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Cuckold Tales


Cuckold Tales
By Ballzac

There seems to be a growing fascination with cuckold stories. Unfortunately, many seem to take this sort of story with great seriousness. While some of the cuckold stories are well written, a good many of the stories are really quite bad—sort of in keeping with the limericks below. It is time to lighten up a little! These limericks are all based upon the cuckold theme, and all are written with tongue firmly in cheek.

Mr. Smith, you may find this quite shocking,
but I’ve just given your wife a good cocking.
First she gave me some head
right there in your marital bed,
then her pussy received a fine knocking.

It is true; I’ll confess Mr. Gold,
you have just become a cuckold.
While you were asleep,
into your wife I did creep
and fucked her as her tits I did mold.

While up in your airplane, you did fly,
with your dear sweet wife I did lie.
I fucked her pussy and bum,
and filled both full of cum.
I just hope that you like creampie.

I know that your wife’s cunt is a sight,
I was up fucking her most of the night.
I stripped her quite bare
and screwed her with care.
That’s why her pussy’s not tight.

Gee, John I don’t want to spoil your joy,
but the fact is your wife’s my fuck toy.
I’ve screwed her a lot,
and I gave her that tot.
Now, you take good care of my boy.

With her husband she felt quite mad
and decided to become very bad.
With a stranger she did flirt,
then stepped out of her skirt
and was fucked until she felt glad.

There was a young man named Kevin
whose wife looked like an angle from heaven.
She liked to have fun,
by riding my love gun,
but always had to be home by seven.

I got the young married woman alone
and seduced her into taking my bone.
I did her twice;
she was that nice,
but I didn’t thank her husband for the loan.

The sweet newlywed didn’t stand a chance,
when I slipped my sly hand into her pants.
I soon reached my goal
and fingered her hole.
Now, she is regularly found riding my lance.

Married women should not be considered taboo.
They should be available for all of us to screw.
We can teach them the trick
of dancing on the end of our dick,
and once they learn that, they can learn something new.

I know that you sure liked to look,
while your sweet wife I took.
My cum’s in her cunt;
lick it out you runt.
Don’t leave a drop in her nook.

My, your sweet wife sure did look yummy,
as I pumped my cum deep into her tummy.
She loves to screw,
but is now overdue,
and says that she’s going to be a mummy.

Mary Ellen said she felt good and closed her eyes,
as I began fucking between her thighs.
Her husband heard me do the job,
and began tugging on his knob.
He got off from hearing sweet Mary’s cries!

There I was, eating Ginger’s sweet hair pie,
you should have heard her moan and sigh!
I slid myself up to her crotch,
and pushed my cock into her notch.
Her husband was gone, but she wasn’t shy.

Kelly was a married girl that thought sex was super,
she like rough love and hung in there like a trooper.
I’d shoot my cum right in her butt,
until my cream filled all her gut,
because her husband wouldn’t fuck her pooper.

Sally was a wedded gal so young,
but she sure admired how I was hung.
After I had fucked her twat,
I found out that she was hot,
when she said, “Now do me in the bung.”

Jane’s husband called her a dirty bitch,
which made her tight cunt start to itch.
She met this guy in a bar,
then was fucked in his car,
and they both got off without a hitch.

Wives from their husbands I love to loot,
and Pam was one who was quite cute.
She sighed and she moaned,
as her wet pussy was boned
and came when I shot off in her sex chute.

Her husband knew just what I’d do,
if I ever was left alone with his Sue.
I guess he felt it was okay,
‘cause he left us for the day
and now Sue’s two months overdue.

Jim watched his wife screw his friend Tex.
He didn’t mind her having a little sex,
and saw her begin to squirm,
as she was filled with sperm.
Then, Jim spoke up and said, “Can I be next?”

Then there was a woman named Coral,
who thought that adultery was immoral.
She finally gave in
and found it no sin.
Now, she fucks lovers and even does oral.

I really could not believe my good luck,
when you told me your wife I could fuck.
Then I pulled her panties down,
and saw you smile not frown.
when I screwed her and made you a cuck.

My name’s Jack B. Nimble and I am quick.
I just fucked your wife with my big prick.
She sure did moan and shiver
from all the that cum I did give her.
Now, that’s the reason her pussy’s so slick.

I was fucking Mrs. Jones in my Chevy,
things were getting kinda hot and heavy.
Along came a cop,
and we had to stop.
So, I finished her off down by the levee.

My tongue lapped your wife’s clit,
after I had sucked upon her tit.
I fucked her as well,
but you I’ll never tell,
because I’m sure you’d have a fit.

Karen’s husband was filled with trust.
He didn’t know I was filled with lust.
He would have dropped dead,
when she got into my bed,
and I made her marriage vows go bust.

Cindy wanted to do something lewd,
but her husband wasn’t in the mood.
She wasn’t out of luck,
she found me to fuck,
and that’s how she got her ass screwed.

When Tom sent his wife out on a date,
he knew she’d be staying out quite late.
She came home a mess,
with cum all over her dress,
and Tom thought that was really great.

There was this old man whose name was Knox,
who like to see his wife take other men’s cocks.
While he drank a beer,
she was done front and rear,
and when it was over he licked out her box.

There was a man who thought it would be smart,
to go to a party with his wife dress up like a tart.
There she vanished from his sight,
but he found he later that night,
getting screwed by his good friend Bart.

John came home to find Kate having sex,
With a this guy whose name was Rex.
Rex pulled out with a loud pop,
leaving her cunt filled with his slop;
and that’s why John made Kate his ex.

Sally from her husband wanted to stray
and decided to do it with a man named Ray.
Ray took pity upon her need.
and filled her with his seed.
Then he had her again the very next day.

Janet was married to a poor peasant,
for whom she wanted to buy a present.
She made some quick money,
by the selling of her cunny,
and everything turned out quite pleasant.

There was a young man from France
who other men’s wives would romance.
With them he would lay,
while their husbands were away.
Oo-la-la! How he made their pussies dance!

There was this gal who would go out on the town.
Her husband asked, “Are you fooling around?”
“Not at all!” said she.
“In that case,” asked he,
“why is it our children are black, red, and brown?”

There was a gal named Bunny,
who was a real sweat honey.
Her husband was a wimp,
who acted as her pimp,
when she’d go fuck for money.

There was this guy named Rick,
who sent his wife out looking for dick.
She was back in a bit,
with a cum filled slit;
then her pussy her husband did lick.

Sam caught his wife in bed
with his next door neighbor, Fred.
They were grinding away
and had been at it all day.
Said Sam, “I knew she was well bred.”

He came home and found his wife Fay
in bed screwing her boss named Ray.
He watched them hump;
and he saw them pump,
then said, “This is a game that three can play.”

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