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The Adventures Of Betty
The Archie Series
Chapter II - Prom Night

by IndianAsian

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

The next two weeks dragged drearily for Betty and Veronica. They were extremely anxious about their plans for the prom, but the night was finally there. Betty had just finished putting on her dress when the phone rang.

"Now who could that be?" she asked herself as she ran to the phone and answered it.

"Hi, Betty," Veronica's voice replied. "I've got some bad news about tonight. Reggie has the flu and can't make it. It looks like our little party will have to wait a while longer."

"Damn! I was looking forward to it, too," Betty moaned. "You're still going to the prom aren't you?"

"Yes. Reggie's friend, Ron, is taking me instead so I'll see you there. I've got to finish getting ready. I just wanted to let you know about our plans." Betty hung up and flopped onto her bed. Of all the rotten things that could have happened that night, this had to be the one that did. She was frustrated by the development, but she could live with it. She finished adjusting her dress.

The doorbell rang. Betty flew down the stairs in her bare feet to answer it. As she had expected, Archie stood on the porch in his rented black tuxedo. She had accepted his invitation to the prom early in the year and, since he had to leave early to go to work it wasn't going to interfere with her plans with Reggie and Veronica, she had kept the date.

As she looked him over, she was glad she hadn't canceled. Archie was the captain of the football team. His green eyes were set deep in his well tanned face that was framed by short blonde hair. He was arguably the best looking guy in the school.

"Right on time," Betty said as she put on her shoes.

"For you, I would never be late," he said looking her over very carefully, "and if I had known how sexy you were going to look I might have been early."

Betty blushed at the compliment and said as she shut the door behind them, "Thank you. You're not too shabby yourself."

By the time they made it to the prom, Veronica was waiting for them with Ron. The four of them talked and danced for hours, thoroughly enjoying each other's company and the music. They all drank quite a bit of the punch that was being served at first, but Betty was the only one that was drinking any by eleven. Everyone in their group had slowed down enough by then so that they didn't need anything to drink.

Because of this, she was the only one of them that fell prey to the prankster who spiked the punch towards the end of the night. She wasn't a drinker so after her only glass of the concoction she was feeling the effects strongly. It had been just enough to get her feeling very loose, but not totally drunk. The bandit was soon caught and the punch confiscated before many people had taken some.

That made no difference to Betty though. She was dancing with Archie, letting him hold her closer than she had all night and she was enjoying it. They were dancing in a dark corner of the room where no one was paying much attention to them. Betty, because of the alcohol in her system and the closeness to Archie, was beginning to get hot and horny. She halfheartedly tried to ignore the sensation, but she soon gave in to it.

The white, cotton gown she wore was backless with a deep cut V-neck that ended just above her navel. What appeared to be a short slit in the front of the dress that was just long enough to cover her ass and upper thigh was actually its opening. There were three inconspicuous buttons located at her navel and just below her pussy that were the only things holding the dress closed. She had made the dress specifically with the rendezvous with Reggie and Veronica in mind, but she was so turned on at the moment that she had to share its secrets with Archie.

She leaned close to his ear and whispered seductively, "Want to know a secret?"

Enjoying the feel of Betty's unbound breasts crushed against his chest, he whispered, "Sure."

"Do you really think I look sexy in this dress?" she asked, toying with him some more. "Very sexy."

She rubbed against him and could feel that his cock was beginning to strain against the confines of his pants and contin- ued her teasing, "I'm not wearing any panties."

"You're not?" he whispered with a hint of excitement in his voice at this revelation as he slid his hand into the back of her dress, feeling her bare ass. "Nope. And if you'll follow me, I'll let you know another secret." He quietly consented and followed her into a men's rest room down the hall from the dance area.

They went straight inside and Archie looked around nervously to see if anyone was in there. Betty didn't care. She smiled wickedly at him as she said, "If you unbutton these three buttons, I'll let you have what you see." He hesitated briefly, but wanted to see her body. With the buttons released, the dress fell open easily, hanging only from her shoulders. He stood admiring her figure, her erect, puckering tits, and her wet, pink pussy. Betty pushed him against the wall and unfastened his pants.

Before he fully comprehended what she was doing, his rigid cock was poking six inches out of his opened fly.

Betty looked down at his cock and said slyly, "Your cock seems to know what I have in mind." She removed her dress and took his cock in her hand. Betty pressed the tip of his cock against her clit, sending bolts of electricity up her back. She was in heaven. She was soon dripping wet with her juices. His cock slid easily deep inside her hungry pussy. Her cunt muscles clamped his pole hard as she began riding him slowly.

Archie let his pants fall down to his knees as Betty opened his shirt. He took her tits in his mouth, one at a time, and sucked gingerly on the nipples. She gasped with the added stimulation and the rhythm of her pumping quickened. Before long, Betty's pace had reached a fevered peak. She suddenly arched her back and let out a passionate scream. Her breathing became more erratic with each explosion of orgasm. Archie soon followed her lead with his own scream. Betty felt a surge build at the base of his cock and knew that any second he would fill her with his hot cum. With four powerful thrusts, Betty felt Archie's hefty load launched deep within her. She giggled gleefully as she felt his warmth shoot through his cock and down the walls of her pussy.

By the time he was finished ejaculating in her, his cum was running down the insides of her long legs. Betty lifted herself off of Archie's cum covered cock and leaned down to clean it. Betty licked Archie's cock dry, enjoying the taste of her own cum mixed with his. Just as Betty finished, Mr. Martin, the school's principal, entered the rest room. Mr. Martin looked sternly at the two lovers. Archie nervously got dressed as Mr. Martin, in a quiet, authoritative voice, directed an unpleasant lecture about not having sex in public rest rooms at him and assigning him three days of detention.

Mysteriously realizing that he was late for work, Archie hurried out the door. Betty was still standing naked with cum running down her legs. Mr. Martin turned to her, looking at her gently, and said, "And as for you, my dear, don't you think you should get dressed, too?" She was still high from fucking Archie and was hungry for more sex. Mr. Martin was a large, six foot tall, muscular man. His dark hair was showing signs of graying. Her lust was blind to anything except that he was a man and she wanted him.

he stepped towards him and said softly, "As you can see, I'm all wet. You wouldn't want me to get my dress soaked would you?" When she got right up against him, she reached down and felt the large bulge in his pants. He looked nervously at her as he answered, "I can see that. You can clean up with some paper towels first."

She unfastened his pants as she offered innocently, "Surely a man of your prowess can think of a much more satisfying way to clean me." She pulled his pants down, releasing his erect cock. She gasped at the size of his giant shaft that she guessed was at least ten inches long. Before he could respond, she added, "My God! I've never seen a cock that big before. I want to feel that monster cock in my pussy." As she turned, bent over, and spread her legs, she coaxed him, "Come on, Mr. Martin. I know you want to fuck me. Make me feel good. Stuff your cock in my pussy and fuck me."

Mr. Martin couldn't resist the beautiful sight of her dripping pussy. He grabbed her around the waist and pushed her forward so she was leaning against the wall. She moaned as the tip of his cock entered her slippery slit. Slowly, Mr. Martin guided his entire length into her, inch by inch.

When he was in her to the hilt, she gasped excitedly, "It feels really good having your dick fill my pussy. Now show me how good it feels to be fucked by it." At her request, he started thrusting in and out of her in long, slow strokes. Her pussy tightened each time he pulled out, trying to keep his love-pole inside. She couldn't hold back her soft screams of passion as he rammed his cock in and out faster and harder with each successive stroke. The reaming got her so excited that she came again within a few minutes. She could feel Mr. Martin become tense as her orgasm subsid- ed. She let him slide out of her as she faced him and knelt.

Taking him in her hands, she licked some cum from his throbbing cock. She moved her lips to its head and sucked gently. Suddenly, she inhaled seven inches of his ten. She wanted to swallow his entire length, but she couldn't manage it. Mr. Martin had been so stimulated that he shot his load of sweet, sticky cum down Betty's throat on her first descent. Letting several large bursts slash down her throat, she lifted her lips to the head again so she could take the rest in her mouth and taste its goodness.

When she finished him off, she stood and said, "I still need my legs and pussy cleaned." Mr. Martin knelt to her feet and licked all the way up each leg, cleaning them of cum. When he reached her pussy, he took his time licking the cum from its depths. He sucked on her clit as he enjoyed the smell of her body.

Finally, he stood and they both got dressed. "I can see why that young man wanted you so badly," Mr. Martin said smiling. "You're quite a sex machine."

"It wasn't really his idea to come here to fuck me," she said as she adjusted her dress. "It was mine. If anyone should get detention, it should be me."

"I think you're right," he said. "You can spend detention in my office Monday after school." As they left the rest room together, he added, "And no one must know about any of this. I could lose my job over it." Betty winked at him and said reassuringly, "Don't worry. I won't tell."


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

This story was born out of fantasies sent to me.
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