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Dreams and Visages


Lo’ and behold that which lies upon thee! How do ye see what thy can not know? Forthcoming a day to surprise us all thou will be at peace. Darkness may engulf but eternal light is yet an option. Don’t fret when none can foresee what might be. You may be forgetful but it does not matter when you are thoughtful. Truth is a lie but only a cliché can set us free. You must segue from a lost mission to new purpose, there lies a refuge. Be it not a place or memory but a love of being. It is found through time; images a fate less than but more than the whole.

So lees the wayward watcher, by instancing his own aura he grasps a granule. Seen is a roaring swallow that perseverance leads to continuity. Fastness does not equip when magnitude might. Judge and be judgmental but know you are on the defense. Smell hope but remember the toxin and prepare to love when you can not loathe. Hovering over the cement is a waterfall rich as consommé but not pregnant with glee. Trust ye comrade and then strike his soul he may yet be saved. Yet you will be damned. Ongoing rituals pervade the morning but the evening is devoid of all but a spark. Shadows ignite and moisture condensing will resume me.

Towards that which lies ahead it is real but what is behind lingers a primate that never ceases throwing excrement. Horses glide in soft earth though their wings are invisible. A harness is life sold, but the receipt is hovering. Cranes soar but are slighted by usurpers. Parasites that offer sensuous blossoms are selfish in nature. Hark the herald demon and smite the blind angel and know that you have only stayed on par. Crisp cotton fields foam with resilience but blood can drip anywhere. Eros is a tough bastard; shore what can be salvaged and is there any room for Agape?

Fleece must accommodate and a pick pocket may not have a right to exist but that does not prevent him proclaiming. Dreams are elegant but so do synapses misfire. Hence see that it is all a sight for eyes moving rapid, depth can be found in a puddle however and so shall not I?

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