tagErotic Poetrycandy, costumes, cum

candy, costumes, cum


i'm dressed like an angel
but behaving quite the opposite
dick is the treat
that i'm trying to get

i'll be spreading more than my wings
when i knock at your door
i'm hungry for your mr. goodbar
isn't that what halloween's for

first came count dracula
but it wasn't my blood he wanted to suck
he wanted to suck my sweet as candy pussy
then give it a really good fuck

i'll lick your butter from my finger
i'll be your baby ruth
when it comes to cocks and cum
i have a serious sweet tooth

next came michael myers
the psycho from halloween
in order for him not to kill me
my legs i had to let him get in between

my pussy's worth more
than a hundred thousand grand
and it's so much better
melting in your mouth than in your hand

then from friday the 13th
came the maniac jason voorhees
his dick was the size of his machete
and him, i knew i better not tease

i'll suck the air from your head
causing you to skittle
invite over a friend
i'll be the chocolate in the middle

freddy kruger fucked me with his finger knives
it was in deed a nightmare
he made my poor pussy bleed
but freddy didn't care

my lips taste sweeter
than hershey kisses
and i don't just do misters
i also do mrs

the invisible man
shot his load all over me
him i might not have seen
but his thick cum i could see

even nerds and goobers
can get laid on halloween night
the flavor of my kit kat
is guaranteed to delight

the big bad wolf was eating out
little red riding hood
the way she called for her grandmother
he must have done that shit good

there was a female dressed as a cop
she frisked everybody there
her uniform shorts were so small
they revealed her pubic hair

cat woman got double teamed
by batman and robin
while lois lane's ass got tapped
by the green goblin

halloween can be orgasmic
when you are grown
so be sure to get out and do
some trick or treating of your own

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