Why is my story be taking longer than usual to be published?

We do our best to publish your work as quickly as we can. When Literotica receives a large number of submissions, publication time might be slightly longer than usual. If it’s been more than a week since you submitted, and your story has not yet been published, you may want to check the following:

Is the story status listed as “Pending” or “Not Ever Approved”? If the “Submit for Publication” button on the story preview page was not pressed completely, the story may not have been submitted and the story’s status may be listed as something other than “Pending” or “Not Ever Approved”. If the story still shows “Draft” status, please click the “Preview&Publish” button and then the “Submit for Publication” button. If the words “Sent Back” appear beside your work, there may be formatting or other errors that need fixing before approval. Click the story title on the “Sent Back” tab in your Control Panel to see why the work was sent back. You can make the requested changes directly on the Sent Back story page and re-submit the work. You don’t need to create a new submission.

Is there special formatting, Illustrations, or Audio included in the work? Works with special formatting, illustrations, or audio require extra handling so publication may take longer than usual.

Have you made changes to the work and clicked “Submit for Publication” again while the work was in “Pending” status? Stories and poems are approved by date, oldest to newest. Whenever an author makes changes to a story, audio, or poem - even if the author just views the work and clicks the “Submit for Publication” button again - that work is moved to the end of the queue. To speed up the publishing of your work, only make changes to a pending work when necessary.

Have you clicked the “Save Draft” button while the work was in “Pending” status? If you click “Save Draft” on a working in Pending publication status, that work will be moved back to your Drafts folder and you will need to click “Submit For Publication” again to restart the publishing process.

If your work has been pending for over a week, and the above does not answer your question, you can try contacting support for more information. You can also check the Literotica Author’s Hangout Forum to see what other Lit authors are saying about the current publishing queue.