Nov 2020 A change in my comment policy: I've allowed commenters free reign in the past. Unfortunately, a few have abused that. Therefore, if you post shit, you'll get deleted.

Nov 2020 Sorry for not keeping this up. Two new stories coming. One for the Winter Contest called "Hidden Boss" and the second one "The Bet (10 Dates)" Hope you enjoy them. There are also a few stories now published not mentioned here so check my story panel out.

Mar 22 Posted another April Fools story a couple of days ago. Running decently. I was a little worried because I feel any joke that has to be explained really isn't good. And this ending took too much. But it seems readers are enjoying it anyway.

Mar 11, 2019, Last year they had a western theme. I started on a story but it went sideways and got abandoned. I sat down and just wrote The Gunfighter that will post shortly in LW.

Yeehaw! Guns, gals, whiskey and a Five Legged Fly coming soon. I hope you enjoy it. As always voting and comments greatly appreciated.

Mar 1, 2019: Both April Fools stories are up. The voting and comments have been overwhelmingly positive. Again, thank you for the comments and feedback. I read it all and listen.

Feb 2019: Cheatify the Bitch and Cheatify the Bastard have both enjoyed great success for LW stories. Thank you for all the comments and feedback, it's greatly appreciated.

Feb 2, 2019
"Transplant" my new story for the Valentine Day contest has been accepted and posted. Comments to date are very positive and I'm gratified that people are enjoying the story. Feel free to reach out. Please vote and comment it's the only payment we get.

Nov 4 - 2018
New story coming called "Crash". It's been written as part of the Sunburnt Country Event for stories set in Australia. I hope you enjoy it.

June 1 - 2018

Thank you to all the readers that read Demon Blood. The comments were inspiring and I got a lot of good feedback. The story itself is doing well running the H label averaging around 4.5+ in the voting score. For a first story here that is intensely gratifying.

For those of you that asked for sequels, after thinking about a potential plot, I started last night.
The sequel details are..........LOL, not likely! No spoilers here.

Feel free to reach out if you want to talk.





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