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The Journey Towards Ecstasy
(Keri's Adventures)

by Keri Patton
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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.
Keri opened her eyes to a new day. Unfortunately, that new day was the same old shit that made her hate her life. She knew that she would have the same chores to do today that she had done every other day for the past four years-ever since she was fourteen.

Her parents didn't allow her to have boyfriends and rarely allowed her to leave the house. She was home-schooled, which meant that she never got to socialize with kids her age. She knew how the world was because she watched television for one hour a day, before being sent to her room for the night. That was the only privilege that she got, and she valued that one hour because it allowed her to escape from her mental prison, but it also depressed her because she knew that she was missing out on a lot of fun things that the world had to offer.

Keri got out of bed and stood before the mirror in her bathroom, wearing only her night shirt and panties. She had long brown hair and hazel eyes. She was a very attractive 18-year-old with a beautiful smile, even though smiling was rare to her. She was as fully developed as any other 18-year-old girl, but she was still unhappy. She wanted to get away.

She knew that she had to do it soon. She couldn't take too much more of this bullshit. She was missing out on life and she knew it. The longer Keri stayed there, the more miserable she would get. She knew she was going to leave, but she didn't know when-or how, for that matter. Because of her father's inherited billions, there were surveillance cameras everywhere, except her room thank God. Leaving would be more than difficult, but a necessity if she wanted to survive the mental and emotional hell she was living.

Keri put on some blue jeans that fit her snugly around her waist and legs. Then she put on a satin pink shirt. That was the only freedom she was allowed. She could wear whatever she wanted to around the house, so that way if her dad's friends came over, they would think that she was a normal teenager. Their thoughts were always wrong.

She walked downstairs at 7:30am. Her dad was already gone, as usual, and her mother was just being her usual I'm-married-to-a-billionaire-so-I-don't-have-to-do-shit self. She was just eating the fine breakfast that one of the three maids cooked. Keri would occasionally talk to her mother, but it usually didn't go too well when she did. Keri would complain to her mother about being deprived and her mother was always yell at her, claiming that they did that to keep her out of trouble. So, Keri just stopped talking to her parents completely, unless they asked her a question, then she had no choice but to answer.

Her mom was quiet this morning, just drinking coffee and eating, as Keri sat down across from her at the large glass table that filled their massive dining room. Keri was served by one of the maids, and she tried to hurry and eat since her teacher would be there in a few minutes. Her thoughts were focused on a way to escape, but a security issue countered every thought she had. It was damn near impossible, but she had to face it...and soon.

The doorbell rang and Keri ran upstairs to brush her teeth and to grab her books. She was prepared for another boring day with her old teacher. She knew that if she had been in a real school, she would have graduated by now. Her parents told her that the reason that she was only in the 9th grade was because they wanted her to learn everything. So, it took her about fourteen months to complete each grade.

She had learned about sex from her Health class a few months ago, and from watching television. She touched herself a lot when she was all alone in her room, and she loved the feeling that it gave her. She loved the sudden rush of heat and energy that she got when she touched herself. And even more, she loved that feeling that she got after a long time of touching herself-that feeling where some kind of whitish liquid came out of her after making her vagina feel so damn good...almost like as if she were running up a mountain, got to the top, and started to fly over the edge...that was the feeling her vagina got when she played with it...and that was the feeling she loved.

She went back downstairs after getting her books and homework and she went into her study room, where the teacher was already waiting with her book already open, prepared to teach another tedious lesson. Keri had to withstand four hours of it every day. And each day just got more boring.

Keri greeted the teacher than sat down. Her teacher was an elderly woman, gray hair, glasses, who wore the business-like attire that her mother sometimes wore. The teacher never swayed off to personal matters. She stuck with the lesson and never went off that track. It was all business to her, and all hell to Keri. She knew that she was going to have to stay focused on her school work unless she wanted to get into trouble. But thoughts of escape kept filling her mind, only to be pushed away by her teacher asking her questions about what the lecture was about.

The day went by slowly, but Keri was thankful once it was over. She ate lunch, then went upstairs to get into her work clothes. This consisted of some small blue-jean shorts and a white tank top. She knew that she would be sweating today, because her mother wanted her to plant some more flowers in the garden. Even though they had maids, a lot of chores were still put on Keri, while it seemed like the maids got the easier chores. She figured her mother liked the maids more than her own daughter, especially since Keri would catch them all sitting in the living room, enjoying a cup of ice tea, while Keri was cleaning and sweating. This infuriated her every time she saw it.

So there she was, on her hands and knees in the back yard, digging with a little miniature shovel in the dry dirt. It didn't take long for the sweat to start to form on her neck. Keri kept digging...digging with hatred, stabbing at the dirt as if it were her mother or father. All of her emotions built up and she just kept stabbing the dirt, going deeper and deeper into the hole she was digging; going further and further towards an emotional breakdown. Tears were in her eyes...the adrenaline was pumping so fast and she just kept stabbing as the tears rolled down her face. She didn't care anymore. She would do anything to get the fuck out of there...and she raised back her hand as far as possible, to give the dirt the last thrust before going into the house to kill whoever tried to stop her from leaving...and with the last thrust, she drove it into the hole with as much force as she much force that her forward motion never stopped...she fell into the hole...into a world unknown to her. She was falling...watching the sunlight from the hole she dug getting dimmer and dimmer until it disappeared. She was falling, and scared as hell too. This was so unreal. She was bound by no chains, bound by no security camera, bound by nothing...just falling. The shock stopped her from thinking anything, except the fact that this couldn't be real.

Keri was descending so fast, and she was so confused. She looked down towards the place where she was falling to, and saw the most beautiful thing she had ever seen in her life. She saw a wavy bright blue liquid...more pure than water, more beautiful than any rainbow. It was getting closer so fast, and she tried to brace herself to be plunged into the water, but as she hit it, it stopped her immediately, and placed her gently on the ground.

Keri opened her eyes, staring upwards towards the mysterious blue water-like substance. She noticed that her clothes weren't wet, so it couldn't possibly be water. Besides, she thought, water doesn't float anyway.

Keri heard noises and immediately became alarmed. It appeared as if she were in a cave of some sort, because the walls were tan with torches hanging along the walls. There were a few dark tunnels branching off from that main room. The noises that caught her attention were getting loud. She sat up and looked around. There was a woman chained to a concrete slab with her hands bound above her head, and a man was between her legs pounding her pussy. Keri could only see the man's ass and the woman's upper body and her open legs. He kept banging into the girl, and her breasts were shaking with the thrusting. As Keri was amazed and speechless at this, a massive hand was placed on her shoulders, and she was lifted up as if she were weightless. This broke her trance and she let out a scream, only to have her mouth closed with the other massive hand. She was kicking and trying to swing her arms, but he quickly contained her while carrying her to one of the dark tunnels.

The tunnel wasn't as dark as first conceived. He carried her about thirty yards deep into the tunnel, then torches started coming into sight. Keri became terrified when she saw several women chained against the wall. Their arms were above their heads and their feet were chained too. All of that was topped off by having a cloth tied around their mouths so that they couldn't talk... or scream, as Keri thought.

She was carried past all twelve of the women, wondering what was going to happen to her. The man sat Keri down and pressed her against the wall with his body so that she couldn't move while he grabbed one of her wrist and put it in the chain. Then he grabbed the other one and did the same. She was too shocked to scream so she just stay motionless while he continued and locked her wrist and feet into place. Then he left.

She thought about talking since there was not a cloth covering her mouth, but what good would that do? Nobody could talk back to her. A million thoughts raced through her head at once, causing a headache. She wondered where the hell she was, what the hell was going to happen, and how the hell was she going to get out of there. The eerie cave reminder her of hell, so every other thought to herself had to include the word.

She stayed chained to the wall with her hands above her head, and she got uncomfortable and weak quickly. She had been chained there for about ten minutes when a woman wearing black leather walked up to her. The woman was tall and smoothly tanned with pitch-black hair and light green eyes. She had a curvy body that filled the leather bra, panties, and knee-high boots that she was wearing.

"Hello Keri."

"What? How do you know my name?" Keri asked, speaking for the first time since she fell through the hole.

"I know everything about you Keri. I know that you hate your life in the real world; I know that you wanted to leave that place, so I brought you here."

Keri was shocked. ""

"Don't worry about that Keri. What matters is that you have escaped. It may not seem like it now," she said smiling, "but you have come to the right place, and you never have to worry about going back there again. We will take good care of you." And with that she called the name of the man that carried Keri and chained her up. He wasn't too far away, but he came back, completely naked, and then the lady resumed her conversation with Keri.

"You see Keri, I know more about you than what you think. I know that you are a virgin. I know just exactly how tight that pussy of yours is. I know that you like to play with yourself, wishing it was a cock going into you. I know all of your sexual fantasies."

Keri was blushing and deeply embarrassed and lashed out to avoid it, "You don't know what the hell you are talking about lady!"

Keri received a hard slap across the face. "You won't ever raise your voice like that to me again. I am doing you a favor Keri. You escaped didn't you?"

No answer.

"Didn't you Keri!"

"Yes, I guess I did," Keri answered, fearful of another slap. "But this is not the place I wanted to be." She began sobbing.

The woman started rubbing Keri on her face and wiped her tears away. "It is about to get better Keri. You are here for a reason. I brought you here for a reason.... You are about to go on a journey."

"To where?" Keri asked, confused.

"To wherever I send you. You have talked enough now. Shut her up Lasimere."

"Wait! But I need to-" The man covered her mouth and tied a cloth over her mouth so that she couldn't talk anymore.

The woman began talking again. "You are one of the prettiest girls that we have here Keri. The other girls are still here because they chose to fight and disobey. I am trying to do something good for you, and if you ever try to disobey or attack, then you will be chained just like the that understood?"

Keri nodded her head 'yes' and the tears slowed down. The woman had a calm and comforting voice that made her stop crying. Somehow she believed her. She didn't know why...she didn't know how...but she believed her.

"Well Keri, the sooner we get done, the sooner you get to leave." And with that, the woman unbuttoned Keri's shorts and pulled them to her ankles. Keri was wearing some red satin panties. "Very nice," the woman complimented her. Keri was beginning to blush again. The heat from the woman and naked man's eyes looking over her body slightly aroused her.

The woman turned to Lasimere. "You can leave now. I am going to do this by myself."

With a disappointed look on his face, he turned and walked away. The woman got closer to Keri and kissed her gently on her cheek, like a loving mother almost, and she brushed the hair away from her eyes. "You are going to be okay now Keri. No more of that nonsense that your parents put you through. You have missed out on a lot of things in your eighteen years of living. It is time that you make up for the loss time." The woman started gently stroking Keri's breasts. Her touch was like a soothing fire that melts devastating snow away. Keri seemed to melt with the touch.

Seeing Keri relax, the woman lifted Keri's shirt above her head and tucked it away behind her head so that she could have comfort and lean her head back against it, without hitting the rocks. She was wearing a white lace bra, full of Keri's full breasts. The woman was impressed.

She began to stroke her breasts again, rubbing her soft fingertips over the bra where Keri's nipples were under the lace fabric, quickly rising to hardness. The woman made circles around Keri's nipples, and touched the sensitive hardness occasionally, leaving Keri impatiently waiting for more.

God, if it feels this good now, what will it feel like if my bra was off? I could love this lady. Please...don't stop...don't stop....

And she didn't stop.

She lifted the bottom of the bra up, over Keri's breasts, and slid it up to where her shirt was. Keri's nipples were sticking straight out and the woman continued to rub and tease her nipples. What was once sparks between Keri's legs became a bonfire, making her juices flow. The woman put her mouth to Keri's nipples and licked slowly, then began to switch back and forth between licking and sucking. Keri felt so much stimulated because she was beside twelve women and they were doing this out in the open. It's not like all of them could see what was going on, but a few could, and this turned Keri on even more.

The woman pushed Keri's breasts together, then pushed them apart. She did this several times, while taking Keri's nipples into her mouth. When the woman sped up her licking, and sucked harder, it sent Keri to an amazing orgasm and she could be heard gasping, even with the cloth over her mouth.

Hearing the Keri's pleasurable moans, the woman stopped and looked down at Keri's soaked panties and saw her juices slowly flowing down her legs. The woman slid Keri's panties down to her ankles, only turning her on even more, knowing that she was exposed to another person for the first time in her life.

The woman bent down and unlocked Keri's ankle chains. She knew that Keri would not run. Not now; not ever. The woman had complete control over Keri, and Keri loved it. Keri immediately opened her legs as much as she could without putting too much pressure on her bound wrists. Keri could feel the cool air mix with the hot breeze that her pussy gave off.

The woman went to her knees, smiling at the wet virgin pussy. She ran her finger along the outside of Keri's pussy lips, absorbing Keri's wetness into her fingertips. She lightly stroked Keri like this a few times, until Keri's clit was very excited. Then she licked the juice off of her finger and gently touched Keri's clit.

Her orgasm came just like a headrush.

It happened so quickly...her juices were flowing faster down her legs this time. That one touch on her clit was like a bolt of lightning to a metal pole. But the woman didn't stop there.

She wanted Keri to feel more.

Just as Keri's heart was about to slow down from beating so fast from that phenomenal orgasm, the woman took her clit into her mouth, sucking and licking at the same time, rolling her tongue over Keri's virgin hole periodically. Keri opened her legs more, and it hurt her wrists badly, but the pain was far less than the pleasure between her legs. The woman kept going, refusing the temptation to insert a finger into Keri's chaste hole because she wanted Keri to take it one step at a time...that's what the journey was all about.

As the sucking and licking got faster, and Keri felt the woman's tongue go into her hole, she had her final orgasm of the day, just as powerful as the rest, making her body tremble as her come ran into the woman's mouth. And she wanted to swallow every drop of the sweet virgin. The woman slowed down to consume Keri's juices, and eventually stopped and stood back up. Keri saw her juice around the woman's lips and she felt a deep emotional and sexual bond to the woman. Keri stared into her eyes, unable to think anything, but only able to feel the pleasure that consumed her.

"You taste very good Keri," The woman said with a friendly smile. She pulled Keri's bra back down over her breasts and adjusted it so that she filled it properly. Then she brought her tank top down over her. "This is just the first part of your journey, Keri," the woman said while bending down to pull her panties back on her, along with her shorts. "The journey is long my dear, but you will never regret it. You are now a free woman. No longer bound by anyone's chains," she said while unlocking Keri's wrists; they were bruised, but not bleeding. Keri felt a sudden free spirit fill her. She was unbound. The woman rubbed Keri's wrists with her almost magical fingers, "I'm sorry about your wrists darling. Sometimes I just don't know how women will react while they are here, so I have to chain them are fortunate though. You were a good girl," she started laughing, "in more ways then one, too!"



This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.
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