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The Ancient Prophecy
Part IV - The Slave Of War
by Viper

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"Come here and sit beside me... unless you prefer to stand." She was still scared. She didn't know what to do. But she realized that her feet were tired from her constant trembling. Slowly she approached him.

"Why, master...?" She managed to collect all her guts to ask him.

"Why what?"

"Why did you want to hear my tale...?" She asked again. "Because I'm the only one who might want to hear you, my dear." He was right. Until now she had kept the tale of her tragic life to herself. She hadn't dared to tell it to anybody. She feared that her masters would be angered by her whines. "Come and sit beside me. Don't be afraid. I won't strap you in." Slowly she climbed up and sat next to him, still afraid to stare at him. She pulled the cloak closer to her body to keep her warm and cover her naked body.

"What do you want to hear from me, master?"

"Let's hear about your story. Why did you become a prostitute?" Maya was quiet for a while, collecting all the courage she could find. Then she began telling her tales. She stopped once in a while to look for boredom in her master's face, but found none. He listened to every word she said. Her voice was full of bitterness, but she kept on going. Slowly she could feel that he was a reasonable man she shouldn't fear too much. When she got to the part where she was taken to become a sex slave, her eyes moistened. But he paid full attention to her story. She felt so free in speaking to him. She felt the burden in her heart began to soften as she found somebody who was willing to listen to her sorrow. She told him everything she felt. She told him the sadness she had been keeping for herself.

"When... when they took me to the dungeon... I felt really scared... But they didn't care... They stripped my clothes off... chained me... and whipped me..." Her tears began to fall. Between the words were soft whimpers from her long-kept sorrow. 'That night... I thought my... suffering... was over... They... they brought this man to me... He was horrible... he was ugly... and... and... his member... he... he... rammed it into me...!" Her master wrapped his arm around her shoulder, massaging it. Maya hesitantly lay her head on his shoulder and began crying softly. "They... they... raped... me...! And... and... I... was... only... seventeen...!" Maya felt a rush of warm and wonderful feeling swept through her heart as her burden she had kept for herself was released. She just stayed in his arm for a while, crying.

Then she remembered why she was here. She turned away from him. "I'm sorry, master, I made you listen to my whining."

"How do you feel?" He asked.

"Master?" She didn't understand.

"How do you feel after you told me everything? I do hope you feel better."

She did feel better. "Yes, master... Thank you very much..."

"No problem. I'm just happy that I can help." Now Maya couldn't stand it anymore. The tears in her eyes were full. She had to say it. If she waited, she was going to burst. "M...master... May I speak freely?" "Of course! Speak your mind!" She raised her head to look at him

"Master... You are... different... I mean from my other customers... You're willing to listen to me... Why? Why did you do this?"

He raised her eyebrows. "Why not? Even prostitutes are human! They need somebody they can talk their problems to!"

"Master... Most of my customers just grabbed me and used me once they saw me... But you are willing to listen to my story... You are so kind to me." Without waiting for his response, she jumped to her feet and knelt in front of him, her face almost touched his shoe. She hung her head down in submission. Her cloak fell from her shoulders, revealing her nakedness again, but she didn't care. "Master... please... please buy me...! I beg you..."

She could see that his master was surprised. She could feel her fear returned. But his master climbed down the table and knelt as well, leveling himself with her. "What is this sudden request?" He studied her face for a while, noting the fear in her face. "What did your master tell you?" He knew it! He could see it!

"If... if you don't buy me... he will torture me all night..." He fell silent for a moment. Maya felt hopeless. He was disappointed with her, she thought. He wouldn't buy her, knowing of her disobedience. And she knew that tonight her life would be forfeited. Her master stood up and walked to the door. He called the brothel master. The brothel master came in, looking at her with his sardonic gaze. "I hope she didn't cause you any trouble, sir."

"On the contrary, I want her." Both she and her master were surprised. Maya couldn't believe her hearing. He wanted to buy her! She was not going to die after all!

"Very well, sir..." The brothel master's voice was still full with disbelief. "For how many nights do you wish to have her?"

"Permanently." Again, she was shocked. He wanted her to become his permanent slave! He wanted her to become his! And she was going to leave this dreaded place!

"I'm sorry, sir. We have a policy that we cannot sell our prostitutes permanently." She knew that he wouldn't let her go easily.

"Of course you can." His new master said calmly. "She has been your pain in the ass, true?" Silence covered both men. At last her master said, "Very well, sir. I will sell her to you for a modest price, twenty-five gold ingots. How's that?" That was very expensive, she thought! He could buy a small house with that money!

"Agreed. I will pay in front." For the third time both she and her master were surprised. He could afford her!

"And I want you to dress her casually and take off all of her manacles. Is there a problem?" The brothel master answered quickly.

"No... no, sir! Certainly, sir!" Then he left. Maya looked at her new master in disbelief. He was staring at her, smiling. Her heart was flushed with joy. She ran to him and hugged his legs, almost knocking him down.

"Master... I... don't believe this... Thank you..." Then she cried again. She cried like she hadn't cried for ages. His master knelt and put her in his arms, comforting her. She knew at that moment that she loved him very much. He was her true savior. The brothel master came back with a set of casual clothes. She hadn't worn any clothes for a long time, and the touch of fabric tickled her body. She wore a sleeveless gym leotard, and her long pants showed her long slim legs. Two pairs of leather cuffs with buckles were put on her wrists and ankles. A leather belt circled her waist and was buckled in front. A pair of high-heeled shoes was put on, making her struggle for balance. Her new master helped her with her new outfit. And she was ready to go! Her master paid the brothel master, then walked to the exit.

She followed her closely, leaving the place of her torment and despair behind. The day was indeed beautiful. She loved it when the sunshine bathed her body with its friendly warmth. The town people looked at her casually, with no hint of humiliation that had been shown by her customers. She felt so happy. For the first time, she enjoyed the feeling of true freedom. Then she realized that she had forgotten her master, who had walked to the edge of the town. She hastily ran to him and followed him again. He didn't seem to be angry. He was indeed different, she thought. He didn't leash her collar and tugged her to follow him. He was truly wonderful. Near the edge of town, another girl was waiting. She was leaning to the wall of a store. She gave them a skeptical look as her master approached. "So this is your new slave, huh?"

"Yes. Isn't she cute?" Her master turned to Maya. "Maya, we're your new owners. My name is Atrus White Lion, and this is my associate, Adriana Freesland."

"M... master White Lion... Mistress Freesland... good morning." Maya didn't know what else to say.

"Call me Anna." Anna said. "And I think Atrus likes his name better, too." She added.

"Yes, master Atrus, mistress Anna. I'm Maya, your new slave."

"Yes, but not for long." Atrus added. Maya didn't understand, and she didn't hide her troubled look.

"You mean you're going to return me?"

"Nope." Atrus reached for her collar and took it off. "You're now free."

Both Anna and Maya were stunned. Especially Maya, who had never expected this.

"Atrus... I don't believe this... That's very noble..." Anna looked at him in wonder. "You should know better than just calling me a jerk!" He looked at her in his annoyed look.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, dear..." She gave him a peck on his cheek. But Maya just stood there, unmoved. She looked at Atrus in disbelief. Then tears sprang from her eyes. "Why... why did you do this...?"

Anna gave her an assuring smile. "We defeated a bandit band in the village of Labrador. We got a lot of money from the attack, so we decided to use the money for good cause."

"I went to the brothel house to look for a slave so we can grant her independence. But most of the whores I found enjoyed their slavery." Atrus told her. "Then I found you. I saw the grief in your eyes. Then you told me your story and how your master treated you. You didn't enjoy your slavery. Therefor I decided that you didn't belong there. Now, you can see, you are free!"

Atrus expected to see a happy look on her face, but she didn't show it. Instead, she took the collar on the ground and buckled it back around her neck. Now both he and Anna were stunned. "Master... mistress... You have been so kind to me... Please let me be your slave!"

"Maya?" Atrus didn't understand. "We let you go! You're free now!"

"You don't understand, master. I have been a slave for a long time. I never think I can have my independence, but at least I will be happy if I can find a master who understands me. But nobody wanted me. Nobody was pleased with me. I was about to give up hope when you came." She paused for a while to wipe off her tears. "Master, I have waited for a master like you. Let me repay your kindness. Let me be your willing slave! Let me follow you! I have nowhere else to go!" She was kneeling in front of him, looking at him with her pleading eyes. Atrus was speechless.

"No offence, but we don't need a slave." Anna told her.

"I promise I'll be good! I'm a good cook, too!" Anna was immediately silenced with her answer, cursing herself for not being able to cook. "Maya, we're not on a picnic. Our journey is a dangerous one." Atrus added.

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This story was split into 4 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

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