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Light, imprisoned in the lashes of my eyes, spell out a number.
Soon, the practiced silence of the night will explode with consciousness as day begins.
I turn to see her, masking my intention with mimicked restlessness.
There, turned from me, is myself in womanly form.
The mantle of her slumber has drifted like a magician’s scarf revealing a mystic beauty.
I cup her form with mine and press into her.
My arm encircles her form and I shield her from the morning sun
Buried in her long red curls, I can taste the sweet scent of her hair.
Instinctively, her body pulls my hand in to rest on her breast.
I pray for this moment to become frozen in time so that I will never have want again.
Flesh pushes against my fingertip and the excitement runs along my arm to my heart.
Like dominos, the sensation intensifies, ringing in my chest and the message is sent.
My heart pumps and a heaviness builds in my lap.
My mind no longer searches for the way to slumber but instead, stares through the fog curiously.
My member slides and grows
Finding the space between her thighs, it nestles in and becomes ridged.
I begin to caress the flesh under my hand and I kiss softly upon her neck
A light moan escapes her lips and I know that she is joining me in the land between awake and slumber.
Her back arches and her knees press together, allowing her cheeks to part.
My hips uncurl and curl again slowly as my ridged member repositions.
Without warning, it finds its mark and the wetness of her soft, fleshy mound guides it like a child on a park slide
I enter her slowly, wishing to remain partially in sleep but conscious
The feeling is delicious.
My hips push into her ass and I press them there for a moment.
The feeling of being filled causes her to moan once again and her hands clutch mine harder to her breast
Then her upper body pulls away, allowing me to go deeper into her.
I lower my hand and grasp her hip as I slide slowly out and slowly in.
My other hand emerges from under my pillow to caress her head and then hold her hair.
With a little more speed, we pick up the pace.
She pushes back into me with every thrust
My hips touching her, pushing her, bumping her, pounding her.
The rhythm of our slapping bodies shakes the bed and the cat runs out of the room.
I grunt, she groans, we sweat.
Her pussy tightens its grip on me and her breathing becomes short.
The pressure in my balls increases, begging for release and we continue to fuck.
She lets out a cry as the orgasm rips through her body making her shudder
The sound of her orgasm opens me up and I pour forth the culmination of my lust and love deep within her
In the moment of release, I press our bodies together as she reaches for her hip and squeezes my hand tightly.
Then without a word, I pull her body into me and wrap myself around her like she would otherwise be taken.
She holds my arm to her chest like I would otherwise leave.
Sweat mingles and our breathing calms down.
I stay within her as we drift off again into sleep.
Thank goodness it’s Saturday!

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