tagErotic PoetryDemanding Minx

Demanding Minx


Tonight she feels real playful
and so her words reflect,
a moment that she captures
a dreamy kissable neck.

It is so very near,
She can almost see the pulse.
Her mind plays many fantasies.
Can she ignore his faults?

That dreamy neck I mentioned
it tastes so fine indeed.
Her body suddenly is overcome
with a fiery need to feed.

The flesh it is quite tempting.
Her eyes devour it.
Teeth grit in anticipation.
Her fingers refuse to sit.

They take control of themselves,
and reach out for his skin.
Touching heated particles,
wanting to begin.

Eyes of darkened brown,
widen with the lust,
that races through her body,
not caring who to trust.

The need it is consuming,
both her senses and her mind.
She rushes out follow,
The feeling undefined

To drink the heady liquid
of his salty flesh
is just what she desires
until their bodies mesh.

He owns that dreamy neck,
the one that beckons her.
Now it’s her possession,
and he begins to purr.

Give up and give in,
he knows to not tempt fate.
He desires to be the one,
she licks up and sedates.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now listen close as I switch gears
and bring you here to me.
You’re body it is waiting
for this fantasy.

Don't make me come and find you,
for I will not say please.
For see my silly reader,
I’m not about to tease.

You are beyond reasoning.
Your body needs possessed,
for with each passing moment,
you'll miss my tenderness.

Deny this destiny,
this fate and you will cry.
For to leave me all alone here,
your soul may surely die.

You better heed this warning,
and give in to my demands.
Before I turn away
and pull back my loving hands.

Stop me before I go,
or you'll live to regret this day.
The day you didn't see me.
The day you turned away.

It’s not too hard to listen.
It isn't too late to try.
Just ask me once in a whisper
and I'll give you an answering sigh.

Love me now, don't falter.
Take the crooked path.
The straight and wide one leads you,
on a journey full of wrath.

Continue on this journey,
with my guiding hand,
and together we will move
into a bliss-filled land.

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