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Back to Secret Agent School
by George Tasker

Welcome to 'Back to Secret Agent School', the first Agent Hooters Interactive adventure. If you've never read an Agent Hooters story I recommend you check out one or two to get a feel for the characters, you'll find them in the Celebrities section of this site.

I hope you enjoy the adventure...

Part 1 - The Briefing

Anna Nicole Smith took her seat in the briefing room ready for the top secret sting operation that was about to go down. At the front of the crowded room stood the Chief of the agency.

"Okay ladies and gents this is the deal. Anthony Barelle, one of the nastiest organised crime bosses in this country is in town tonight and tonight only," said the Chief, commencing the briefing, "We are going to take him in."

There was a few murmurs from the assembled agents, surprised at the job ahead of them, Barelle was notorious for always slipping away from the grasp of the authorities.

"Tonight we know where he's gonna turn up and I've assembled this team, the top agents we have to man the undercover stakeout and grab Barelle as soon as he arrives on the scene."

Beside Anna sat Jimbo Bond, he leaned over to her and whispered softly, "This should be a long night."

"Agent Hooters and Agent Bond," said the Chief, addressing the two agents, "You two will take the back alley. I want you to assume your usual covers as a prostitute and client."

"Can I be the client this time?" asked Anna hopefully, she hated going undercover with Jimbo, he always ended up making her suck his dick.

The Chief shot her a short tempered frown, "What do you think Agent Hooters?"

"Guess not..." she muttered pouting.

The Chief ignored her and gave the rest of the agents their assignments.

"Ok team, let's get him this time!"

Which character will you assume the identity of for this adventure? (remember you're stuck with your choice for the entire story)

>>> Anna Nicole Smith (Agent Hooters)

>>> Jimbo Bond (Agent Bond)


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