tagNon-Erotic PoetryAre you the one I seek

Are you the one I seek


Are you the one I seek? My life partner. No lies no secrets. One who is willing to submit her deepest desires and secrets and trusts that they are safe with me. To know you won't be judged but be accepted for who you are.
 Are you the one I seek? For me to know that you accepted me for who I am to serve me loyally as I will serve you.
 Are you the one I seek? What is a master without a slave or a key without a lock. For each equation requires two sides and the right formula to find the answer
 Are you the one I seek? You are my ying to my yang, my reality to my fantasy. My touchstone when I feel all is lost.My hope when I am hopeless.

You are the one I seek
For I know you're real and have touched the deepest part of my soul. We are gone places that nobody else has. We have dreamed of tomorrow and hope for a better way. remember the promises we made no lies no secrets. I will be waiting.....

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