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The Capture of Bigtits
by Jesse

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

Carly walked into the dimly lit bar and looked around. She'd never been there before, and was a little surprised to find herself there tonight. A friend had called her - a guy friend. She'd known him a long time. He was nice, but not really her type. Of course, she knew she was his type, she laughed a little to herself. But she was used to attracting men's attention - and to fending it off, when necessary. She really didn't think the latter would be required in his case.

She found him sitting at a back table. He rose and smiled as she approached. She really hadn't dressed up for the meeting, but the look of approval on his face indicated that she looked just fine as far as he was concerned. She could tell he was making a conscious effort to look at her face, but she could also tell he was checking out the figure. She really didn't mind. She knew she had a good body. The simple white t-shirt she was wearing was a little tight, and she knew it accentuated her breasts. She had put on a little weight in recent months - and really wanted to take off about 10 pounds - but most people scarcely noticed her belly had gotten a little poochy. They're eyes never got down quite that far. Her breasts were a source of distraction for many a man. She was small of stature, only about 5'3", which accentuated her more than ample 34D breasts. They drooped a little more than she would have liked, but nobody other than her seemed to mind.

They both sat and he called over a waitress. She ordered a drink and he asked for another beer as he finished the one he had been holding. She continued to flash her perky smile as they exchanged a few pleasantries, both acknowledging it was good to see the other. They talked about old times, and what they had been up to as they continued to order more drinks. Carly hadn't planned on getting light-headed tonight. She knew she had to be up fairly early the next morning, but after the first several, she knew, like it or not, she was going to have several more. "Oh, what the hell," she thought, "I could use a break."

After about the 5th round he suggested food and she agreed. He mentioned that there was a nice place about a mile down the road that they should try, because the food wasn't particularly good where they were. That seemed fine to her. She could use some fresh air and some nourishment to sober herself up a little. They walked out to his car and he let her in, promising to return her to her car after the meal - and maybe a few more drinks.

As they drove off she knew that she was feeling drunker than usual. She had quite a few, but her tolerance was pretty high, yet now her head was swimming and she could hardly focus her eyes. She couldn't concentrate on what he was talking about as the car continued to drive down the somewhat unfamiliar road. He then turned off to a smaller side street and she tried to ask where they were going, but was unsure if she formed the words properly.

"Don't worry about it, Carly," he said, and she really wasn't.

She leaned against her door and was a afraid she might be sick or pass out. She felt his hand on her shoulder and he pulled her over towards him a little. She didn't resist and rested her head on his shoulder. The way she was now feeling she had very little choice, and it was softer than the window. He put his arm around her and she felt his hand resting on her chest.

"Oh, damn," she thought somewhat humorously, "he's gonna cop a feel."

Those were her last thoughts as she succumbed to the overwhelming tiredness she felt and drifted off into oblivion. He reached a hand in his jacket pocket and looked approvingly at a small bottle of pills. He smiled and nodded as he returned them, his other hand gently rubbing the cotton fabric that was sculpted around her large breast.

She didn't awaken as he turned into a long driveway and drove up to a small house shrouded in the woods. He leaned her against the other door, emerged from the car, then went around the other side to extract her. He carried her in his arms to the door and fumbled for a key to open it. There were no other houses for miles around and he felt there was little chance of him being seen. He realized he would have to return to the bar later and fetch her car, and would have to be careful not to be observed, but he still felt confident his plan was a good one and posed only minor risks. He carried her through the door, down a narrow flight a steps to a small room. He placed her in a large sofa chair near the back side of the room and looked down approvingly. He had taken several minor liberties with her body during their trek, already having touched areas that he had only dreamed about for the past five years. But he would restrain himself for now. There would be a time when he would show no restraint, but that would come later. He wanted her awake and aware when the real fun began.

Carly was still groggy, but slowly becoming more alert. She looked around, more puzzled than afraid. She saw him standing over her, staring down at her.

"What's going on?" she asked, with only a trace of alarm.

"Oh, I figure it's about time I had some fun," he said.


"Oh, yeah. Some real fun."

He grabbed her right wrist roughly, then her left.

"Ow. That hurts. Let go of me, dammit!", she said.

"Oh, I don't think so." Holding both wrists in one hand he produced a roll of strapping tape with the other and began wrapping it around them tightly.

She tried to kick at him and shove him away, so he sat down on her while he finished bonding her hands. She continued to kick and twist until he slapped her full across the face... not hard enough to do any damage, but enough to make his point. She looked up almost in shock. She couldn't believe he had really hit her. For the first time she realized she might actually be in danger.

She ceased her struggle as he reached down and lifted up her right foot. He slipped the shoe off, then removed the sock. Her feet were small.. almost childlike.

"Very suckable toes", he smiled as he ran his nails along her sole.

She quivered slightly. He then preformed the same act on the other foot. After it was exposed he again held it.

"Ummm... very suckable indeed," he smiled as he lifted it to his mouth and licked his tongue between two of her toes.

She jerked her foot away from him and again tried to kick him away. He slapped her legs roughly, reached toward her chest and grabbed her tit through her t-shirt and bra. He squeezed the nipple tightly with his thumb and forefinger. She grimaced in pain and let out a little scream.

"Stop It! Let me go!" she said through clenched teeth.

He knew her nipples were often very sensitive.. she'd told him several times when they had been out drinking in the past, teasing him with the information he had never thought he would be able to put to use. He didn't release his grip.

"Behave or I'll braid these titties," he said with a smile, finally letting loose of her.

Carly was almost in tears. She clutched her right breast, trying to ease the sharp pain she still felt there.

"Damn you, what the hell is going on. You're my friend, why are you hurting me".

Still smiling he replied, "Oh, I don't really want to hurt you.. well, maybe just a little.... I just thought this would be a good way to get to know you a little better. Do some exploring. I know I'm going to have fun, and after awhile, maybe you'll start to like it to"

"You're nuts," she said, really starting to believe it.

"Yeah, maybe a little" he said, as he leered at her. She could feel him undressing her with his eyes, mentally removing her white t-shirt and the pair of baggy light blue shorts that concealed her. He kept looking at her thighs, and then at her breasts, which where heaving under the shirt.

"You know, I've been wanting to see those tits for a long time. What say we unleash the puppies and take a peak."

Her eyes got wide. He really meant it.

"Keep away from me", she said, but knew there was little she could do to stop him.

"Oh, it'll be fun. I know you like to show 'em off. Its about time I got to see them."

He grabbed her chin in one hand and kissed her quickly on the lips. She turned her head as he released her. He then grabbed the t-shirt collar right below her chin and tugged it down quickly and roughly. The material ripped in two as he tugged. Her neck chafed as the back of the collar rubbed harshly against it. He then grabbed her bound arms and thrust them above her head. She again shrieked a little as the muscles in her shoulders strained. The ragged t-shirt revealed her bra... white with a little lace, straining a bit to hold in her amble bosom. Her belly was also revealed.. she was a little pudgy, but he still liked the look.

"Now for the good part," he said, and he ripped the bra in two as he had done the t-shirt.

And there they were, the tits exposed. Large, sagging a little. The aeroles were huge. He stared approvingly.

Looking from her tits to her face he said, "I'd barely be able to get my mouth around one of those nipples".

Angry and humiliated she again began to struggle. He reached down, caressing the nipple area of her left tit this time.

"Don't make me squeeze it," he teased, pinching it gently.

She again subsided and he released her arms.

"Those really are a fantastic pair of "tatas", he laughed, using the pet name he had heard her call them once years ago.

She covered herself as best she could with her bound arms, but frankly her breasts were too large to conceal. He came toward her again, grabbed one of her legs and began strapping it to one chair leg with the tape, then he did the same with the other. He then grabbed her arms again, lifting them up, and with tape strapping them behind her neck, making her large tits stick even further out.

"I think I really do like you this way," he said.

She said nothing, only stared at him as he began to rub his crotch. She noticed the bulge behind the zipper... he was obviously very excited. He then unzipped his pants, and slowly withdrew his stiff penis. She had never seen it before. It was unremarkable... average size... slightly pale in color... but it was very, very hard.

"Oh yeah, those tits are quite a sight," he said as he began rubbing his cock... slowly, up and down.

He moved closer to her, his erection maybe half a foot from her tits now.

"Damn fine titties," he muttered again as he kept rubbing.

She couldn't help by stare.. she had seen guys masturbate before. She had sometimes liked to watch a boyfriend stroke his shaft for awhile before they had sex. But this was far from the same and she was terrified.

After several minutes he began to twitch slightly, almost shouting, "Oh, yeah, here it comes."

Suddenly a huge glob of cum shot from his penis and landed square between her tits.

"Ummmmmmm," he moaned as he shook several smaller globs from his now relieved cock.

"Very nice," he said as he stepped even closer and wiped the end of his dick on first one nipple, then the other.

"That was fun, but we'll have even more fun later. Next time I'll be rubbing it between those whoppers instead of my hand."

He then walked out of the room and shut the door, leaving her bound, exposed and feeling the stickiness of his cum sliding down her chest.

Carly remained there for what seemed like hours, during which time she became very familiar with the small room she found herself in. There were no windows and the only door was the one he had exited. Furnishings were sparse... she was sitting... tied actually... in some sort of a cushioned chair. There was a straight back chair in one corner and a futon or something against the other wall. Her arms and neck and shoulders continued to ache because of the uncomfortable angle he had tied her hands.

She glanced down at her exposed breasts... the ragged t-shirt framing them. His cum had become hardened and crusty, making her tits look as though scabs had formed where he had ejaculated on her.

She still could not believe what was happening. She had known him for years and he was always such a nice guy, a little weird sometimes, but still nice. She knew he liked her and had caught him sneaking a peak at her body or brushing up against her, but she always thought it was kinda funny and certainly nothing to be concerned about. This was the last thing she had ever expected.

She supposed she had dozed for awhile, even in such an uncomfortable position. How long, she had no clue. Finally the door opened again, and there he stood. Dressed in his usual dark slacks and white shirt.

"Hey there", he said cheerfully. "Miss me?"

Carly looked up.

"Look, you've seen my tits and you've gotten your rocks off. Now why don't we just cut out this crap and you untie me. Then we can get out of here and pretend this never happened."

" that's not the way its gonna happen," he said. "For the foreseeable future, you can just consider yourself my own personal sex toy."

He was staring at her breasts again and she could see the bulge again developing in his pants. He walked over to where she was tied, produced a scissor and cut the remnants of the t-shirt away from her body, tossing it on the floor with the ripped bra. He held each breast in his hands, lifting them gently.

"Really fine melons," he said to her smiling.

She shuddered at the touch... to be so helpless while he fondled her and made comments about her body made her feel more exposed than she had ever felt before.

"Remember what I said last night," he said, as he let her tits fall into their normal position.

He then unbuckled his pants and let them fall to his ankles. His dick sprang to attention as he lowered his underwear as well.

"Oh, God," she thought, "what's he going to do now?".

He placed his hand on her belly, squeezing gently at its fleshiness.

"Put on a little weight since last summer, haven't you sweetie?"

She blushed, knowing it was true and feeling somehow ashamed about it.

"But never mind your cute little belly," he said as his finger twirled inside her belly button. "It's those titties I wanna play with now."

His penis touched her navel, then moved up to her tits. He then rubbed the head on what seemed like every inch of her breasts. He lifted one breast and put his cock under it, then let it fall to cover his stiff rod. He slid it back and forth a few times.

"Mmmmmmm... whoppers like these are made for tittyfucking."

She felt tears welling up in the corner of her eyes, the humiliation nearly overwhelming her. He stepped back for a minute, his cock still rock hard, then crawled up into the large chair with her, resting his knees on the arms. He began to massage her tits, not roughly, but still causing her discomfort because of the sensitivity of her nipples.

"Tell me to fuck your titties," he said.

She just gave him a withering look.

Squeezing the tits harder he said it again - "Tell me to fuck your titties."

"I can't," she cried.

"Sure you can. Its easy. Just say 'fuck my titties'," as he applied slightly more pressure.

"Oh, God! Fuck my titties," she whimpered.

"See that wasn't too hard. Now say it again - louder."

She shook her head, then felt the stinging pain on her nipples again.

"God! Fuck my titties! Fuck my titties!" she nearly screamed.

"Mmmmmm.... good. Now say 'Fuck my titties cause I'm a big-titted little slut'."

In tears she repeated his words. She scarcely noticed his cock had begun exploring her upper torso again. The head rubbed against her large mounds before settling into the cleavage between them.

"Now baby, I'm gonna fuck your titties, just like you asked," he said with a laugh. "You be a good little slut and keep chanting 'fuck my titties' till I shoot my load." He gave both nipples a pinch to reinforce his order.

The words came out as a whisper at first, "Fuck my titties. Fuck my titties. Fuck my titties."

He pressed her tits around his shaft and began a piston-like movement between them.

"Fuck my titties. Fuck my titties. Fuck my titties," she continued.

She felt him between them... pressing her tits to engulf his shaft.... moving up and down as she continued the demeaning chant. Then the movement became more rapid. She felt a slickness on her chest, knowing that his precum must be lubricating his path.

"Fuck my titties. Fuck my titties. Fuck my titties," she still muttered, praying that soon it would soon be over.

Using his hips to propel him even faster, pressing her tits even tighter, "Louder!" he demanded.

Nearly screaming, it came from her almost without control, "Fuck My Titties! Fuck My Titties! Fuck My Titties!"

Finally she felt him quiver after a violent thrust. The head of his cock poking between the top of her mounds released its load. His cum struck her under her chin and she felt it slowly streak down her neck. He sighed as he released her boobs, both red and welted from his grip. He again wiped the remnants of his cum on her chest as he got up off of her. His dick now hung limply as he stood before her, the tip still glistening from his recently shot load.

"You look good in a pearl necklace," he laughed as his cum continued to streak around her neck. She continued to whimper. Still laughing, he ran his finger across one of the larger globs then rubbed it on her lips.

She tasted his salty-sweet cum as she spit and sputtered, "You freak! God, let me go!"

He pulled a chair up close to her and sat down, not bothering to replace his pants.

"You do look pretty uncomfortable," he said, reaching up and releasing her arms from behind her neck. Aching muscles relaxed as she twisted her neck and stretched her shoulders. He then undid the tape that held her hands together. Still tied to the chair by her legs, she resisted an impulse to strike at him, knowing it would be futile. Instead she rubbed her wrists, then crossed her arms in front of her, finally affording her breasts a small measure of privacy from his invasion.

"So, are you hungry?" he asked.

She had scarcely thought of it but at the words she realized she was. She nodded. He stood and went back outside the door momentarily to retrieve a sandwich he had obviously brought down earlier. He tossed it to her, forcing her to again reveal her tits as she grabbed it. She took several bites.. it was just ham and mustard on a piece of bread, but she was hungry enough not to really care.

He picked up her ripped bra from the floor while she continued to eat. "34D," he said as he studied it.

She looked up quizzically. "Why are you so damned fascinated with my tits?" she said with only a trace of anger.


This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Jesse.

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