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The Maltese Fuckin'
Ch. IV The Family Jewels
by Kip Carson

As Joel and Kim stepped onto the parking lot at the Queen of Hearts escort service, a long black limo suddenly swerved next to them. The back door opened and the 3 Japanese men jumped from the car. They held automatic rifles in their hands, and they made Joel and Kim get into the car. They tied the 2 together, and drove off. They pulled up to an abandoned warehouse by the river, and led Joel and Kim from the car.

Kim was shaking with fear, and Joel tried to look calm, although he also was very scared. Suddenly Joel felt a thud on the back of his head. He wasn't sure how long he had been knocked out, but could tell by the large sore lump on the back of his head, that it was probably quite a while. He looked around the room, he was still seeing pretty blurry, and hadn't had a headache like this since the time he drank 2 bottles of cheap gin with beer chasers. Joel felt like shit, his vision began clearing a bit. He didn't see Kim anywhere, or anyone else. He was tied up to a chair in an empty office.

He could hear the sound of a forklift roaring in the warehouse, and could hear voices, but couldn't see anyone. Joel tried to wiggle free from the ropes, but these guys had tied him good. He struggled in vain, and only made the ropes tighter. His wrists were raw from the tight ropes, and Joel cussed and mumbled to himself. He was clueless about what to do, and sat there wishing he could light a cigarette. "Leave me alone, you bastards!" "Just take your fucking hands off of me" "Damn, it's Kim" Joel thought to himself. He was helpless, and felt really bad that he couldn't do anything for Kim. Suddenly the office door flew open, and the 3 goons that kidnapped him walked in, and a small elderly Asian man walked behind them.

Joel gave the men his dirtiest look, but that was all he could do. "Well, Mr. detective, it seems you are in a little over your head" the small man said. "Oh, how rude of me, let me introduce myself" he added. "I am Miyuki Huang, perhaps you have heard of me" he said laughing. The 3 goons laughed also. "You have been given plenty of time to walk away from this case" the man said. "But, you are either very stubborn or very foolish" he continued. "Now, your girlfriend will pay for your foolishness" he said. "Bring in the girl" he ordered the 3 men. They walked out of the room, and quickly returned with Kim. She had her hands tied behind her back, and her face was battered and bruised.

Small droplets of blood trickled down the corner of her swollen mouth. "Oh, Joel" she sobbed. "Kim" Joel said. "I am so sorry" he added. "Ok, men show Mr. Detective what he has in store for him" the man said. The leader of the 3 men pulled a knife from his waist, and began cutting Kim's shirt from her. The sharp knife now sliced easily through her bra, and it fell to the floor. Her small breasts now bare, one of the men leaned over, and took one of her tiny brown nipples into his mouth. "Damn you" she yelled as he bit her roughly. He removed his mouth, and blood oozed from her nipple. They quickly removed the rest of her clothing, and she stood there totally naked, and helpless.

Joel watched as the largest man removed his trousers. His cock was already hard, and he tossed her upon the desk. He violently spread her legs apart, and forced his cock into her. "You fucker" Kim yelled at the man. He thrust deeply into her pussy, and began sucking on her breasts. Kim moaned and howled as he raped her. Her pussy began to moisten as his cock oozed precum inside of her. He continued pumping wildly into her, grunting loudly. Suddenly he removed his cock from her pussy, and began jacking off, his cum shot onto her face, covering her swollen mouth. One of the other men, quickly slid his cock into her pussy, and began to rape her also. Joel yelled at the men, cursing them. They laughed loudly, watching as Joel desperately tried to free himself.

The man grunted and shot his cum into Kim's pussy. Kim grunted, and cussed him. As soon as he removed his cock from her, the 3rd man immediately raped her. He quickly came, and removed his cock from her sore pussy. Kim lay on the desk, helpless, cum oozing from her pussy. "you bastards" she yelled. The man with the knife turned to face her, and without warning thrust the knife into her chest. Kim yelled, and he thrust the knife again. Suddenly she was silent, and her body dropped to the floor. "Damn you" Joel said, as he watched her lifeless body lay on the floor.

They carried Kim's body from the room, and Joel felt his throat tighten and the tears form in his eyes. "This has gone way too far" he thought to himself. Suddenly a beautiful woman walked into the room, and she looked at Joel. She pulled a red queen of hearts card from her purse, and laid it on the desk in front of Joel. "Oh fuck" Joel said. "Mmmm, you know" the beautiful woman said. Joel flinched as the woman began unzipping his pants. She slowly removed his cock, and as she opened her mouth, Joel imagined how much it was going to hurt. Joel closed his eyes and tried to think of something else. He felt her mouth as it slid down his cock. He couldn't believe he was getting hard.

As she sucked his cock, he wondered how long he had, when suddenly he heard a gunshot. It was followed by 4 or 5 more shots. "What the fuck?" the old man said. Charles Fish quickly ran into the office, and he pointed the gun at the broad. "Remove your mouth from his cock" he ordered her. She slid her mouth from Joel's cock and turned to face Charlie the Tuna. "Don't you fucking move" Charlie told her, she lunged towards him, and he shot her right between the eyes. She fell to the floor. "Get on the floor" Charles ordered the old man. "Mmm, we have got us a real criminal here" he said, cuff him boys. Suddenly 4 uniformed officers ran into the office. They quickly cuffed him, and then Charles cut the ropes from Joel.

"I never thought I would be glad to see you" Joel said. "Well, you are lucky I was trailing you" Charles said.

To Be Continued...


Chapter V - "The Plot Thickens..." by Lilianna

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