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  • What is the Literotica Illustrations section?

    Literotica Illustrations is a place for you to submit your original non-photographic artwork - your own comics, paintings, computer-generated artwork, etc. - to be viewed and enjoyed by Literotica readers.

    Literotica Illustrations is different from our Illustrated Stories section. While the Illustrated Stories section contains text stories with accompanying artwork, the Illustrations section is for artwork that is displayed on its own - not as part of a text story.


  • What are the guidelines for submitting an Illustration?

    Illustrations must meet certain guidelines, which are basically the same as for our stories:

    - All persons in the image(s) must be over 18 years of age.

    - Image must not contain a URL or other advertisement.

    - Image must be no more than XXX pixels wide. (Note: we will size the image to fit if we are able to do so. However, if we are unable to shrink the image, you will need to resubmit.)

    - Like all other submissions on Literotica, images must be your original work - i.e. comics you created, or paintings or drawings that you yourself painted or drew. Please do not submit photos or other images you have found elsewhere.

    - We do not accept images of bestiality. (This means we do not accept human beings with real animals. Vampires, werewolves, robots, and other fantasy beings are acceptable.)

    - While we accept violent imagery of the type found in horror and adventure stories, we do not accept "snuff" (imagery that sexualizes murder or extreme torture). If you�re not sure if your image complies, try submitting it with a note letting us know of your concerns.

    - We reserve the right to reject any submission we believe may infringe on other people's copyrights or trademarks.

    - We do not currently accept photographs or photo-manipulations to our Illustrations category.

    As with Literotica stories, if your image does not meet all of the above requirements, your submission will be sent back to you with a reason why we can't publish it.


  • How do I submit my Illustration(s) to Literotica?

    Login to Literotica and go to your Member Control Panel. On the left menu, click on:

    Submissions > Submit > Submit Illustrations

    Once you're on the "Submit Illustration" page, please enter the following info:

    TOS - You must click the check box agreeing to our Terms of Service when you submit an Illustration.
    Title - The title of the submission (will be shown on the listing page.
    Brief Description - The short description of your submission. This will be shown as the "Description" along with the Title on the listing page.
    Long Description - An optional long description that will be shown at the top of your submission. This will be shown inside of the submission, like an introduction after someone clicks on your submission.
    Category - Please choose a Category for your submission. We have very few categories for illustrations right now, but we will add more later as the feature becomes more popular.
    Tags - A few keywords that will help users find your submission - for example "horror", "talking flowers", "firemen.
    Language - Select the language of your illustration. English is the default.
    Upload Files - Click the "UPLOAD ILLUSTRATION" text link to launch the uploader. Follow the instructions in the Uploader to add your images. You may add one image or multiple files. Each image should have a Title and may optionally have a Description (which will be displayed in text below the image) as well.
    Voting/Comments - You may turn off voting/comments on your Illustration if you want. We recommend you leave it on to encourage user interaction and feedback.
    Notes - You may optionally leave a note for the moderator. This is usually not needed, but in special cases feel free to do so.
    Preview - Once you have finished the above steps, click on the Preview button at the bottom of the page. Take a look at your Illustration on the Preview Page. If you are happy with the submission, you must click "SUBMIT NOW" for your Illustration to be saved. If you need to make changes, click the "MAKE CHANGES" button. Please note: If you do not click "SUBMIT NOW" or "MAKE CHANGES" on the Preview Page, your submission will not be saved!!!

    If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us directly or post in the Literotica Artists Forum.


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