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Submissive Trudy
by Richard Janice

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and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

"You're to be home by 5:30 and when you get in I want you to strip completely and go to the bedroom. You're going to put on the blindfold and get on the bed. I want you on your knees with your ass facing the doorway. You'll spread your knees wide apart then bend over until your head touches the bedspread. Then I want you to reach back and hold your buttocks wide apart for my inspection. You'll stay like that until you're told otherwise. Now, do you understand all your instructions?"

All this time Mr. Wilson's finger had been sliding gently in and out of Trudy's tight bottom, twisting slowly as it did. Trudy's voice trembled with excitement as she answered her lover.

"Oh yes."

"Yes what?" asked Mr. Wilson softly

"Yes Sir" replied Trudy

Mr. Wilson's finger pulled slowly from Trudy's upturned bottom and despite herself, Trudy felt her anal muscles pulling to hold him in. A few quick moments later Trudy found herself untied and the blindfold removed. Mr. Wilson was smiling at her.

"Now put on your skirt and get back to the office. Remember what's going to happen tonight."

"How can I forget?" grinned Trudy as she pulled on her skirt.

As she left the office, Kathy smiled knowingly at her again and Trudy felt the heat of her embarrassment rise to her face.

The afternoon at the office was a write-off. Trudy couldn't keep her mind on anything but the feeling of Mr. Wilson's finger in her bottom and the thought of what awaited her at home.

Trudy made fast time getting home and arrived by 5:30. Not wanting to wait, she quickly stripped off her clothes and hung them up. With a quick look at her watch, she figured she could spend 5 minutes in a shower and did so. By 5:30 exactly, Trudy was in her bedroom, naked and on the bed. She got herself into position and put on the blindfold. As usual, the blindfold had her get even more excited. Spreading her knees wide apart, she bent over and rested her head on the bed. Trudy reached back, grasped her buttocks, and pulled them open. She felt even more vulnerable than she had at the office. Just the idea that she was holding herself open in this obscene position for her lover to 'inspect' her was the most naughty thing she had ever done.

Trudy didn't have to wait long. After about 5 minutes, she heard the front door open. The door closed after a moment and she waited for her lover to come into her room to discover her. She felt her anticipation build. What would happen? She wondered. Where would he touch her first? The thoughts of what might happen next ran through her mind as fast as she could think of them. She knew her pussy was now soaking wet. She could feel each slight draft of air as it passed over her wetness. Trudy strained her ears trying to hear the sounds of Mr. Wilson entering her room. Each minute seemed like hours and all Trudy could hear was the sound of her own heartbeat racing, pounding in her chest.

The touch directly at the center of Trudy's anus was a shock and surprise. She gasped out loud, as the tip of a finger circled the center of her rosebud. It was cold and slippery. Trudy was sure it was covered with even more lubricant. The finger moved in a minute circular motion, teasing the sensitive opening. It only took a moment and Trudy's bottom began moving with the motion of the finger, undulating almost obscenely despite herself. The finger paused for a moment, waiting directly in the center of the opening and Trudy held her breath. It was as though time was suspended, waiting for the next movement. When it came, a moment later, it was a long firm movement. Mr. Wilson's forefinger slid fully into Trudy's bottom until it was embedded to the third knuckle. Trudy gasped and arched her back at the sensation of his finger penetrating her. The finger pulled out slowly only to be thrust back in again. Trudy couldn't believe the sensations. She had never imagined she could get so hot from being touched there. Her pussy was soaking wet and burning hot. Again Mr. Wilson's finger withdrew and then plunged into her. This time Trudy couldn't stifle a moan at the feeling.

The finger pulled from her slowly and Mr. Wilson felt Trudy's anal muscles pull in a vain attempt to keep his finger inside her. Mr. Wilson smiled as he watched her sphincter clench down on him. Her breathing was coming in short ragged breaths now and he knew that if he kept up the violation of her bottom any longer, she would come from that sensation alone.

Trudy whimpered softly as his finger pulled from her. Trudy waited, her back arched slightly. She knew that the position left her bottom pushed up and in her submissive position, she imagined how she must look, her bottom and pussy offered from behind to her dominant lover. She waited quietly for whatever Mr. Wilson had planned next. She did not have to wait long. Mr. Wilson's fingers began sliding up her thigh, moving slowly closer and closer to her wetness. He cupped her mound gently with one hand and began stroking her pussy lips lengthwise. Trudy waited for him to take her there but Mr. Wilson had other plans. One finger began stroking the length of her slit, moving her juices up and across her engorged clitoris. Trudy moaned at the feeling. Suddenly, Trudy felt her anus being touched again. The feeling was cold, lubricant again she guessed. The object at her rear passage was not a finger she quickly realized it was too hard. What was it?

The plastic plug pushed slowly into her, opening her already slippery bottom. As the plug was inserted, Trudy felt it getting wider and wider. Her breathing became ragged, short sharp breaths as the plastic intruder violated her rectum. Suddenly the widest part pushed past her sphincter and the plug became very narrow quickly. Her muscles pulled the plastic up into her, filling her bottom with it. The narrowest portion was kept from being pulled in by a T-handle that was now lodged against her anus. This meant that her anus was also kept open. Trudy felt her stomach muscles ripple in the beginnings of an orgasm and her anus clamped down hard on the plastic plug. All it would take would be one tiny movement of the plug or Mr. Wilson's finger on her clit and she would be over the edge but Mr. Wilson wouldn't let her yet.

"Oh Please." whimpered Trudy.

"Please what?" grinned Mr. Wilson.

"Please let me come."

"When I'm ready. Now be a good little girl for me and don't move until I tell you."

"Yes Sir" whispered Trudy as she concentrated on not coming.

Mr. Wilson moved back and sat down, enjoying the sight of Trudy's quivering body as she tried to keep herself from going over the edge. He was sure she'd never been more sexually stimulated in her life. He waited until she had calmed down somewhat before getting up again.

Trudy felt she was now more under control but the first touch of Mr. Wilson on the plastic plug in her bottom was as though it was an electric shock! She cried out at the feeling and arched her back again as he twisted it slowly inside of her. His fingers grasped the plug and moved it in and out in minute movements. Mr. Wilson started to pull the plug from her and Trudy thought she would faint. Her pussy gushed more of her juices and she knew that her thighs were soaked with them. She couldn't stop moaning and whimpering as the object was slowly pulled from her and she felt her sphincter grasp at it despite herself. Trudy's face was beet red both from excitement and the humiliation of so exposing herself to her lover. A moment later the plug was pulled all the way out leaving Trudy trembling.

"Trudy, do you want something now?" asked Mr. Wilson.

"Oh God do I ever!" said Trudy, "Please do it Jeff."

Mr. Wilson smiled down at her upturned bottom. "And what would you like me to do?"

Trudy blushed "You know."

"No I don't."

"F-f-f-fuck me." she stammered embarrassed by even saying the word.

"And where would you like me to fuck you?" asked Mr. Wilson in a soft voice.

Trudy hesitated then replied in a tiny voice she barely recognized as her own. "In my bottom."

Mr. Wilson moved forward until the head of his cock was just touching her anus. He was well lubricated already and Trudy's bottom was, of course, completely slippery. Trudy held her breath, waiting for him to push forward. Mr. Wilson waited a long moment until she started to relax then pushed the head of his cock into her. Trudy gasped. He was in! She had never thought it would be so easy and so, so hot! Mr. Wilson held himself there for a moment but Trudy pushed backward, wanting all of him. A moment later he was buried in her to the hilt.

Trudy's body was a riot of sensations, her pussy was still soaking wet and her clit was quivering. Her nipples had been hard since she arrived and now they were so hard they ached. The blindfold seemed to center her attention completely on what was being done to her.

Mr. Wilson started to move slowly in and out and Trudy started to rock with the rhythm. Trudy was getting closer and closer and Mr. Wilson knew he was too. Her bottom was very tight and so hot that he had to control himself from just spurting inside of her. Trudy heard Mr. Wilson's breath getting shorter and she knew he'd come soon just like her. Their movements were quicker and deeper now. It was only a moment before they wouldn't be able to hold back anymore. Suddenly Mr. Wilson paused, leaving only the head of his cock inside of her. Trudy moaned in frustration and tried vainly to push back on him.

"Trudy," he gasped, "do you know what I'm going to do to you tomorrow?"

"MMmmmmm," she moaned, "Anything, you can do anything to me."

"I'm going to shave your pussy bald and I'm going to spank your bottom just like a little girl." said Mr. Wilson

"Oh!" cried Trudy. The thought of doing that was too much and Trudy felt herself tumbling beyond any possibility of holding back. Her orgasm started to rush in on her from all sides and as it did, Mr. Wilson plunged back into her fully and deeply. Trudy cried out and felt her rectum squeeze her lover tight. That was all it took for Mr. Wilson and he felt his cum rush up from his balls and shoot deep into Trudy's bowels as she thrust herself hard back onto him.

The orgasm seemed to go on forever cascading over them again and again until they slid, exhausted onto the sheets of the bed.

Lying there, in a warm afterglow, Trudy pulled off the blindfold and looked over at Mr. Wilson. "I meant it." she murmured, "You can do anything to me."

Mr. Wilson chuckled as he held the beautiful girl in his arms. "I meant it before." he said, "Tomorrow, I'm going to have your pussy be smooth as a little girl's and then I'm going to spank your bottom until it's hot for me."

"Mmmmmm" said Trudy, "That will be the hottest thing I've ever done."

"It's just the beginning." said Mr. Wilson, "We're going to be more outrageous and exciting than you ever imagined."

"So long as it's with you." murmured Trudy as she snuggled.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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