tagErotic PoetryHe Touched Me Like No One Else

He Touched Me Like No One Else


His touch fiery on flesh
Searing my soul
His kiss honey on lips
And red aureole
His passion inflamed me
To ecstasy extol
And I miss him

His fingers a ballet danced
Rythmic steps inside
His tongue a poem recited
While clitoris sighed
His hard cock probing
As I writhed astride
And I miss him

His caress borne of magic
To Karmic spell I’d surrender
And climax forever
T’was sorcery’s splendor
Bite, shriek and scratch
Yet enchantedly tender
And I miss him

His blazing eyes gentle
Caressing my heart
His warm laugh ecstatic
With wit he’d impart
His love delicious
Sweet, spicy and tart
And I miss him

Sweet rapture for hours
Yet again! I’d implore
He never disappointed
His Babylon Whore
He asked only for friendship
He made love, I made war
And I miss him

I loved him yet spurned him
Foolishly feared he’d control
Imprison my psyche
Body, spirit and soul
His beauty corrupted
By the trust that I stole
And I miss him

When I spread my legs now
The deed leaves me numb
The ghouls fuck me hard
Yet I seldom come
I shed tears dreaming of him
To sweet memories succumb
And I need him

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