I walk, breathe, feel my breaths.
Cold air enters me, gives me life and my body knows
Has always known what to do; knows without thought.
Suddenly conscious I think of you and gasp
As though I forgot how to breathe
The thought rather than easing
Makes breathing difficult, labored; a jolt of mortality.
I hear your voice, your echo
Your whisper urging me to let go, "come for me, babe."
I gasp out on the street; shocked, stunned stares from strangers
I wonder where you are other than in my head.
Did you think of me when you came?
After you came? In the moment?
In the moment after, and after that?

Misplaced, out of place, I don't sense time as you do
It surrounds me and murmurs that all is possible
In this moment; and I want to kiss you now while I walk, wake
Transform the line of time into a circle, take you within
Where then becomes now, wonder becomes experience
Where desire is conjugated and infinitive.
I thought I was impatient, but the impediment is not me
It is the measure of time itself.
Time is, by its calculation, a prison to me.
Even as I inhale, I choke with the burden,
The memory of all I have done to arrive at this moment.
I can't fathom that many breaths again
My heart cannot beat thousands of times more without you
All those minutes following the next minute, you can't know.

I am tormented while you anticipate and bide
Take pleasure in the lingering.
All the time you need, all you need from the moment; controlled, paced.
I want you to look at me now with eyes full of lust
Grasp my hips with your large hands, draw me towards you
Kiss the soft inside of my thighs, breathe on my sex.
I feel the flare through my groin declaring that you will possess me.
The lips of my sex blossom, push out, engorged, tight and sensitive.
Your tongue finds me, teases, explores
I explode and melt at the same time, tug back your head by your hair
Devour your mouth, biting your lips and tongue, tasting you
Hungry, while you caress my breast
Your hand tantalizing and cruel in its tenderness.

Time swirls, caught within the circle; a vortex
Holds and suspends, pauses and repeats.
I feel your skin brush mine, your nakedness
Heat from your fingers, your hand at my neck; you kiss me, take me.
I feel your breaths, your heartbeat, capture your scent
Sense your need and ignite under your demand and my own.
A fire fed and consumed, eternal.
I want to touch you now, exist in the same moment, all at once.
I want you to fill me, not fractions, but all; infinitesimal and infinite.
How much of you must I feel before I am feeling you?
How much must I take, possess before you are mine
And leave changed, different, metamorphosed?

You enter me, give me life and my body knows,
Has always known what to do; knows without thought.
You move within me, giving, taking; fucking
Tears sting my eyes, you collect them and feed me.
My lips tingle; I lick, suck
You thrust within me, penetrate, reach my core; repeat and renew.
I gasp, I can't breathe.
You whisper, "come for me."
My climax hangs on the verge, balanced in the present
The point of perfection, a wisp that disappears before it registers
Affirmed only in reflection, by what comes after.
I gasp and wait for your measure to find me.

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