside the restroom. Another man was there, watching her. Val couldn't recall seeing him in the bar before. He was dressed too nice, in a jacket and tie.

As Val buttoned her blouse back up, just to where Jean had unbuttoned it before, she felt the man push something into her hand. She looked down and saw it was a $20 bill. Oh yeah She thought, I'd forgotten about that. The man quickly had pulled up his pants and left the restroom. Val was surprised he left so quickly. It was like he was scared

"Well, well." The new man said. "Looks like we got ourselves a cheap little whore!"

Val was in no mood to be insulted, right after she'd had reason to feel good about herself. "Fuck you!" she said, surprising herself somewhat with her attitude.

"Well, honey, I'm afraid it can't be all pleasure. We have to do a little business now." the man moved his hands towards his pants. Val was struck with the idea that this man wanted to have sex with her too. And was probably willing to pay, thinking she was a prostitute.

"I'm not a prostitute!" Val tried to explain. The idea of more sex actually appealed to her, and this guy was much more attractive than the other man had been. But Val was afraid of what Jean would say. But she was supposed to be watching the door to make sure no one else came in. Maybe Jean sent this guy in too? Should I do it with him too? Is that what she wants? Or should I go out and see first? I can always come back.

Suddenly Val realized the man was not undoing his pants, but was pulling back his coat. And there, attached to his belt, was a big silver badge. A police badge. Val heard herself draw in breath. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to take you downtown Honey. Then you can call someone to put up your bail, that is unless you want to spend the night in the holding cell."

Val was terrified! "I won't cuff you unless you make me. Now, are you going to come along peacefully, or do we do it the hard way?" The man was reaching towards the back of his pants, like he was ready to grab something. Val was in a panic.

"I,..I'll go with you." She pleaded. "Please don't handcuff me!"

"You head on out the door then, sweetheart. My car's parked right outside. I'll be right behind you."

Val walked out of the restroom and looked nervously around the bar. The man she'd been with before was no longer around. Val managed to get Jean's attention, and motioned for her to come to her with a nod. "Help me! There was a policeman in there when I was with that other man, and now I'm under arrest! You've got to do something! He's taking me to jail!"

Jean looked at the absolute terror in Val's eyes, and a small smile escaped her. "Now who's powerless, huh?" Jean then reached into Val's blouse and stroked her titties. She pulled her hand back out, and saw the come that had been on Val's tits. "So he did like' em Huh?"

"Please! Help me. If my husband finds out I'm dead." Val was nearly out of her mind. All she could see was the beating she was certain was coming for her. She saw the man come out of the restroom, and she started for the door. She didn't want him to think she'd not been following his orders, and handcuff her. She looked pleadingly at Jean one last time as she walked towards the door.

Val walked outside the bar and looked around. She didn't see any police car, but then she realized that this was not a uniformed officer, and his car was probably unmarked too. Val decided she'd just wait there. She thought of just running to her car, but she was terrified that Jean would tell the officer who she was, then he'd just come to her house.

After several minutes the officer came out of the bar, with Jean following him. "I had a little talk with your friend here, and I think maybe I jumped to a conclusion. She tells me you're not really a whore. Is that right?"

"Oh, yes officer! " Val was overwhelmed with relief. Jean had saved her!

"Well, I still need to straighten out a thing or two, so I need you to go around to my car in back. Val turned and followed the man around behind the diner. Jean trailed along even further behind. In back there were two cars, but one was a sports car, obviously not a police car. The man walked up to the rear of a Chevy sedan and turned to face Val. He reached into his coat and pulled out Val's discarded bra. "This is yours isn't it, Honey?"

Val was embarrassed again, but reached out to take the bra. It was so small it was obvious that her tits were small too. But the man pulled the bra back to him. "Not so fast. Your friend told me that you weren't a whore, that you were just a super horny bitch who liked to get it anyway you could. Pull up that skirt and let me see those legs of yours. Hurry up now!"

Val looked back to Jean, but apparently she hadn't followed all the way around back. She was alone with this man, and he would just as soon arrest her if she didn't do what he said. There was only a single light in the parking lot, about 100 feet away, so the lighting was pretty poor. Val could feel the cool summer breeze hitting the drying come on her chest, and the cool sensation had caused her nipples to harden again. I don't have any choice, Val thought.

Val had worn a loose skirt which hung just below her knees. She had a nice tan, so she didn't wear pantyhose in the Summer. Val reached down and began pulling the skirt up gathering it in her hands. "You got nice legs honey! You pull that skirt on up, I want to see your cunt."

Val bunched the skirt up around her waist. Her white cotton panties almost glowed in the near darkness. The cool wind hit her crotch, and she was very aware of her wetness there.

"That looks real nice Baby. I'm going to get me a closer look." The man approached her and knelt down. She felt his hands touch her hips and move around to caress the cheeks of her ass. "Spread your legs a little honey." Val obeyed without thinking about it.

The man pulled down her panties and exposed her vagina. Even she could smell her wetness there. The man touched and caressed her clit, which caused Val to moan with pleasure. Then the man slipped a finger inside her, and soon he was pumping her pussy with his finger while rubbing her clit. Oh shit! I'm going to come. Thought Val. Without realizing it she was pumping her crotch against the man's hand. But then the fingers withdrew.

"God, woman. You got my dick harder as a rock. Move over to my car, right there at the trunk." Val still had a hold of her skirt, but found that she couldn't walk with her panties pulled down. She looked down at the man and he moved them down her legs, where she raised them, allowing him to remove the panties. She saw him stick them in his pocket. She walked to the car.

The man arose and approached her, undoing his pants as he came. "Bend over that trunk." He said. Val did as she was told, the cool metal of the trunk jerking her out of her trance a bit. What am I doing? She thought. Here I am with my bare ass hanging out in a parking lot, and some strange man is going to fuck me. But I want him to. I'm so ready to be fucked. What's taking him so long?

Then she felt hands on the cheeks of her ass spreading her. She moved her legs apart, trying to help, and soon she felt the probing head of the man's cock make contact with her pussy lips. She was so wet he slid in easily, and she felt his balls bang against her too. Soon the man was pounding her from behind with great gusto. Val loved every second of it, and came twice before she felt the man come in her.

Val felt the man's cock start to deflate, then he pulled it out. But just as she was about to rise up he said "Stay where you are! I didn't say you could get up." Val again began to get scared. Was he going to arrest me anyway?! Val stayed there.

"Please, let me go now!" Val pleaded. So far she had actually enjoyed the events, but she just wanted to go home now.

"Did you like that?" He asked.

"Yes." Val said quietly. "Now, please can I get up?"

"Do you like it up the ass too?" The man was still controlling her.

"Sure." Val replied. Actually she'd never had it in the ass, but she thought that wasn't what he wanted to hear. Besides, there was no way this guy was going to be able to do it again anytime soon anyway.

"Good, baby. 'Cause my friend here is dying to stick his big fat cock into that sweet ass of yours. Now you do him good, like you done me, you hear?"

Oh God! There's another guy! What am I going to do? Val just nodded her head. She was afraid to look back, and really didn't want anyone else to see her face. Val felt a pair of hands on her ass, caressing it. She was very scared, but she didn't know what to do. She felt a finger probe her very wet pussy, then she felt her own wetness being applied to her asshole. She closed her eyes very tight and waited for it all to be over.

Jean watched as the second man pulled his penis from his shorts. He's not too large, she'll be okay, she thought. The man first stuck his cock into Val's pussy and thrust a few times. Jean could see that Val wasn't enjoying this now. Her head was down, and her eyes shut, as the strange man pulled his cock out of her cunt and pushed the head against her asshole. She could see Val tense as the man pushed. Then she saw Val relax a little, and soon the man was thrusting his ass into Val, pounding her into the trunk of the car. In a very short time he cried out, as Jean assumed he came in Val's ass.

Jean was very excited by what she was watching, and she pulled her skirt up so she could finger herself. Jean thought to herself Am I turned on by all the testosterone that's pounding Val's butt, or do I want a piece of that hot little bitch myself? I guess that's something I'm going to have to find out. Jean slowly fingered herself, never reaching orgasm, as she watched the next two men fuck Val.

After the four men had all shot their spunk into Val she was told to get up and leave. They kept her panties, and she could feel the men's semen running down her thighs as she walked back to Jean. The first man had been exciting. The second though, had scared her. When the next two had moved in Val began to realize she was not in control, that she had to do whatever she was told. She'd taken it up the ass. She'd reached back and fondled the man's balls as he fucked her. She'd told the last man what a nasty little whore she was, and how she loved to be taken anytime, anywhere, by anybody. That's what he'd told her to say, as he'd fucked her slowly while pushing his thumb into her ass.

Val walked up to Jean and she could tell that Jean had enjoyed the view. Val knew Jean had probably arranged for those men to have her, and that Jean would want more from her. She was under Jean's control now, she'd have to do whatever Jean told her to. She stopped in front of Jean, and saw Jean look at the come streaming down her legs. "Go get in the car." Jean told her.

Val knew which car was Jean's from seeing it at work. She went straight to it and sat in the rear passenger seat. Soon Jean joined her in the car. "Watching you get fucked turned me on, you know that don't you?" Val shook her head yes. "Take off your blouse, let me see those little titties again." Val complied immediately. "Now, I want you to take off my blouse, so you can see what real tits look like. That's right, what do you think of those?"

"They're very nice." Val said.

"Feel them, go ahead. Take off the bra so you can really get a good look at them. I like your hands on my tits Val. Do you like touching them?"


"Lift them up, feel how heavy they are? Don't you wish yours were like that?"

"Oh, I do." Val found herself actually getting excited by feeling Jean's big breasts. They were heavy, and Val wondered what it would feel like to have them on her own chest. Very different she was sure. Without being told Val caressed the nipples, which hardened instantly.

"I didn't tell you to touch my nipples! Now you gotten them dirty with your sperm covered hands. Lick them off. That's right, clean it good. Suck on the nipple, take it in your mouth and suck it! You suck fine girl. Do the other one. Oh yeah. You suck real fine."

Val was aroused again, despite what she'd already experienced that evening. She sucked as hard as she could on Jean's big black nipples. She moved from one to the other, always rubbing the one she didn't have in her mouth. She tried to push Jean back on the seat, but Jean resisted.

"Oh God! That feels good. You've got my pussy all wet now, just like yours." Jean was running her fingers through Val's short black hair. "I want you to stop for a bit, you hear?" Val reluctantly released the saliva covered tit from her mouth and sat up. She continued to fondle Jean's breasts with her hands, tweaking the nipples. "I like that! Do it harder! C'mon, harder! God, that makes me so horny. Are you horny too? After what those men did to you?"

Val looked at Jean, and was sure she saw genuine concern in her eyes. She really cares about whether those men hurt me! Val thought. "I was a little scared, but they didn't hurt me." Val said. "And, yeah, sucking on your titties does make me horney again. I like it. I wish I had tits like you."

Jean looked at Val, and reached down to take a hold of Val's legs. She moved one where it was outstretched on the floor, and the other Jean pulled up on the seat and placed beside her so that Jean sat between Val's legs. Val offered no resistance as Jean moved her legs into the position Jean wanted. Val's skirt was pushed up some, but now Jean reached around behind Val and tugged on the skirt. Val raised her ass to allow Jean to pull the skirt completely out from under her. Val felt the coolness of the nagahyde seats against her bare ass. Jean moved her hands again and lifted the front of Val's skirt.

The odor of semen and sweat, and pussy juice flowed from Val's cunt, and it stuck in their noses. "Your poor pussy has really taken a pounding tonight hasn't it? Jean asked as she looked down at Val's crotch. "Probably a lot more than it's used to, I'll bet. Lay back against the door. Hold your skirt up out of my way."

Val obeyed instantly. She lay back against the door and watch as Jean stared at her, now very exposed, pussy. The lips of her cunt were swollen, and distended. Semen still oozed from her opening. She could feel Jean's gaze on her clitoris, and without thinking she pushed her pelvis forward, towards Jean, in an unconscious effort to get Jean to touch her there. Jean misunderstood the action however.

"Oh, I'll bet that asshole hurts doesn't it? Have you ever had a man fuck you in the as before? It didn't look like it. Lay back some more. Raise your knees. I want to look at what a freshly fucked asshole looks like." Val did as she was told. She was slightly embarrassed by the pose she was striking for Jean, but her embarrassment was more than overcome by her excitement, and her fear of disobeying. "Spread your cheeks for me. God you do look fuckable like that, even with those pathetic titties."

Val could feel her clit throbbing. It stood up so big and exposed right before Jean's face. It felt like it was growing even bigger. How could Jean not notice it. Not give it the attention it wanted. Val wanted to close her eyes, but she couldn't take them off of Jean as she reached forward with her hand.

Jean extended the index finger on her hand and rubbed it lightly over the wet opening of Val's pussy. Val arched her back and moaned at the pleasure of Jean's touch. But Jean didn't give Val what she wanted. She lowered her aim, and slowly pushed her finger into Val's rosebud of an asshole.

"It's very hot,..and tight. How did that big fat cock ever slide in here? Does it hurt?" Jean asked as she stroked her finger in and out of Val's opening. Jean looked down at the incredibly sexy sight in front of her. Val was laying back against the door of the car, her eyes half open and a look of pure sexual arousement on her face. Her legs were spread out, and drawn up, in front of Jean, with her cunt and asshole totally exposed. As Jean watched her own index finger slide into Val's asshole, she looked at Val's open pussy, and could smell the aroma of Val's cunt getting stronger. Val's clit seemed to be pulsing with the throbbing of Val's heartbeat. Jean could no longer resist, and reached out with her other hand to touch the swollen clit. Val moaned in response to her touch and opened herself even more. It was clear to Jean that Val enjoyed, even desperately desired, the touch.

"Oh you hot little bitch! Look how swollen and wet your pussy is. You want me to touch it don't you?" Jean asked, her voice low and husky with her own sexual excitement. " Put your hand down here. Show me how you want me to touch you."

Val quickly moved her own hand to her pussy. Although she'd felt it thousands of times, and had massaged herself to orgasm on countless occasions, this time it was different. Val looked directly into Jean's eyes. She saw Jean's excitement, and desire. As Val began to furiously finger her own cunt she looked at Jean and shared the experience with her. Quickly Val built to orgasm, she began to shake and feel hot.

"Make yourself come baby!" Jean urged Val onward. "I want to watch you come. Rub it. Rub it. Oh, it feels so good doesn't it! Come on baby! Come for Momma! Come on your hand for me"

Val let herself surrender to the orgasm, the most intense she'd ever felt. She felt as if she was melting, as if her whole being was pulsing in her pussy. She cried out as the waves of pleasure over took her, closing her eyes and throwing back her head.

"That felt good didn't it baby? I could tell you did that so good. I want you to lick your hand clean now. That's right. Put it up to your mouth and lick off those sweet juices. Suck on the fingers too, honey. That's right. Doesn't your pussy taste good? Tell me how good it tastes. Tell Me"

Val sucked her own juices from her hand, like she'd done many times before. Val liked the taste of herself, just like she liked the taste of men. She could tell that Jean was extremely excited too, and she wanted to please her. To have Jean feel the pleasure that she just had. She knew what Jean wanted to hear, and she was certain what else Jean was thinking. Jean wanted to hear that Val liked the taste of a woman, because she really wanted Val to taste her too. And, as Val sucked the pussy juice from her fingers, she looked at Jean, all hot & flushed in the seat in front of her, her blouse down around her waist, and her big dark tits heaving with anticipation.

Val knew that she had the ability to break Jean's spell right then. Val was the one with the control at that point, because Jean's desire put her in a position where she needed something from Val. That need gave Val power. She could exercise it, and put Jean back in her place. Then Val would have control of her life back, and Jean would not be telling her what to do anymore. All Val had to do to reclaim her life was to deny Jean at this time. Then it would be back to being the boss. Back to her marriage, and her sex life with her husband.

Val looked again at the need in Jean's face. She felt the heat of Jean's body radiate towards her. Jean was ripe for the picking, a slave to her own sexual excitement. Then Val spoke.

"I love the taste of my pussy! I want to taste yours now too. I'm yours to do with as you want. I'll suck your cunt anytime you tell me to. I'll fuck any man you say, I'll masturbate for you. I'm yours. I want to be your sex slave. Take me".

And the smile that shone on Jean's face quickly spread to Val's. Soon both women embarked upon a journey neither had before taken, but which theirs mutual desires now carried them as a twig upon a raging current.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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