How do I remove a work that I've published on Literotica?

As an author, you are free to remove any of your published works from Literotica at any time. We appreciate that you chose to publish your work at Literotica and we respect your rights as an author. As a courtesy to readers, we ask that contest-winning stories remain published on the site for a year after the contest but if you urgently need to remove a contest winning story less than a year after publishing, we can make special accommodations.

If possible, we’d appreciate knowing the reason(s) for your decision to remove work(s) from Literotica. We strive to improve Literotica every day, and your feedback helps us improve things that may need improving.

If you’re an author considering leaving the site and you would like your work to remain published (with or without your name attached), please see our FAQ on Story Archiving.

We do not store site submission data - including votes, comments, and the text itself - for deleted works. Please backup your data before requesting a work be deleted. Once your story is deleted from our servers, we cannot restore it or any of its associated data. You are free to republish works to Literotica later, but republished works will not appear on the New Stories section, or be eligible for any contests, since they are not technically new.

Submission Removal Instructions

  1. For security purposes and to make sure the author is actually the one making the removal request, you must log into your account to remove a published work.
  2. Create a new story submission titled “REMOVE”. In the body of the submission, put the names of the published submissions you wish removed along with (optionally) the reason for their removal.
  3. If you want all of your work removed, you can write “DELETE ALL” in one form rather than listing every submission by name.
  4. If you want all of one series removed, you can write “DELETE [SERIES NAME]” in one form rather than listing every submission by name.

Submission removals are usually completed within 2-5 days.

If you need help with the above process, please contact support by clicking here.