tagErotic PoetryGabby, My Love, Will You Marry Me?

Gabby, My Love, Will You Marry Me?


Gabby, My Love, Will You Marry Me?

Nail polish, lip gloss,
Short skirt, low cut blouse,
It would be my loss,
If she snubbed my house.

A single red rose,
Two glasses of wine,
A question to pose,
If she will be mine.

French kisses and
Hand jobs and blowjobs,
Diamond for her hand,
Just say I do (sob).

I truly love her.
She’s the only one,
Her painted on fur,
And her plastic bum.

She has perfect tits,
Once I blow them up.
Never pees or shits,
Can’t drink from a cup.

Can’t talk back to me,
Tell me what to do,
I think she loves me,
And I love her, too.

But…what’s with her hair?
She’s so wicked slim.
“Hiss!” She’s leaking air!
“I’m so sorry, Jim.”

She has a ripped seam,
In her rubber head,
Woman of my dreams,
No! I think she’s dead.

“Gabby, dear Gabby,
You’ll always be mine
Gabby, dead Gabby,
This is such a crime.”

I know who did this,
I shall seek payback,
I’m so sorry. “Hiss!”
It was Boston’s hack.

He passed our table,
Carrying a knife,
Now, you’re unable,
To become my wife.

It had to be done,
Sorry, she’s not real,
No daughters or sons,
From this wedded deal.

She’s a blow up doll,
And can be replaced.
But not from the mall,
From the human race.

With lots of women,
Yes, even for you,
Take this poison pen,
Put it to good use.

Find a real person,
Who can walk and talk,
And give you a son,
Then, no one will mock,

You for loving Gabby.
Go out the back door,
I called a cabbie,
Gabby is no more.

Wait, before you go,
There’s one more detail,
That you need to know,
It’s your thread, it failed.

Either fix your thread
Or leave the web site
Best give it to Fred
To avoid a fight.

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