tagErotic PoetryFor Our Pleasure ~*~

For Our Pleasure ~*~


Guy's cock tightly bound, forced back between his legs.
'Please don't hurt me Mistress,' the submissive begged.

His balls blue and swollen, cock hard and erect.
Body throbbing, he took another breath.

Legs spread apart, cuffed to a spanking bench.
His Mistress walked round him, watch by the Dominant.

'Hurt him,' the Dom ordered. A mean tone in her voice.
His Mistress looked at him, with a birch crop of her choice...

Raised it swiftly, in the air; high.
With a whistling sound, it struck his muscular thigh.

His face contorted, voice trembling he choked,
begging his Mistress. 'Please, Honey don't.'

'Don't call her that,' the Dominant growled.
'You call her Mistress,' she said with a scowl.

'I'm sorry, Mistress,' but it was to late.
With a fluid motion the Dom slapped the subs face.

Her hand pulling Guy's mop of brown hair.
She looked at him tight lipped, with a piercing glare.

Looking at Honey, the Dominant said.
'Pick up your crop, hurt him again.'

Beads of excitement ran down Honey's thighs.
Her moisture sated body glistened in the flickering light.

Guy had a thing for closet sluts.
Who rubbed themselves up, while reading erotic books.

A year ago they had only just met.
Now here they were in a dungeon, him cuffed to a bench.

Honey looked at the Dom, her look said it all,
raising her crop sharply, she let it fall.

Crack it sang as it hit his ass and thigh.
Honey hit him again harder, until tears filled his eyes.

'I'm sorry Mistress,' sobbing he gasped.
With that the Dom gave him another sharp slap,

just for good measure. 'Now dont forget,
you are here for our pleasure,' the Dominant said.

The Dom turned on, her stilettoe heels.
'Please don't Mistress Honey,' Guy pleadingly wailed.

'He's begged enough,' with a smile the Dominant said.
As she produced an array of straps, toys and gags.

Honey's excitement rising; her clit throbbed,
rubbing against her pvc thong.

More beads of sweat ran down her slender thighs.
'Gag him,' said the Dom, her eyes wide.

Taking the flesh coloured cock shape gag, Guy's Mistress Honey,
forced it into the back of his mouth. His tongue fighting to force it back out.

His glistening body thrusting hard against his restraints.
Dom and Mistress harnessed his face.

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