tagErotic Poetrycome lay with me...

come lay with me...


come lay with me in the woods
fallen leaves as our bed..
come strip me of my clothes
and all things i might dread...

let dappled sunlight dance across my breasts
as you taste my nipples sweet..
tease them with your tongue
and suckle them as your teat...

lay my legs open wide
as i feel the wet heat begin..
kiss those lips with your mouth
and slide your tongue within...

taste my honey sweet juices
let them flow down your chin..
make me cry out your name
as your tongue flicks out and in...

make me cum till i drip onto leaves
crunched beneath me on the ground..
as i writhe with orgasmic glee
my moans the only sound...

come to me with glistening face
kiss me deep and long..
so i can taste what you have found
the scent of me still strong...

come to me and let me suck
and taste sweet pre-cum dripping..
let me feel you harden in my mouth
as my tongue slides round sipping...

let me suck on you long and slow
and bring you pleasure sheer..
when the feeling is overwhelming
and the cumming is oh so near..

then come and slide inside me
and feel my pent-up heat..
feel the tight wet darkness
on your shoulders place my feet...

let me feel you deep in me
take me hard and fast..
our pelvic bones meeting with each thrust
oh make our passion last...

cum with me now
as you moan my name..
let us explode together
and become one and the same...

take my breath away
feel me gush all over you..
as the shivers of pleasure
engulf all that we do...

then collapse beside me
while our breathing slows down..
juices drained and passion spent
leaves crushed and wet beneath us on the ground...

come lay with me in the woods...

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