The Best Erotic Stories.

The Life of an Erotic Writer Part One
by Life101

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

'You should be able to manage them'

I pulled down her panties, but my eyes were focused on her bra, waiting for her to remove her bra, one latch, the panties are down. Two latchs, my fingers are exploring her beautiful cunt, there are just the barest traces of hair there, she gives a soft moan in pleasure, but I am still intent on her breasts, three latchs, and I go farther, I lick her cunt, she gives a sudden moan 'ooohhhhhh' and my mouth is filled with sweetness, I have forgotten about her breasts, I am thirsty, and I want more. I lick it of her, I move my tounge up and down her wet slit flickering in and out, I stick my tounge in and move in around. All the while her moans are increasing and increasing. She suddenly turns around and plants her face on my cock

I want my face on his dick, his tongue is filling my cunt, filling it with such mad ecstasy. I scream out as he fills up on my juices. I turn around, but make sure his mouth has ample access to my wet pussy, and I lean down to face his big glorious dick, I slurp up the rest of the cum from his wet dream before I get started. I place my mouth around the tip of his dick and I give a quick suck, he shudders and lets out a moan. I do the same as his breath goes flowing into my cunt, over my clit. I start to do some teasing, I give his dick small licks, and small sucks, and a quick bite here or there. He starts pumping it in and out of my mouth. His tounge finally finds my clit and starts to focus there, and we both orgasm at the same time, our juices flowing out of our mouths.

Wow, god that was amazing... I had no idea how good it felt to be sucked. As I awake from the daze I notice something, the boobs are uncovered. Feeling a new bolt of energy I attack them, one hand on one, my mouth around the other, and my other hand back to her cunt. I work like a well oiled machine, a perfect combination of suck, finger, tweak, her moans fill me with energy. I'm alive. I go back to her mouth, I feel the need for her tounge, I want to share each others juices. Her breast keeps one hand occupied, and I move the other hand around to her ass, wanting to try everything. I probe in sync, when my tounge goes in her mouth, the finger goes out of the ass. I can tell she likes it, cause her moans increase. She suddenly turns over, and I lose access to her breasts, I am confused for a second, but she fixes that.

'Fuck my ass Matt, fuck it.' Normally I would have took some time to contemplate it... but normally I wouldn't have just licked my sisters cunt dry. I plunge in, oh my, Ohhh my,

'Ohhh fuck yeah' I wasn't sure who was shouting, the pleasure was so delirious, her ass was so tight, I got only the sligtest bit more in with every push, with every push bringing more and more pleasure.

God, it feels like it's going to explode, but I don't want it to stop, it feels to good. I work my hands down to my cunt while he pumps away, I had no idea anything could go in that far. My fingers reached my clit and started playing, it felt ten times better then when I did it alone, his dick just made all the difference in the world. Then we heard a noise..."

The writer left his seat, stood up, and went to look at himself in the mirror. He was 6'4, with blonde hair, and blue eyes. He looked to be around 38 years old, and he was nude. His hard on was just cooling down and some cum still dripped out, his writing made him hot, just, never this hot before. He curses and bangs his fists on wall, it's much more powerful when it's real. He remembers the day as if it was yesterday, and he jerks off to the memory on a daily basis. Sometimes the anger gets a hold of him, he still has nail marks from last night. Matt went back to the table and shut down his computer, enough torture for today he thought to himself. He looks over what has become of his life. A virgin at 34, and making his money off selling crummy porn stories to sites on the web. It's surprising he has managed to live off it, considering he has only ever had one sexual encounter in his life.

He blames his parents... for everything crummy that had happened in his life. He blames them for the fact that he is poor, for the fact that he spent 10 years in a fucking mental institution, for his sister. The memory comes back vivid, and he turns the computer back on. He wants to get it done with, as soon as possible.

"I was sure it was just the racoons, I mean, who else would be around our house at this time of night. Maybe I was imagining things, but no, Matt heard it too. He stopped and looked at me,

'Come on Matt, it's just the racoons... fuck me, fuck me' I rolled over to give him access to my longing cunt. Matt got on top of me, and was about to put himself in, when the door opened.

'Matt!!!!!!' I hear a womenly scream. 'Get off that cunniving slut.' He freezes, just inches away, and I get furious!

'Mother! What the fuck are you doing calling me a slut?!' I can see the look on her face go through several stages, denial, fear, curiousity, before locking on to the final one, anger. She was angry that anyone would defile her precious baby boy, especially when it turned out to be his sluttish sister. She starts at me, attacking, flailing her arms. I had never seen her like that, she seemed ready to kill me."

Matt would remember, and fear, that look for all his life.

"I almost laughed because she was too weak to do anything to really hurt me, but then she picked up the lamp."

Matt was stuck, he had no idea how to say what he wanted to. He had said it so many times in his head. The words for it seems to work when he thinks of them. When he puts it on paper though, then the problem arises. The words don't have the emotion in them, there is nothing. He can find no word for the finality of it.

"And then there was darkness.

I saw her end before my very eyes"

Matt wasn't in the mood for all the technical stuff about the murder, so he decideds to skip ahead to the next part of 'interest' in the story

"I doubt that my mom feels guilty about all this, you can tell the tears in the trial were fake. To make sure I decided to do a little bit of snooping. I went to my mothers room, and I put my ears against the door. I expect... hope... to hear some sort of crying, but instead of crying I get moaning, 'oh yeah, oohh, ohh yeah fuck me.' I suddenly got very hard, very quickly. I quietly squeezed the door open to see what was going on inside. I saw my mother on top of my father, pushing up and down, her big breasts bouncing beautifully, he had one of his hands one a breast, and the other on her ass helping her up and down on his large glistning cock. I was proud to note that my cock was bigger then my dad's. I could see it penetrate into my mothers cunt, and her moans were corresponding with the stroke. In, 'oooh.' Out, 'ahhh.' They kept on getting faster and faster, and I quickly reach down and unbutton my jeans so I can get in on the action. I co-ordinated my strokes with the rhythm of their beat, until we all came in one glorious collective orgy, with my parents on the bed, and me, hiding and watching. That's what got me started"

That was what got his started all right, ever since that night he would try to find a couple to spy on, while he jerked off in unison. It has been the driving force in his life, which lead him to his eventual career here, in erotic literature. The chances are, if you have read a story that sounds like it could have been your love making session. It probably was.

His mom did go to trial on a charge of murder, but she made it off on the defense of provokation, she said that seeing her baby boy being defiled like that was just too much. Matt later researched and found out that the defense cannot be used on murder counts, he figures his mom sucked a fair bit of cock to turn the juror over, he wondered for quite a while as to what she did to turn over the female judges. Matt hated his mother ever since the the trial, but he loved spying on her. Other then that Matt's childhood was a fairly normal one, he went to Overmount High School, where he graduated in the top of his class, excelling at his photography class, he tried his best not to laugh out loud when his teacher said "Your shots are so... risqué." If only he knew what he practiced with. He didn't take any pictures of the couples he watched. One of the things he practiced with was himself. he still has tons of pictures of him young and naked up on his bedroom wall, it is hard to see him in some of them because the timing. It's hard to time exactly when you are going to cum. Most of you would think that it would scare women off, but that hasn't been a problem yet. He hasn't had a girlfriend since that incident, every time that he got at all close to a women the look in his dead sister's face would pop into his head and he was disgusted.

The second focus of his photography is what would really scare the other people off, even the thought of it disgusts him, but he can't resist. The subject draws him too it, like a moth to the flame. A cold lifeless flame... his sister. The shovel is still stacked in his closet, well washed, resting on top of hundreds of pictures from every angle, with numerous pieces of fabric on top. He can remember the first night, he wrote a story on it, the only one he had wrote that has not been accepted by any sites so far. He awoke on that day, right after he got his first camera, with a feeling that today would be an important day in his life, with a decision that would change his life forever. He was going to make his weekly visit to the site of his sisters grave, a private one in the far corner of the cemetary. He took his camera to get a shot of the headstone, and as he watched a grave being lowered into the ground, people surrounding it, crying, he got his idea. He ran back to the garage at the house with his mind trying to wrench back control over the body from the heart. But the heart won, and went on, he grabbed the shovel and ran to the grave site. He took the first picture.

"This story, unlike all my others, is false, except for the first paragraph"

I digged up the grave to see her face one last time, the camera was hung by a string around my neck and it swung in accordance with my strokes. The pile of dirt continued growing and growing. I speed up, my heart beating faster and faster, I didn't know what I was doing, my mind cried out to me that this was wrong, this was defiling sacred property... my sister's final resting ground. My arms continued digging, harder, faster, harder, faster. I keep on telling myself the same thing. I am only here to take some pictures, but the other ideas just can't help but to poke into my mind. *clunk* I have hit something hard. Hard, just thinking of that gets my mind started down that forbidden path again. My hard on quickly evaporated when I realized that it was just a rock. I dug down quicker, I had to get there before my imagination took control. It didn't take that much longer before I heard a hollow knock. I had found it. I quickly cleared off all the dirt from the top of the coffin, and opened it... It both disgusted me and turned me on. My sister was there, and rigor mortis had just started to set in. The smell made we want to gag, but my cock grew all the same. I took my pictures.

-- this sex scene has been removed --

I quickly up and left.

Other then that his stories have all been widely distributed throughout the web, I guess it was the combination of incest, pedophilia, and necrophilia that just was too taboo.

After high school he had an important choice to make. Oxford? Yale? All the big universities have been sending him great offers of scholarships, and he just didn't know what to do with them. He decided to check with the school's guidance counciller, get some advice.

"I was just walking up to the school when I felt it deep in my bones, something was going to happen. I loved the feeling, it meant I was going to get to see some action. I wondered where in the school it would be. I got in the door alert to my surroundings, it could be anyone, anywhere. I had to do some fancy manuevering to re-adjust my boner so it was less noticable. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something... A guy, coming out of the washroom, with a not to obivious bulge in his pants, and what looked like it could be a condom going into his pocket. He seemed nervous and giddy as he walked so I followed him quietly. He dissapeared silently downstairs and I immediate realized exactly where he was going off too. It has been one of my favourite hunting grounds for a small while now, I don't get to see much action, but every once and a while I get lucky, a senior leading a junior astry, or even some girls fingering themselves in the shower. There was a hole between the shower rooms of the two change rooms, hard to find but positioned well to see anyone in the oppisite room. I just hoped that one, they would be in the girls changeroom, and two, they would go at it in the showers.

Unluckily, I was wrong for both counts, because as I opened the door to the boys change room I could hear the muffled whispers which said that they were located in here. Thankful for the ledge keeping me out of sight I pondered the two choices before me, watch and risk being caught, or leave. I wasn't smart enough at that moment, with those moans in the air, to realize my other option of trying to look from the girls into the boys. My hard on was fighting my brain for rights for motor control, and like most situations with hormonal teenage boys, my dick won out. I peeked carefully around the corner to find that they were moving fairly slowly, they weren't even naked yet.

I wasn't sure if they were going slowly because they wanted it to last, or if it was just because it was a first. It didn't take long to find out which it was. They were both fidgity, and didn't know exactly where to place their hands. They seemed to be experts at kissing though, with their mouths pressed together, I could see tounges mingling together. His hands slowly moved from around the back of her from a hug to timidly placing one over her budding teenage breast, she let out a soft moan and started to try her own at exploring, letting her hand wander down the front of his pants, they both started to move their hands experimentally, to see what they could do. I could tell that it was working because I could see the kissing get more intense, with them pressing against each other fiercly, bodies mingling, I could feel the passion going through the room. They seemed much more confident as they moved on, and he slowly started to work his way down, kissing her chin, then her neck. He stopped when he reached the top of her shirt, and he slowly moved to take off her shirt.

I could tell that he had not seen a girl naked before, his eyes hungryly ate up every bit of skin that was relieved, and I could see a shudder pass through his entire body as her silken bra was finally reveiled. She drew his head up while she started to undo the bra straps, hungy for his lips, and his tounge inside of her. His hands started to move down, he wanted her wetness. He undid the button of her jeans and I hoped to see some nice cunt, but he did it just so he could get his hand in there. She was done with the bra straps, and as soon as it fell to the ground his mouth was done there, licking and sucking on her nipples. "Oh Adam," she called out, "I want you, I want you in me." She started to pull down his pants and his cocked popped out, and it was huge, must have been more then 12" long. Her eyes almost popped out of her sockets. "My god Adam, that's huge!"

He looked worried and took his mouth of her nipples for a sec, "is... is that a problem...?" She didn't need any time to think it over, "No..." And to prove it she bent down and took it *all* in her mouth, "Oh god," he cried out, and started slowly pumping his huge cock in and out of her mouth, he stopped for a second with this look on his face. "Let's get better positioned." She had a confused look on her face, but he quickly moved to show what he meant, he left his saliva dripping cock by her mouth, and moved so that his face was near to the wet spot in her jeans. And that's when it happened.

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This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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