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Wedding Jitters I
by The Kitty

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Tomorrow, I will marry Tom. I have waited my entire life for this day to come. Tom and I have known each other for one year. We met at work. Tom is 25 years old and owns his own political consulting firm. I am 23 and working as a consultant for Tom's firm. The job requires a great deal of ambition and an aggressive nature. I am the only woman working there and sometimes I feel the stress is too much, but I love the job.

Shortly after we began dating, our third date to be exact, Tom and I began having sex. I had been with other guys and he with other women. I must admit I was somewhat frightened at the speed at which our relationship was growing. Tom took control of the situation and began telling me what he wanted me to do to him. I found this to be a real turn-on. Most of the guys I had dated seemed hesitant at taking control. I think they were afraid of being charged with rape or something. After spending my days telling political candidates what they should and should not do, it was a real treat to come home and have a man take over.

When we decided to get married, I explained to Tom that I wanted him to be in charge of our married life. He had a puzzled look on his face. I explained that I wanted a husband who was not afraid of his masculine side and one who would protect me and take care of me. In return I promised that I would submit to him all of these powers. I promised to continue the active sex life that we currently enjoyed and to only say no to his sexual advances when my health was a factor. I was to please him whenever he asked. He had to obey two rules, 1) if I did not want intercourse, he would accept another form of my pleasing him. 2) he would protect me from all dangers

It was after this conversation that the idea came to Tom. Instead of having bachelor's parties we would have a ceremony the night before our wedding in which we would take the vows set forth in our conversation.

I was not very anxious at first. I was uncomfortable saying these things in front of our friends. Tom then decided for me. He explained that if we have separate parties, there would be strippers and sex involved with strangers. I was taken back by this statement because I would never think of cheating on him. He also suggested we only invite close friends and explain the subject matter to them. I didn't want Tom sleeping with some slut dancer, so I agreed.

Since I was responsible for 90% of the wedding planning, Tom agreed to do all the preparations for what we called the "Vows of Submission and Protection". I must admit that I was getting excited about it. I would not have to do anything but show up and declare myself to him.

I came home from work at noon so I could finish some of the important details of the wedding. When I walked into our bedroom, I discovered a group of wrapped packages on the bed. They all had tags saying they were for me, from Tom. A note on top of one package informed me that I was to open these and wear them to tonight's ceremony.

The first package contained white stockings and a garter belt. The second, a half cup bra, which supported my breasts but did nothing to cover them up. The third present was a beautiful white hat, with flowers all around it. The next package I opened had a dress which resembled a wedding dress, but was very short. The final package was the largest and my mouth dropped as I inspected its contents. Inside was an array of items including, a razor, some scissors, a camcorder, a large dildo, a picture of a nude woman, and a tape player with cassette tape labeled "Play Me".

As I listened to the tape of Tom's voice, I knew that he had much more planned for tonight than just saying our "vows". He was planning on showing me off to our friends. Fear set in and I wanted to call off this ceremony. The last thing I wanted was to have our friends seeing me in the nude. I had often fantasized about exhibiting my "goods" but now I was scared of the thought. I knew I could not cancel our evening, it would start the marriage off on the wrong foot if I was to go back on my promises.

The recording continued with Tom instructing me to shave my pubic region, leaving some of my auburn hair but keeping it trimmed very close. I was to look at the picture of the naked woman to see what specifications he was referring to. I had never shaved there before. I heard so many stories of how much it itched. I knew Tom liked his ladies to be close shaven or bald "down there", from the assortment of magazines he kept on the subject. I was also to videotape myself as I was shaving. Tom said this would be my present to him.

And finally, Tom suggested that once I was done shaving, I use the large dildo (he claimed it was 10") to make myself cum. This too was to be part of the video recording but was entirely voluntary. I was upset with his final direction as it was not his usual aggressive self. He was not telling me to masturbate but saying I could if I wanted. I didn't figure I would since I had so much else to do.

I went to the bathroom and trimmed and shaved my pussy hairs until they were cropped very close to my skin. I set the cam corder on a tripod we had and filmed the entire process. I was thinking, how can this get Tom off?

When I was confident my pubic hair would meet with his satisfaction, I stared at it in the full length mirror. I was surprised to see and feel the stirrings of arousal from my pussy. After admiring my work for a brief time, I decided that I would masturbate for Tom. It would make a great gift and allow him to masturbate while looking at me instead of the women in his magazines.

I set the camera up in our bedroom and lay spread-eagled on the center of the bed. I began slowly running my fingers along my breasts. I would squeeze the nipples and then continue the journey down my belly. As my fingers came to my thighs I slowly ran the tips against my glistening clitoris. The sensations were immediate and the yearnings became too intense. I dipped a finger into the warm, moist confines of my sex. This sent another wave of sensations through my body.

I continued to pleasure myself, closing my eyes and dreaming of Tom's huge cock. I was lost inside my sexual desires as I felt an orgasm building inside me. I stopped, not wanting these sensations to end. I felt a strong need to have a cock inside me. While I have a large appetite for sex, these urges were strong even for me.

I remembered the dildo and reached over to the night table to get it. It was very similar to Tom's cock. As a matter of fact, it almost looked as if he had it made from a mold of his own penis.

My pussy was very wet and I could not dally around with the preliminary stuff. I wanted a cock and the only one available was this rubber one. I tried to shove it inside me but could not get it all in without some pain.

I slowed and allowed my cunt muscles to adapt to its size and then proceeded. Once the entire shaft was inside me, I began pumping it in and out of my quivering vagina as fast as I could. I had forgotten about the cam corder and could focus on only one thing....getting myself to cum.

As the familiar tingles of my orgasm began rocking my inner being, I was now holding the dildo with both hands and ravaging myself with it. I couldn't take much more, I had to cum. As the walls of resistance finally broke down, waves of desire and pleasure sent my body into spasms. All of this being captured by the camera for my husband-to-be.

When I came down from my orgasm, I cleaned up myself and began preparing for this evening. I put the clothing on as I was instructed. The dress was so short it barely covered my crotch. You could see the bands of the garter that were holding the stockings up. I was not allowed to wear panties. I looked in the mirror and admired my beauty there. Just looking at myself in this slutty outfit, knowing that everyone would be watching me, caused more wetness to begin seeping from my honey pot.

Tom arrived home only an hour before the ceremony was to begin. I was laying on the bed, wanting to make love. Of course we couldn't, it would be a 30 minute drive back to the office. The ceremony was going to be conducted in the boardroom. Tom grabbed his tuxedo and threw it in the car. I went to grab something to cover myself, since the car is a convertible and we would be spending a great deal of the drive on the highway that loops through town. Tom grabbed my coat from me saying, "NO YOU DON"T!, It is warm out and you don't need a coat." I protested briefly and as usual he won.

As I climbed into the car, I noticed that when I sit, the hem of the dress became much higher. It would be easy for anyone driving next to us to see my crotch. The top of the dress was a very sheer white jacket and my breasts were very obvious to all who wanted a peek. The brisk air added to their notice ability as my nipples grew very large.

On the drive to the ceremony, I lost track of the number of truckers who blew their horns as they passed, showing their appreciation for the view. My long legs accentuated the shortness of the dress and gave them a wonderful view. I became very horny as I thought of what else blew in those trucks.

We arrived at the office only ten minutes before everything was to begin.

I asked Tom how many people he had invited but he wouldn't tell me. As a matter of fact, he didn't say much of anything. We parked the car and Tom instructed me to stay in the car. He would change in his office and send Jennifer, (our receptionist), to get me when it was time.

I could not believe he invited Jennifer. He knew I had fantasies about involving her in our bedroom activities, but I have to work with her! I wondered how many other people from work were invited?



This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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