tagErotic PoetryChains and Blindfolds Part 2

Chains and Blindfolds Part 2


We lie cuddled up sleeping
I awaken first
And as with every morning
I wake up with a thirst
My hips start to move to rotate
Your dick gets caressed gently by my bum
You stiffen quickly
And I start to hmmmm
 I then turn around
To face you in the bed
I'm awake now and horny
A million thoughts running through my head
You're still lying silently
Your dick still hard and twitching
I really really want it
So my position I am switching
I move down the bed
Quickly moving south
I take your rock hard dick
And guide it in my mouth
I suck it deep and shallow
Flicking my tongue across your eye
I know you're enjoying it
You just left out a sigh
I know you're not quite awake yet
So I gently squeeze your balls
I suck your dick like a lollipop
In fact I give it my all
My mouth then finds your balls
I put one in my mouth one at a time
I pull them gently from you
I know you'll think it sublime
Your hands find my hair
So I know that you're awake
I lift up off your body
Letting my hair shake
I want to be in control this time
For you to do what I say
I don['t want to hurt you this time I want to pleasure you all the way
I slowly move back north
'til my mouth finds your nipples
Then I tie you to the handcuffs on the bedposts
While you suck at
My erect nipples
They dangle in front of you
Like a pair of juicy apples
You reach up to lick them
And chew gently on my nipples
No need this morning for a blindfold
I want you to see me
The things I've got planned for you
I want you to see
I straddle you
Teasing your dick with my pussy lips
Not letting you enter me
By carefully watching my hips
I see by your face
That this is frustrating you
I know you want my pussy
But this is being kept from you
I know you want to thrust deep inside me
But I want you to enjoy this
By the end you'll be relieved just wait and see
I slowly climb off you
And get to my feet
I stand directly above you rubbing my pussy
Letting you smell it oh so sweet
I can hear you moaning
For now I wont torture you
Today is about pleasure
And that's what I am going to do
I lower myself back down n
Next to you on the bed
Turn towards you
Gently kissing your head
Slowly I work down your body
I stop to lick your armpits
This is a new sensation but you like
Then I move to your tits
I suck your nipples
So they stand out proud
I chew them gently
Until you moan aloud
Then I carry on south
Down your chest and tummy
You giggle in anticipation
But I see nothing funny
I circle around your dick
And start biting your thighs
I look up at you
You're straining in your ties
I take your balls in my mouth once again
One at a time licking out the creases
Seeing pre-cum dribble out your eye
You know the pleasure increases
Pulling gently back the skin
Swirling my tongue around your eye
And gently going in
I cup your balls in my hand
While I suck and lick
Time after time licking you
Letting my tongue caress your dick
I know now that you are very near
That all you want to do is cum
My right hand goes under you
And gently finds your bum
I gently part your cheeks
And stick my finger in
I hear you groaning
This game I'm going to win
You try your best to not come
Your enjoying the sensations I'm giving you
But I know that this
Is simply too much for you
You soon spurt inside my mouth
It seems gallons of the stuff
I swallow quickly
I can't quite get enough
You fed my thirst
You naughty naughty boy
I hope that you've had fun
Been elated, had some joy
I slowly get up the bed
To release your hands from the ties
I lie down next to you both exhausted
Just looking in each other's eyes
We're both fulfilled
Even just for now
We'll have fun again soon
But we'd better get some more sleep now

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