tagNon-Erotic PoetryBy The Time She Gets To Phoenix

By The Time She Gets To Phoenix


By the time she gets to Phoenix,
Caffeine courses through my veins.
She'll flaunt her charms elsewhere now,
As I recall her sweet refrains.

Through lonely nights of torment
And days of idle chatter.
I cherish the love we once pledged,
Trying to believe I really mattered.

I ponder the frailty of love,
As she dreams of co-workers' hoses,
While standing in the bathroom stall --
Yes, it's to them she still exposes.

I'll be rising from the ashes,
While she's on the Pacific coast.
She'll do what cums naturally,
And I'm tied to the whipping post.

By the time she gets to Phoenix,
My day will half be gone.
As I recall the love I once knew,
And her haunting siren song.

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