And Yet...


Sparkling blue eyes often turn to gray
At the onset of a horrible day.
Temper turns sour beyond my power,
Fists clench tighter by the hour.
Anger is not a pretty thing, my kindness takes wing
And yet... he still loves me.

Curled up in a tight ball, face to the wall,
Sobs wrack an aching body, feelings harried.
Salty drops fall to the floor, 10, 12, and then even more.
Beside me in a heartbeat, he hasn't tarried,
Comforting, holding, loving me, right where I need him to be.
And yet... he still loves me.

Tranquility can disappear in a trace, jealousy in its place,
When I see him with a beautiful face.
Seeing red; green with rage, no longer sage,
Flaring emotions, raging hormones, acting younger than my age.
Simply a friend, thought it was the end,
And yet... he still loves me.

Shivering chills, going through the mill,
Temperature high, "So sick," I sigh, wondering why.
Popsicles, juice, water, he says its no bother,
Tending me in bed, washcloth to my pounding head.
Red nose, aching body, he must be soddy.
And yet... he still loves me.

He does so much for me, anyone can see.
Waiting at night, waiting for a sigh,
My dear beloved, my lover, my life. For him I'd go through any strife.
So much the same, only him to blame.
Persistance pays off, though many scoff,
And yet... he still loves me.

Emotionally unstable, distance unable, enjoys a fight, always right.
Prissy and botchy, kind and fine, rude and crude, lovey and dovey.
Imperfections notwithstanding, he keeps demanding.
I agree easily, my protests measly, my love strong, millennia long.
Can't hold on, he grabs my hand, keeps my feet on land.
And yet... he still loves me.

He keeps me sane and whole. He keeps my temper at bay.
He wipes my tears, calms my fears, deals with my moods night and day.
Petty angers, little jealousies, he means more than that to me.
I am selfish, wanting him this way, all for me, come what may.
And yet... he still loves me.

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