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Constant Banging


Constant Banging or True Religion at the door

There are frequent knocks on my door
By good look’en gals selling religious lore
Search’en for converts is their mission
I must admit I harbor some derision
But they are true believers, wait’en with real anticipation for the resurrection
Me, you see, I’m just look’en forward to my next erection
When I woke up this morning my cock was tight
Red and mean ready for a fight
Rolled over to confront my gal
She was snore’n enough to sail
Off in a gilded boat to Sleepy Land
Still she reached out with a velvet hand
And with a stroke or more, done with feeling
My cock shot a load right on the ceiling
I understand you religious folk
Would decry this Onanistic* poke
I say your view is simply a joke
Cum is to the cock
What the wheel is to the spoke
What separates you Bible Folks
From Jesus’ Jews
Is they got their cocks cut and you got to choose
Whether some guy with a beard and a knife
Would chop off your foreskin and imperil your life
So save your heavenly proclamations for the true believers
I’m more concerned here on earth with the true deceivers
I say to these God sell’en gals who knock on my door
“Take off your cloths and sit on the floor
Before we get to the theme of resurrection
Take a look at my erection
If you find the view inviting
If your pulse now runs to exciting
I can offer instant satisfaction
Spread your thighs, just relax’em
The answer is of course
Old fashion religion, that means intercourse
I like it raw but I can pull out
When I’m ready to cum I will give a shout
And you can decide if it’s a sin
Or if you’d like to leave it in
What ever you like I’m here to serve you
With a piece of heaven, cause I deserve you
And obviously you need it too
Or you wouldn’t be knock’en on strange guy’s doors
Guys who answer naked without drawers
When we are finished you can wait relaxed for the resurrection
After you’ve sampled my erection
If you want a taste of what will be
When corpses walk three by three
And the Messiah is crowned the king
Just knock softly on the apartment door numbered 603, B wing
And we’ll be naked you and me
Exploring Eden’s garden as if you were my rib
Excuse my illusions, I don’t mean to be glib
To bring you joy and celebration
To provide what’s missing from your Bible education
Of the wondrous new cuming you will bare witness
I’ll shout before I come,
And you can make your decision
But you can save me the trouble of cleaning the ceiling through and through
And in the event there’s a baby’s due
Let’s just call the little guy “Jesu(s)”

*Onan was a biblical character, unwilling to get his hot babe pregnant, wanting to keep her young and pretty he pulled out before he came and God, displeased, stuck him dead , “Make fuck’en babies,” he said(Genesis, Chap. 38)

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