tagErotic Poetry18-Year-Old Cheerleading Sister!

18-Year-Old Cheerleading Sister!

byUncle Pervey©

When I first noticed how sexy she was,
My sister had on her cheerleading suit.
Her breasts looked delicious in her tight top,
And my groin grew hot with lust to my root!

She was practicing some moves she would make,
In her short Tutu skirt and lookin' good!
It barely covered her firm round bottom,
And by now my cock was feelin' like wood!

She make her moves and freeze like a statue,
And every time she'd stop my pulse would jump.
When she made her next move, and bent over,
I knew I had to have her scrumptious rump!

I went and got her a cold lemonade,
Because I knew she'd drink the cold drink down.
I stirred in a real good knock-out potion,
We were alone with everyone in town!

Sis gave me a smile as she took the drink,
And put it to her lips and drained it dry.
Then she sat down for a break, and a rest,
And slowly closed her eyes with a soft sigh!

I went over and gave her a small nudge,
And she didn't move or open her eyes.
I slid my hands up underneath her skirt,
And under her stretch shorts to her bare thighs!

My sister's ass cheeks felt so wonderful,
And I squeezed and caressed their luscious meat.
I grabbed the waistband and pulled them off her,
I was anxious to lick and suck and eat!

I grabbed her knees and spread her legs open,
Then knelt between them and cupped her ass cheeks.
I pulled her til my lips brushed her pussy,
And started slurping out her pussy's leaks!

Her clit inside my mouth tasted scrumptious,
I licked and rolled and sucked on the sweet meat.
I sucked it til it swelled up and stuck out,
And tongued her pee hole for a special treat!

I moved my tongue down to her pussy's hole,
And shoved it in and licked it good inside.
I slurped all her wetness out and swallowed,
Then pulled my pants down to release my pride!

My cock was hard and twitching like crazy,
I moved it to her hole and pushed it in.
It felt like I had shoved it into fire,
And I gave her pussy a slow fuck then!

As I fucked her I pulled her tank top up,
And took her nipple in my mouth and sucked.
I sucked it hard then moved to the other,
And licked and sucked both nipples while I fucked!

When I felt my climax about ready,
I pulled her tight against me and pressed deep.
My mind was lost when I started cumming,
And it felt so good I just had to weep!

I sprayed my hot cum inside her pussy,
And my cock just kept spurting gobs of cum.
I stayed inside her hole til I got soft,
And then I thought about her naked bum!

I rolled my sister onto her stomach,
And pushed her skirt high to get at her ass.
I rubbed it with my face, and licked and sucked,
And found her honey-hole in her creVASSE!

It was prettier than any flower,
Closed up like a Rose bud in the night.
I knew I had to love it with my mouth,
And lick and tongue and taste its sweet bite!

I licked her asshole good and then I sucked,
My lips were locked tight sealed around her hole.
I started tongue-fucking it deep and slow,
And sucked and probed and tried to reach her soul!

I sucked her asshole til it got puffy,
And was pooching out and looking inflamed.
Then I moved my steel-hard cock against it,
And when I shoved it inside, almost came!

The way her asshole squeezed me was pure joy,
As I slid my cock inside her ass slow.
Then I felt my hard cock start its squirting,
And I filled her asshole with my cum's flow!

I licked and sucked and fucked my sister's holes,
And took pleasure possessing her delights.
I had sex with her every way I could,
And enjoyed every way til late at night!

Before I went to bed I cleaned her up,
And tried to get her clothes back on just right.
I guessed she'd figure something had happened,
But I'd know, I'd possessed all her delights!

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