Literotica Policies & Resources

Policies, guidelines, resources & legal information.

Publishing Guidelines

Literotica Content Guidelines
Content guidelines for publishing works on Literotica.
Story Publishing Guidelines
Guidelines for publishing text stories on Literotica.
Audio Publishing Guidelines
Guidelines for publishing audio on Literotica.
Art Publishing Guidelines
Guidelines for publishing artwork on Literotica.

Writers Resources

Writers Resources
How To articles, tips, and advice for publishing on Literotica.
Submit To Literotica
Find out how to submit your work to Literotica.
Volunteer Editors Program
Get feedback on your story before publishing.
Author Support Forum
Published Literotica authors answer your questions.

About Literotica

About Literotica
Find out the history of our pioneering adult community.
Free Speech Advocacy
We strongly support free speech, a universal human right.
Contact Literotica
Find out how to contact Literotica.
Link To Literotica
Link to us from your website, app, or social media account.

Legal Information

Terms of Service
The Literotica Terms of Service.
Privacy Policy
The Literotica Privacy Policy.
DMCA Copyright Notice
How to file a DMCA copyright notice with Literotica.
18 U.S.C. Section 2257
Literotica's 18 U.S.C. Section 2257 exemption statement.
Law Enforcement
Information for law enforcement contact.