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Sinful Sister
by J

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

(Inspired by Alec)

I figured if the roads were quiet, I would get to my Dad's place, three hundred miles away, by about four this afternoon. It was his sixtieth birthday today, and I was going back especially for a celebration dinner that my sister, Sindy, was having at her place. Mind you, apart from the three of us there would only be one other guest; my sister's husband, a nice guy called Greg.

My mind wandered as I drove up the unexpectedly deserted motorway. Sindy had been looking forward to this day for ages and kept on pestering me not to miss it. As if I would! My sister and I are still very close. Although we live miles apart, and only see each other about once or twice a year, we still phone each other every weekend. Even as kids we were always in each other's company. We played the same games, liked the same music and TV shows, ate the same food and often said what the other was thinking before the other had the chance to say it.

That's why I could never work it out. Why didn't she have the same incestuous thoughts about me as I had about her? I doubt if a single week of my life since I was a teenager has gone by when I haven't laid in bed at night and wanked over my sister. When I was home a couple of years ago and found myself alone one afternoon in Sindy's house, I managed to take a photo from her scrap book that Greg had taken when they were in Italy for the summer, of her in a teeny weeny bikini. It was the most flesh I had seen of Sindy's since she had become an adult, and I used it as a standby if my imagination was in need of a boost.

I'm thirty three now and Sindy is twenty eight, but my infatuation with her body all started years ago when she used to beg me to give her piggy back rides. Each time I had her on my back, I would pretend to lose my grip. This allowed me to position my hands on the cheeks of her little round ass in an effort to steady her. Slowly, I let my hands crawl into the legs of her panties. At first I just used to finger around her ass hole, but one day I decided to take a chance and actually got my index finger up her ass as far as the first knuckle. I remember Sindy gave a groan and asked me to take it out. I had tried a couple of times after that but always gave up when she protested.

I got to Dad's and gave him a big hug. It was good to see the old guy again. He told me to put my things in my old room upstairs that he had aired for me. We had a drink and I caught up with events. We talked more like friends than father and son. About six o'clock I went and had a bath and came downstairs ready to drive Dad to my sister's place at seven. It wasn't to be a dressed up affair so I just went casual.

As the car pulled into my sister's driveway, she and Greg dashed out to greet us. Greg pumped my hand sincerely as Sindy gave Dad a hug and a kiss. Then, with her arms outstretched, she came over to greet her big brother. As Greg took Dad into the house, Sindy put one arm around my back and I bent to kiss her. However, this was not her normal way of greeting me. I got two wet kisses from her on either cheek, but much closer to my mouth than I had experienced before. And I could have sworn that Sindy's other hand momentarily cupped my butt cheek. But before I knew it she had linked my arm and was ushering me inside. I put it all down to my wishful thinking.

Dinner was terrific and Sindy had even made a cake for Dad, with sixty candles on for him to blow out. Both Greg and Dad had been drinking heavily during the evening but I had to drive and just had a couple of glasses of wine. Sindy doesn't drink at all. When the table was cleared, she suggested we all play a friendly game of cards. Sindy's dining table is rectangular and so I sat on one long side next to her, whilst Dad and Greg sat opposite.

The game cracked along at a fair pace and more drink flowed down Greg and Dad's necks. Greg is a competitive guy, in a nice way, and every time he won a round he would stand up and cheer, then my sister would tell him to sit down and not make a fool of himself. Eventually, I started to win as much as Greg, and Sindy was thrilled that her husband had some competition at last. When I took the lead after a big pot (of matchsticks), Sindy screamed with delight and squeezed my right leg with her left hand. Two more wins followed, and each time she put her hand on my thigh, but each time she left it there just a little longer. I could feel my dick getting harder and casually looked down to see that I had a semi erection in my pants. At that moment a thought occurred to me. If I could manoeuvre my penis down the right leg of my trousers, then with luck I could actually have it gripped by Sindy. That idea alone and her single touch, if I got one, could keep me jerking off for years. As luck would have it, she had gone to the drinks cabinet to refresh Dad's glass. Without giving myself away, I quickly stuck my hand down my pants and positioned my member where I wanted it.

Sindy returned to her seat next to me and dealt the cards. I was praying for another win and for my sister's reaction to be the same. I thought that if I shifted further forward in my seat, then Sindy's hand was bound to land right on my prick. I had some pretty good cards and both my Dad and sister folded leaving just Greg and me in the pot. I put in an enormous amount of matches and hoped Greg would throw his cards away. I couldn't have wanted to win any more if it had been real money in the pot. Please, please let me win I kept thinking. After what seemed like hours Greg finally tossed his cards face down in front of him and told me to take the pot. Sindy screamed again with excitement as I hoped she would, and out of the corner of my eye I saw her left hand move towards my leg. I shifted further forward in my seat just in case her hand went too near to my knee and missed my ever hardening prick.

But then, holy of holy's, my own sister's left hand was resting on my throbbing penis and I almost had to clench my fists in an effort not to cum there and then. As soon as Sindy realised what she was touching, her hand was gone and back on the table. No matter, I thought, she had touched it, however briefly. We both acted as though nothing had happened and I dealt the next hand.

Out of the blue, Sindy turned to me and asked if that last hand was the best hand I'd had all night. I wondered if she was playing mind games with me. If so, I was up for it too. So I turned to my sister and said it was the best hand I'd had in a long, long time and that I hoped I would get another just like it soon. Almost imperceptibly, I felt Sindy's hand back on my leg, but nearer my knee this time. Then, with no resistance from me, she moved it further up my thigh towards my bulge. In order to offer her some encouragement, I spoke out aloud that I had a funny feeling that this hand would be as good as the last one. Sindy took the hint. I could hardly believe that after all these years, my own sister was finally fondling my dick under the table.

We turned to face each other and just smiled. Sindy began to knead my shaft with the palm of her hand, while her thumb rubbed against my bell end. It was difficult not to squirm in my seat as my sister toyed with me. I certainly did not want to cum in my pants in front of Dad and Greg so I excused myself and went up to the bathroom. Sindy said she'd follow me up, as she needed to put out some fresh towels. As I walked up the stairs with Sindy just a pace behind me, I could feel my mouth start to water at the thought of incest with my sister. I knew that we were already out of sight of Greg and Dad, so, by the time I entered the bathroom, I already had my dick out in my hand and waited for Sindy to catch me up. We could hear Greg and Dad laughing downstairs. I switched the light on and told Sindy to pull her jeans down because I wanted to fuck her. 'I want it too, Alec', she began. 'But we can't do it now, not with Greg and Dad downstairs. Tomorrow at eleven. Greg is at work and we can screw all day. I'll come and pick you up at Dad's'.

'What about now?' I asked. 'Something on account?' She looked down at my dick that was now visibly twitching with anticipation. Then, standing by the open door, my sister took hold of it in her right hand and began to wank me off. I couldn't believe it as I looked down at my stiff prick and my sister's small hand pulling the skin quickly back and forth. I knew it wouldn't take long and as she felt my balls tighten, Sindy's rhythm speeded up. I felt my rod begin to twitch, and then it all came out in one long stream into the bath. Sindy squeezed my knob between her thumb and forefinger and slowly brought her hand up to her mouth. Teasingly, she licked all her fingers dry. I told her that my spunk would be in her every hole tomorrow. As she walked back downstairs she turned her head and said: 'That's what I'm counting on'.

The rest of the night was an anti climax after that, as you can imagine. I drove Dad back home and went straight to bed to pull myself off again.

Next morning, I showered, then shaved my face, dick and balls and got dressed in just a T-shirt and jeans, no shorts. I went downstairs, too excited for any breakfast and told Dad that Sindy was picking me up at eleven so that we could spend the day together. I kept on looking at my watch, wishing away the time. At last, at eleven exactly I heard a car pull up on the road outside the house. By the time I got my keys and other stuff together, the doorbell was ringing. I said goodbye to Dad and opened the door to my sister.

Woooowwwwwww, is all I could think of when I saw her. Sindy has a perfect body for one who is only five feet two inches tall. She has huge breasts, a slim waist and is not too big on the hips. Although her legs are short, they are perfectly defined. Sindy's only problem is her face; none of our family are big in the looks department, but for Sindy it was a real drawback. If not for her large nose she could have been a glamour model and earned heaps. But at that moment I didn't care about her face, I wouldn't be staring much at that today anyway. My jaw must have dropped open as I surveyed her as she stood on the doorstep. My sister was wearing a bright yellow tube dress which fitted her every curve, and on her feet, in almost the same colour, were a pair of spike heels. I call it a dress but it was no more than a vest; there were no straps and the thin material covered her ample bosom and ended just below her crotch. I've seen photos of celebrities and movie stars wearing dresses that short but I'd never seen anyone in real life.

Sindy marched in past me and said she was going to say hello to Dad. I advised her that wouldn't be a good idea, the way she was dressed, but she just smiled and walked straight into the living room. I watched her from behind as she walked up to Dad who had risen from his armchair. As my sister reached up to plant a kiss on Dad's cheek, the hem of her dress rose up to reveal a pair of matching yellow panties.

What happened next almost made me fall over. Dad asked Sindy if she wanted a ride. She nodded and walked round behind him. Dad then put his arms to his side and my sister put her arms around his neck and jumped up onto him, piggy back style. Dad put his big hands on Sindy's legs, and I watched, mesmerised, as they travelled slowly up the outside of her tanned, bare thighs. Soon they were cupping the cheeks of my sister's ass. Both of them were smiling at me as Dad's fingers, one by one, sneaked underneath Sindy's yellow panties. After a minute or so, Sindy started to wriggle around and then she let out a groan and it was obvious that her pussy was riding Dad's thumb.

I was too shocked to speak, so Dad broke the ice 'You see son, you weren't the only one giving your kid sister a piggy back all those years ago'.

I blurted out that when I had tried to do the same, she had always told me to stop.

'You give up too easily, big brother'. Sindy whispered huskily, as her hips gyrated around Dad's torso.

'That's right', began Dad. 'You see son, I just wasn't prepared to take no for an answer from your little sister. You could say that I was a little more persuasive than you were'.

'Brutal and forceful are the words I would have chosen', Sindy corrected. Dad responded, 'Well, I agree that on that first occasion I did have to slap you once or twice so that you'd see things my way, but since then, if my memory serves me correctly, it has been you that has made the running, daughter dear. In fact Alec, I can tell you that from the day your Mother died to the day she got married, Sindy has begged me to let her share my bed. Hell, I even paid and organised an abortion for her'.

Sindy was groaning louder as she bucked on Dad's back. Dad said it was about time that I had a go at her so he motioned for me to come over and take her off him. Sindy pleaded not to be released from Dad's thumb as she was close to orgasm, but Dad told her that my hand would be just as good. Dad had to prise my sister's hands apart from around his neck before he could pass them over to me. Now, with her arms around my shoulders, Sindy reluctantly got off Dad's thumb and swung her legs around my waist. I looked down to see her high heels locked securely in front of me. At last I put my hands on my sister's smooth, firm legs. As I let them wander up her thighs to her ass, it took me back all those years to when I had first tried it on with her. Dad added to this feeling of nostalgia by announcing that he was going to pull the curtains so that, 'you kids can play down here as long as you like and nobody will see you'. It was almost as if we were playing a game of hide and seek.

With the room in semi darkness, Dad sat down in his armchair and switched on the TV, while his daughter was being finger fucked by his son just two feet behind him. Dad told us not to make too much noise while his favourite show, M*A*S*H, was on. By now, my erect left thumb was well and truly soaked with my sister's pussy juices as she rolled around on it. Her groans soon became faster and faster and then she just flung her head back and I felt her muscles tighten up as she screamed with delight.



This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by J.

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