I've edited my story and want to replace the published version with a new edit. How do I do that?

If you need to update your story after it’s been published - to fix a typo, improve a sentence, clarify a scenario, or any other reason - that’s no problem!

Simply submit the new version using the same method you submitted the previous one (as a new story), only adding the word “EDITED” to the title (ex. “My Sexy Firefighter Ch. 03 - EDITED”) so that we know to replace the old text with the new text. We will then replace the original text with the new text. Your story will retain its previous voting score, views, favorites, and comments.

Note: If “Story Title - EDITED” does not fit in the title field, simply type “STORY EDIT” in the title field. In the Note to Admin field, type the full title of the story to which the new edit should be applied.

All story edits require manual review by the site moderators, a process which can take up to a week. Once approved by moderators, edited stories may take up to 48 hours to appear correctly on the site as story pages are regenerated on a timed schedule. If your edits have been approved, and you believe there is an issue with how they appear on the site, please contact support and let us know.

If you have questions about when you should edit a published story and when to leave it alone, consider discussing it with other Lit Authors in the Literotica Author Support Forum.

Note: Story edits must be edits to the story that was originally published. You cannot replace the text of one story with a totally different story using the edit feature.