45 wpm


All he said was,
'You're involved, I should have known.'

You respond,
'ex, did you miss that part?'

But he says,
'Just admit it, he isn't your ex-anything.'

For maybe for the fifth time in your entire life.

Still...your lips are unmoving.

Thought, after thought,
And still you have none.

You don't know how to make him believe you.

Your hands are going-
45 wpm,
And you think,
'How do I expect him to trust someone he doesn't even know?'

Still...as the keyboard under his hands.

He is so far away,
Yet a click away.

You pray-
For this friendship with a man
That you don't even know.

Sadness for a stranger-
No sadness for the absence of a stranger.

Where is he now?

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