I see the option "Comments On/Off" for each of my works. What is a Public Comment Board?

The Public Comment Board is a section at the end of each published Literotica work where readers can leave public comments reviewing or discussing the work. The Public Comment Board encourages discussion of your story among your readers, and offers readers a way to give you publicly viewable feedback. Some authors use the comment board to engage in discussions about the story with their readers.

The Public Comment Board for each work can be found at the bottom of the last page of a story, below the voting element. You can jump directly to the comments of a multi-page work by clicking on the number next to the comment icon in the Story Info Box on the first page of a work. If there is no comment board on the last page of a work, it is possible that the author has turned comments off.

Only comments that readers post specifically to the Public Comment Board will be published there. Private feedback sent to you via email by readers will not be posted on the Public Comment Board.

Authors can turn the Public Comment Board on and off for each individual story/work, either before publication (on the submission form) or after a story is published (on the story options).

Authors also have the ability to moderate comments made on all of their published works. Authors may remove comments for being off topic, spammy, excessively rude, or for any other reason they want. Please see the Control Panel: My Works FAQ for information on how to moderate the comments on your own published works.

Authors (and readers) can also report inappropriate comments on any story to the site admins using the “Report Comment” feature. If you find a comment that you believe needs to be reviewed, look for the “Report A Comment” icon at the bottom of that individual comment and click on the icon to launch the Report Comment feature.

If you’re a reader wondering whether or not you should make a comment on a story, check this related FAQ question Should I make a comment on a Literotica story after reading it? for more information.